Leon County Projects $8.47 Million in New Revenues, Expenses for 2020

Leon County Projects $8.47 Million in New Revenues, Expenses for 2020

The Board of Leon County Commissioners will hold a 2020 budget workshop on Tuesday April 23rd at 9 a.m. in the 5th floor commission chambers. Leon county staff will report that the current tax rates will increase revenue by approximately $8.47 million.

The staff will also report that expenses are projected to increase by $8.47 million.

The revenue increase comes from an increase in property values ($7.22 mill.), sales tax collections ($0.71 mill.) and gas tax ($0.22 mill).

The staff acknowledges that the $7.2 million in increased property tax collections, even though the millage rate remains constant, is considered a property tax increase under Florida statutes.

Staff reports that the projected increase in expenses is being driven by an estimated $4.5 million increase in “Sheriff Personnel and Operating Expenses.”

Staff notes that the Sheriff’s budget trends consistent with property tax growth. Using this benchmark, the Sheriff’s budget would increase by an estimated $4.5 million. Based on preliminary discussions, the Sheriff’s Office intends to again request patrol deputies, but in place of corrections officers, is seeking additional staffing for the Real Time Crime Center.

At a March 12, 2019 meeting, elected officials provided initial policy direction by establishing maximum discretionary funding levels which included maintaining the Community Human Service Partnership (CHSP) funding at $1.3 million, funding an additional $100,000 per year over a five-year period to assist the Kearney Center (contingent on COT action), and $27,000 in Special Event Funding.

A table of estimated changes in revenues and expenditures is shown below.

6 Responses to "Leon County Projects $8.47 Million in New Revenues, Expenses for 2020"

  1. So about 270million total on the 100,000 or so county residents. Thats $2700 per person collected and spent. And an increase of 3% per year. And why is there a 1.5 million increase in personnel costs? How many people work for the county?

  2. WHY do you need to increase Property Taxes when there has been Thousands of Houses built in 2018 and 2019 so far and many more are being built as I write this? MOST of those Houses and between $199K and $350K.

    1. Who’s gonna pay for that 6.5 MILLION DOLLAR bid price of the Northwood Property?
      You and me along with property owners. Renters will have their rent jacked too.
      All for Mayor Daily and his nefarious crew’s pie in the sky socialist Northwood dream.
      Just wait for the building of the dream. We will get our tax rates jacked again and again and again…on and on…

  3. What about that “Children Services Council” That is NOT needed and you all are still wanting to waste Money on? That was going to be $8 MILLION to START using Property Taxes.

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