Thomasville Store Owner Says City Commission Candidate Threatened Her Business

Thomasville Store Owner Says City Commission Candidate Threatened Her Business

Patti Smith, a small business owner in Thomasville, Georgia, told Tallahassee Reports that city commission candidate Tabitha Frazier used foul language and threatened her business after she asked that Frazier’s children stop climbing on the store’s furniture.

The altercation escalated to the point of Ms. Smith calling the Thomasville Police Department. A criminal trespass notice was filed on September 2nd, 2016 and signed by Frazier’s husband.

Smith reached out to Tallahassee Reports after seeing in the news that Frazier was being considered for a Tallahassee City Commission vacancy.

Smith told TR that after informing Frazier her children should not to climb on the furniture, Ms. Frazier became agitated.

“She told me they were not on the furniture”, said Smith.

And then, according to Smith, Frazier said, ” You f**ked up. I just got a big ass grant and I was going to spend money in your store. ”

Smith said Frazier continued by saying, I will tear your business down and I will “yelp you up”.

After refusing to leave, Smith called the police.

Tallahassee Reports received a copy of the complaint from the Thomasville Police Department. The complaint states an altercation took place over children climbing on the store’s furniture.

The report states that the complainant (Smith) alleged ” the wife cussed at her and threatened to leave bad reviews about her shop online.”

The report does not contain the exact verbal exchange between Ms. Smith and Ms. Frazier.

Mr. Frazier told the police officer that his family left the store and Smith “followed them down the street yelling at them.”

TR reached out to Ms. Frazier, but has yet to receive any comment.

Smith, who was very emotional during her conversation with Tallahassee Reports, said both her and her husband felt threatened and intimidated by Frazier’s behavior.

Smith said she has recently contacted the Thomasville Police Department to remind them of the altercation to thwart any retribution for her speaking publicly about the incident.

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  1. You don’t call the police for no valid reason and waste their time with non-incidents. So obviously something stressful happened to Ms. Smith when Tabitha’s visited her business. Tabitha has already published her profane opinions of Pres. Trump, Republicans, and ‘white men’ on social media. Along with the reports of this Thomasville incident, can any person doubt that if Tabitha ever gets office, she’ll use her position to punish and harass those she personally dislikes?
    To quote Lindsay Graham’s statement to Dem-Socialists at the their attempt to lynch Brett Kavanaugh: “Boy, you all want power. God, I hope you never get it.”

  2. I’ve known Tabitha Frazier for at least 10 years, and those quotes do not sound like her. Further, I have observed for years her children, who often go to public events. The two older girls and younger boy are always well behaved. Climbing on furniture would be out of character for them, especially in 2016.

  3. Tabby–You are quite the class act. Frighteningly reminiscent of Marks, Gillum, Maddox, and related low life–they were apparently good mentors for you.

    It’s probably too late to expect you to reform yourself, but consider having someone else teach your kids manners. It sure looks like you can’t do it.

  4. Hey let’s look on the bright side. Now nobody can complain that the worst thing is the hypocracy of her being appointed to an elected position.

    I think we can now safely start the countdown to implosion.

  5. If you think this is awful we ask the public to ask Scott Hansen the Principal of Fairview Middle if he made threatening calls to other school and district administrators “to back off support for Pons, Rocky will remember youif he wins”. If you doubt this look at the Hanna ” hit list”. Leon County voters empowered a bully

  6. “The report does not contain the exact verbal exchange between Ms. Smith and Ms. Frazier.” This is typical of police reports. They don’t care to spell out details or factual information. FACT. Just write it as you see it. Nevermind what really happened. Right Officer H, TPD?

    1. John F-
      I have reviewed thousands of police reports. Trespass warnings, like the report referenced in this article, don’t require dictated verbatim exchanges between parties.
      There isn’t even a legal need to provide justification for the trespass warning (why the warning is being issued).

      Although I haven’t reviewed the report in question, documenting Mrs. Smith being a person properly associated with the business (able to request a person leave the business and not return) and the person(s) being told not to return (any of the Frazier family) is more than enough for a police report.

      In reality, the Officer wouldn’t even need to document the disturbance. It is sufficient for a business owner to tell a person not to return to the business (even without any disturbance or argument).

      Your bias against law enforcement or experience regarding an incident being poorly documented has no relevance in this circumstance.

  7. Another perfect example of the #AHOLES that ignorant voters have put in charge of the shitti*st excuse for a capital city in the US of A. Amazing how the screamers of tolerance are so intolerant. She is a perfect city council candidate for the idiots that love this shith*le….

  8. $50,000 will absolutely buy a lot of fruits and nuts. I’ve seen it reported that Tabitha Frazier is claiming she brought over 8000lbs of heathy fruits and nuts to needy folks.

    Well, at $6.25 a pound, I’d say she overspent. Even on organic

  9. Obviously, Frazier’s children could not have been all over the furniture, using the furniture as a playground. Smith was just being mean to the children. Bet Smith has NEVER had to call police before Frazier. Just because Frazier put her name in the hat for powerful COT position, she must be starting her Maddox-type reign early.

  10. Again, Ms. Frazier needs to give a public accounting for every penny of the $50,000 grant she received for her Fruit and Nut Exchange.

    The apple does not fall far from the tree as the saying goes.

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