LCS Announces Personnel Changes, Instructional Resignations Increase

LCS Announces Personnel Changes, Instructional Resignations Increase

At the last Leon County School Board meeting on June 19th, personnel decisions were announced for the upcoming school year.

The personnel decisions were included in a 176 page document which addressed teacher, principal, assistant principal, and administrative appointments.

Also included in the personnel decisions was a list of instructional resignations, which totaled 110.

Based based on a TR analysis, this is an 104% increase in instructional resignations over the three year average (54) of resignations during 2016, 2017 & 2018.

TR’s analysis did not include resignations based on “regular retirement.”

Superintendent Rocky Hanna announced three new principal appointments during the Tuesday night meeting.

The board named former Lincoln High School assistant principal Jason Koerner principal of Conley Elementary School. Koerner had worked at Lincoln High School for the last 10 years. 

Rusty Edwards was assigned as the principal of Fairview Middle School. Edwards was an assistant principal at Rickards High School for 11 years. 

And former Gilchrist Elementary School assistant principal April Knight was appointed as the principal of John G. Riley Elementary School. Knight worked at Gilchrist for two years and was an assistant principal at Griffin and R. Frank Nims Middle Schools. 

Former Fairview principal Scott Hansen will take over the district’s Student Activities Office, replacing Student Activities Director Ricky Bell, who will retire in December. Hansen also will oversee secondary school management and manage the new $1 million allowance for furniture, fixture and equipment to be allocated to schools beginning next year.

All personnel moves are effective July 1, though some principals will begin their transition this month.

Listed below is a list of principal assignments.

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  1. So Solz is now appointed principal of Astoria Park Elementary. This, despite his well documented sexual escapades and pornography found on his district electronic devices. I am disgusted that my tax dollars fund this school district.

  2. Mimi:
    No, I’m not Rocky Hannah. If I may turn your question back on you: Is *your* real name “ex-wife”??

    Also, if you’ll notice, I directed my question to you AND Jessica. Mostly Jessica, though. I admit that she was the one committing *wayyyy* more about Solz (followed by a pile-on from others.) Notice, though, that *you* mentioned his name first and then added the following gossip-y nugget:
    “That doesn’t mean when he gets put back in a school that he won’t do it again. Any time a person gets away with something it makes them more confident and brazen.”

    When I found this site, I thought it would be a great source of local news in the discussion. I have worked with some of the people mentioned in this article and comments and I’m shocked about the way some of these commenters drool over salacious details of gossip that were probably 99% imagined up by a bored internet troll or bitter ex-lover or former employee. Mostly I’m just disgusted by sh*t-talk in general. The caliber of commentary here is worse than the comments on Yahoo. Admittedly, you’re the least offensive person on here so far.

    May I redirect the discussion to (SHOCKER) the topic of the article?

    It’s really disappointing that the number of resignations has gone up so greatly. This epidemic has been all over the news about teachers jumping ship from the profession. I’ve read about, and even seen, some initiatives and changes to try to keep teachers motivated and willing to stay. But I worry that it’s just not enough. There were teachers quitting in the middle of the year, not even just resigning at the end or choosing not to accept new contracts.

    1. I am not Solz’ ex-wife nor am I someone who worked for or dated Solz. However, I have had personal experiences and gained knowledge about him, all known to Rocky Hanna and his leadership, that makes it shocking to me that anyone would put him in a leadership position with children and female adults. In my mind its a safety issue – emotional safety is important to me and believe it or not, many others. Now you may call this “gossip” but I ask you, where should I take my documentation? Where should I take my information? Answer, nowhere because Rocky Hanna and LCS has decided to protect him for some reason. I often wonder what he has on them and why that is. As far as the teachers leaving, given that Solz has run out more than his fair share, let’s start by not putting him back in the schools.

      1. Mimi, I totally agree I think it’s because it happened where it happened at!
        Under Rocky’s reign KPaul was removed from Riley, TScott was moved from Woodville only later to be removed from there and sent to the county office to do nothing Solz removed to do nothing at the county office, move APickett from Fairview because of SHansen then to The biggest bully of the county KRodgers then to Nims she’s been treated so f’ing unfair guess she’s not in Rocky’s circle!

        1. You would think the County would want to get rid of a sexual harassment case in the making. I can tell you that Rocky Hanna knows about a lot of David Solz’s activity but, is turning a blind eye and keeping him employed despite knowing that he abused his position and used the school as his personal dating pool.
          In this day and age the idea that someone like him is retained and allowed to “evaluate” female instructors is disgusting.
          Leadership is allowing him to stay, and I know many women in the community who are planning on using our votes to let them know that this behavior has no place in our schools.

  3. Question for Jessica and Mimi:

    Why are you so deeply interested in discussing the intimate details of somebody else’s personal/romantic life? You’d think this was a celebrity gossip column! Literally every single article on here with any mention of a local school, the comments are flooded with gossip about Rocky Hannah and child support issues, along with speculation about other locals and who they date. I don’t really know the details because I don’t care! Why do you? Also, some of these scandals are older than you seem to realize. Let it go! You come off like bored old biddies poring over a tabloid in the checkout line, still salivating over Brangelina’s divorce.

    The time you spend talking a bunch of (redundant) crap online could be EASILY spent reading about, attending, or event supporting the number of exciting local endeavors to improve our schools. Wouldn’t that be more productive than gossiping about Hannah or Solz?

    1. Enquiring Minds, is your real name Rocky Hanna? Just asking because you sure sound a lot like him. And I personally have no interest in details about Solz’ or Hanna’s love lives. Ick. Not sure where you got that idea.

  4. Solz was living with a 21 yo FSU student, who he then got a job/position as an intern at his school (Gilchrist) with the teacher he was having an affair with. FACT. Maybe it’s the mom in me, but why would we as taxpayers want a principal dating and living with 21 yo intern that he oversees as her boss at work? And any employer (And i guess boyfriend) who would put a 21 yo new teacher/intern in the position of keeping a secret from the older teacher who she is placed in her classroom as an intern to learn, when the whole time the older teacher and the new intern are sleeping with the same principal (Solz). Come on LCS and women of Tallahassee- we should be outraged he did this and expect more Accountability from this man, the school board, and our elected school board officials. This is not just on Rocky, but all the school board members who allow this to happen. #vote

  5. Is Jacke Pons the only idiot who continues to respond to this forum. Get help Jackie Boy, you are lucky to be breathing free air. You should be in jail.

  6. That doesn’t mean when he gets put back in a school that he won’t do it again. Any time a person gets away with something it makes them more confident and brazen.

    1. I think it’s absolute garbage that they continue to let him be in any sort of position to evaluate or lead other employees. He obviously has some issues that impair his judgment and behavior.

      1. Please read the affidavit filed against Rocky Hanna for dating then the harassment of a teacher he supervised, when the relationship went bad Hanna had the teacher transferred with a monetary settlement. After you read this, look at the details of Rocky Hanna knowingly NOT paying child support for 10 years. As a final read, look at the Hank Coxe report where on the public record Rocky Hanna admits he had NO knowledge of any wrongdoing. Rocky falsified information to state and federal authorities. Our school board does nothing but emboldens bullies.

  7. David Solz, still on the county payroll.. must be nice to have friends in high places. Can’t wait to see how much the inevitable sexual harassment settlement will cost the taxpayers.
    The least surprising part of this is that despite marrying the teacher who cheated on her husband to be with him, he continues his escapades. I guess the good news is he’s moved on to single ladies in Georgia versus the married ones who work for him. Progress.

    1. Question for Mimi and Jessica:
      Why are you guys so thoroughly invested in speculating and gossiping about the personal life of Solz? Or Hannah? You’d think this was a celebrity gossip column!

      1. My issue with the whole situation is that they allow a man who obviously has no kind of respect for women to be in positions where the vast majority of people he would supervise are women. Solz used his job at Gilchrist as an avenue to meet women, he put his girlfriend in an internship at his job, he made passes at teachers and parents. He left work and used school trips as excuses to go meet women while he was married. He bragged about how his teachers looked physically, as though that were the reason he hired them. You can’t view women as equals if you constantly view them as sexual objects. There has to come a day when men like this don’t have a place in positions of leadership. His friends have saved him.. not surprised considering, but that doesn’t mean we need to let it go.

  8. How can Hanna promote Hansen knowing Hansen may have done to intimidate Leon Schools employees to “teduce support for Pons, if Rocky is elected he will remember you.” Where is the investigation? School board members have been made aware of this, have they buried it?

  9. In any business group ran by soulless leftists with low moral standards like LCS or COT it should be mandatory to move upper management around every 2 – 3 years.
    This should keep the leftists in upper management from becoming familer enough with the staff to begin their leftist illness of sexually abusing the staff and bullying the staff in other ways as Godless narcissist perverts are prone to do.
    Good management decision on the part of the head Godless narcissist pervert Rocky Hanna.
    Look Snidley just complimented Rocky on his management style!!!

    1. Given these changes and the hiring of staff released by FLDOE how does Rocky sleep at night? He probably sleeps sound given that he kept his secrets tucked away by renewing Sarah Hembree and promoting Scott Hansen who called and intimidated Leon School employees during the election. The trouble with Scott making his calls is too many people will receive calls for interviews under oath will either perjure themselves or be truthful.

  10. No surprise that Solz is back. Took Hannah longer than expected to get his best buddy, Scott Hansen, to the district. Amazing.

    1. Scott Hansen knew Rocky Hanna fathered a child, avoided child support for 10 years it is stated in the affidavit by the mother. How is this not against the Educator Code of Ethics? Allowing a child to go without financial support? Not reporting Rocky for ethics violations? School Board not investigating? Are they culpable? Rocky Hanna and his minions seem to be ethically challenged.

    1. I can’t understand how NOTHING happened to him. That is a total abuse of power and extremely unethical but who cares it happened on the privileged side

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