Weekly Crime Tracker: Northwest Tallahassee Leads in Reported Incidents

Weekly Crime Tracker: Northwest Tallahassee Leads in Reported Incidents

Information provided by the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) shows that there were 16 violent incidents and 79 property incidents reported for the week of August 8th – 14th.

A regional breakdown of the incidents – based on TPD defined quadrants – shows that the Northwest section of Tallahassee led the week with 4 violent incidents and 37 property incidents.

See the August 1st-7th report here.

Northwest Tallahassee is defined as the area west of Monroe Street, North of North of Pensacola. See map below.

During this period, city-wide, there were:

  • 30 Auto-Burglaries
  • 19 Auto Thefts
  • 21 Residential Burglaries
  • 8 Commercial Burglaries
  • 6 Aggravated Assault & Batteries
  • 3 Death Investigations
  • 1 Armed Robbery

TPD Quadrants

TPD reports the location of crime incidents based on “Beat Boundaries” and “Quadrants. The four quadrants are Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. The “Beats” included in each quadrants are shown below.

9 Responses to "Weekly Crime Tracker: Northwest Tallahassee Leads in Reported Incidents"

  1. Of course, this is a broad brush. When many think of the NW quadrant, they think of multiple mature single family home neighborhood such as Town n Country, Edinburgh Estates, Greenwood Hills, Harbinwood Estates, and many more (many of these are county and outside of this TPD defined quadrant). I also think of Lake Jackson, parks, good school zones, and limited, more small town like commercial development as you get north of I 10 along North Monroe. Certainly there may be a string of car burglaries here and there as all areas of town do, but overall these areas are conducive to safe and pleasant living and do not have the congestion and over crowding that other areas of town do. Looking for a home or to flip a house? Look around in NW Tallahassee. Opportunties a plenty at all price points. So while there may be frequent crime in the areas closer to campus which needs attention, know that northward one can live quite comfortably.

  2. @Chris, you need to define which part of the Southside, you are talking about. I live on the Southside and when I call law enforcement, it is not an immediate response. When I call them, I time them. I do this, even as a former employee of local law enforcement.

  3. Yes, I concur to the reply earlier about TPD I only see visibility after the fact not before. We use to have visibility at one point then stopped.

  4. High crime but we stick a cop in Honeybaked Ham to try and prevent people from cutting through to avoid a congested intersection? Meanwhile a woman almost gets kidnapped and possibly murdered a mile away. You can’t make this crazy stuff up.

  5. I have begged for the TALLAHASSEE police department to patrol in my area. I live in a drug infested neighborhood. It wasn’t like this when I moved here in 1996 but over the years, it has become one. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to move. Try talking to TPD, it is like talking to a brick wall. Only on the Southside do you get a camera with neighborhood monitors. The Southside gets immediate response and results from TPD. If it’s in any other community besides the Southside, you might as well talk to a brick wall because that’s what you will be doing if you try going to TPD!

  6. So the NE & SE quadrants, which look to be about 80% of the square acreage, only got about 23% of the crime.
    Good the put the new cop shop in the quadrant with the worst stats – quicker to get to the scene.

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