Weekly Crime Tracker: August 15th-21st

Weekly Crime Tracker: August 15th-21st

Information provided by the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) shows that there were 11 violent incidents and 94 property incidents reported for the week of August 15th – 21st.

A regional breakdown of the incidents – based on TPD defined quadrants – shows that the Northwest section of Tallahassee led the week with 5 violent incidents and 54 property incidents.

A map of the defined quadrants is shown below.

Last weeks report can be viewed here.

During this period, city-wide, there were:

  • 50 Auto-Burglaries
  • 20 Auto Thefts
  • 17 Residential Burglaries
  • 5 Commercial Burglaries
  • 4 Aggravated Assault & Batteries
  • 4 Death Investigations
  • 4 Armed Robbery

TPD Quadrants

TPD reports the location of crime incidents based on “Beat Boundaries” and “Quadrants. The four quadrants are Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. The “Beats” included in each quadrants are shown below.

3 Responses to "Weekly Crime Tracker: August 15th-21st"

  1. Glad to see ourSoutheast is less violent than your side of town, and I spent so much less mon3y than you did for my home, it’s beautiful.

  2. The heck with getting a northwest outlet mall, Chamber of Commerce.
    If you Movers and Shakers really want to help the northwestern part of the City of Tallahassee and Leon County take a good, hard look at that quadrant! It is deteriorating at a rapid clip.

    When we moved here in 1973 the northwest was a wonderful place for families…good schools, great middle-class neighborhoods, fine eateries, nice motels, two vibrant malls with great shops.

    And now? Fading schools, declining neighborhoods, broken/closed malls, mostly fast food, adults “toy” stores, pawn shops, no-tel motels worthy of human trafficking pimps, and a burgeoning population of homeless, many with mental issues. Rick K. gets kudos for dealing with the latter but notice this: His largess isn’t on daily display in Killearn or Southwood or Midtown or Eastside. It is in the West and Northwest.

    So—Mr. and Ms. CofC—what did you say about this issue in discussions at your junket in Amelia Island? Just asking…..

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