City of Tallahassee Retains Former Employee for “Administrative & Litigation Matters”

City of Tallahassee Retains Former Employee for “Administrative & Litigation Matters”

As the City of Tallahassee tries to move forward on a number of issues, Tallahassee Reports has confirmed that City Attorney, Cassandra Jackson, hired Mike Tadros, a former manager under former City Manager Rick Fernandez, after reports surfaced about questionable actions during his tenure at the City of Tallahassee.

Tadros ended his employment with the City of Tallahassee in July 2018.

His hiring as a consultant in August 2018 came after records were released from the Florida Commission on Ethics that raised questions about how Tadros conducted business as a high level city manager.

For example, in June 2018 the Tallahassee Democrat reported:

The ethics investigation also shows the lengths to which other city officials would go for Corey and his clients. For example, Mike Tadros, the outgoing director of underground utilities who is retiring on July 15, saw himself as an entrepreneur running a business that required him to reach out frequently to clients.

It was reported that Tadros was directed by Fernandez to work with vendors and lobbyist who are currently the focus of the FBI investigation into city hall corruption. This included Adam Corey.

It was also reported that Tadros took football tickets from a vendor who was subsequently named in the recent federal indictment of Scott Maddox.

Tadros was one of the City of Tallahassee employees that received football tickets from then City Manager Rick Fernandez.

In April 2018 TR reported:

This came to  light after an investigation prompted by an ethics complaint. City Manager Reese Goad reported that Ellen Blair, Human Resources director, and Mike Tadros, general manager of Underground Utilities both received tickets for FSU Old School sky box seats at Doak Campbell Stadium.

Goad concluded there was no violation of city policy.

The controversy resulted in the resignation of Fernandez.

The professional services agreement with Tadros was signed on August 15, 2018 and is valid for up to two years. Tadros is scheduled to be paid $88 per hour for his services with a cap of $10,000. However, the agreement can be modified.

The agreement states that “the City is desirous of obtaining the services of Mr. Tadros for purposes of assisting the City Attorney’s Office in administrative and litigation matters which arose during the time period when Mr. Tadros was employed with the City of Tallahassee.”

21 Responses to "City of Tallahassee Retains Former Employee for “Administrative & Litigation Matters”"

  1. We are a banana republic! Cassandra Jackson is unfit for the job she is in. Gillum didn’t get elected because the real people of Tallahassee knew what a putz and corrupt idiot he is. Ask anyone around town, especially taxpayers and they will tell you they went for DeSantis.

  2. The IRS may have something to say about paying an individual as an employee and as an independent contractor, perfomring the same serivces for the same employer, within a 12 month period. Also, if he was on DROP, he should be prohibited from going back to work for the City as an independent contractor, supposedly hired specifically because of his knowlege gained during employment. DROP laws prohibit this, and he could risk his DROP balance. Suggest Tallahassee Reports pursue this angle.

  3. Reese Goad was Fernandez’s right hand man and the individual directing the “we’re a business not a government mindset” for the utilities; he was also the one who said the tickets were a non-issue because their value was less than $100. Why isn’t he being looked into or is he?

      1. Don’t remember how long ago, but I recall someone posting here they cost us $300K.

        That would buy a few tons of asphalt, for sure.

  4. This ‘hire’ is Jackson’s way of slamming the fact that gillum was not elected Governor. Trying to hang onto his ‘non legacy’.

  5. When are we going to see more indictments? I can’t imagine ONLY two people being indicted for all the corrupt dealings with city officials…..

  6. Imho, Cassnadra Jackson is a crooked lawyer, hired by a crooked city commission to hide and protect their crooked ways. Tadros has a proven record of being unethical, so he is the perfect candidate for Cassnadra Jackson.

    Makes perfect sense to me…

  7. It’s clear the infestation in Tallahassee will be very hard to clear up! These city officials, former employees, vendors, and contractors are like a bedbug infestation… You think you got em all, and ready for a new start….not knowing they’re just hiding, and wating for the right time to come back to suck more blood.

  8. “Administration and litigation issues” – that arose during Mr. Tadros’ former employment with the city. From the past years of this city commission and the ongoing (& hopefully widening) FBI investigation, there probably are a great many “litigation issues” that COTneeds to deal with. Mr. Maddox is occupied with a few of those now.
    Picking up former employees that have been implicated-involved in former breaches of ethics and “litigation” matters is not the best way to begin “a new day” in city government. One would think that all officials at COT would want to put as much distance between themselves and any ties with the corrupt past as possible, if only for appearances sake. But by hiring Tadros ($88 an hour is a pretty decent pay rate of taxpayer money), it appears COT officials aren’t worried about any perceptions their actions may create.

  9. But City Atty. Jackson can do no wrong. After all she was endorsed and supported by the All Mighty Local Reverands.
    What do you mean that endorsement was based entirely on melontonin????

  10. Hey why not give Cynthia Barber a promotion to ‘Deputy City Manager’ at the same time to keep these folks all together; isn’t it time to rehire Fernandez too?

    Seriously – why is there no discussion COMMISSIONERS to go after these jokers pensions?

  11. Great report! Disgusting and unbelievable! City Attorney Jackson needs to be investigated! Who gave her authorization to rehire Taldros? No longer surprised at what
    Tallahassee’sTammany Hall SHYSTERS including Ciry Attorney would concot to continue to pilferage tax payers funds!

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