Andrew Gillum’s Brother Becomes Focus of Ethics Hearing

Andrew Gillum’s Brother Becomes Focus of Ethics Hearing

On Monday, the Tallahassee Democrat reported that the Florida Commission on Ethics filed a motion to subpoena Andrew Gillum’s brother, Marcus, to testify at the ethics hearing which begins Wednesday.

In response, Gillum’s attorney, Barry Richard, filed a motion to block the testimony.

Elizabeth Miller, the Florida Commission on Ethics advocate, replied to Richard’s motion by saying, in part, that Marcus Gillum is a fact witness and all the facts are not in the record.

Ultimately, Administrative Law Judge E. Gary Early will decide the issue.

As TR has previous reported, Marcus Gillum has been tied to a number of controversial issues surrounding his brother.

Most important to the pending ethics case is Marcus Gillum’s role in the trip to New York, which included Adam Corey, Andrew Gillum, and the undercover FBI agents.

In January, the Florida Commission on Ethics found probable cause that Andrew Gillum accepted illegal gifts, including tickets to the Broadway play Hamilton and a boat ride in New York.

However, Marcus Gillum’s named has surfaced in relation to other parts of the FBI investigation.

In August of last year TR reported that sources close to the FBI investigation indicated Marcus Gillum was being paid by the agents posing a developers seeking business with the city of Tallahassee.

In addition, Marcus Gillum was a frequent visitor to Adam Corey’s FSU football sky box. TR reported that Corey’s sky box was a meeting place for city officials and the undercover FBI agents during 2016.

Given these connections, the questioning of Marcus Gillum during the ethics hearing could reveal new information about the ongoing FBI investigation.

9 Responses to "Andrew Gillum’s Brother Becomes Focus of Ethics Hearing"

  1. Gillum just got the ethics commission to agree to allow him to pay a $5000.00 fine.
    Not sure but it looks like there will be no hearing today due to acceptance of Gillums settlement.
    Quite likely Gillum dodged responsibility on the cheap today and The FBI will use this situation to pass on any possible corruption Federal charges against Gillum.

  2. How sad for Gillum to put his brother in this situation and attempt to use him as a scapegoat.

    Everyone knows this is a farce of an excuse and Gillum’s brother did not buy those tickets.

    Will Gillum step up and be accountable or is he going to continue this farce for all to see and further damage his career and integrity or lack thereof?

    If Gillum continues to go forward with this farce his supporters should disavow him.

  3. Somebody clue Rocky Hanna and Jeff Burlew into what a real investigation looks like. After clueing in Jeff Burlew, ask Ricky Bell about the statement Rocky made to him ” I made it all up, I was made at him (Pons). So the Hanna vendetta cost me and every taxpayer in Leon County $600,000. Nice Rocky, great leadership skills. Send an non signed notebook to the FBI, local law enforcement, media outlets, then you and your “attorney” feed information to Jeff Burlew who does not fact check but prints your lies as gospel.

  4. Everybody keep up the faith that findings from the Fl Comm. on Ethics will be fact based, non-partisan, and somehow box the FBI into moving past Scott and Paige forward to Andrew Gillum.
    I have a hunch the partisan FBI would like to back away from having anything to do with Gillum and will do that if this FL Commission inquiry does not somehow force the leftist partisan FBI into doing their job.
    Even then if the FBI is forced to put on a show of going after Gillum nothing will stand in the way of former Director Jim Comey’s agents from intentionally bungling the Gillum aspect in order to allow Gillum to walk by Judges order.
    Remember Gillum was considered by Hillary to be on her possable Vice Presidential list should Hillary have won. I feel local FBI agents are still loyal to all things leftist and are not to be trusted to do the right thing with one of their own…a Mr. Andrew Gillum.
    But to all you believers in “the process” keep on believing…I hope you are correct.

    1. Hillary picked Kaine as her VP…a candidate doesn’t pick after they win, but okay, you keep going with that stretch of your imagination. And did I read that correctly? You want the FBI to ignore Maddox and go after Gillum instead? Why? Is one worse than the other or you’d just rather cut Gillum off at the hip since he has national appeal and Maddox is just local scum?? Lemme guess…you in all your infinite wisdom have determined that Gillum is worse than Maddox. I’m going out on a limb, but I’m betting my bottom dollar you think the vigilante on the border should be given an medal and not a lengthy sentence, don’t ya?

      1. Wow Pretty thats a lot of slanted interpertation of my post which I do not see that I actually wrote about.
        I’m getting a feeling you are perhaps a little upset over politics for some reason. Maybe The Muller Report did not have anything in it which CNN promised?
        I’m sorry about that.
        Anyway thank you for scanning my post and for your comments.

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