MetroNet to Develop Fiber Optic Network in Tallahassee

MetroNet to Develop Fiber Optic Network in Tallahassee

MetroNet, a fiber optic provider, plans to begin serving Tallahassee following the City Commission’s October 16th decision to change the City’s Joint Use Agreement. The change allows fiber attachments on City utility poles and opens the door for companies like MetroNet to begin creating fiber optic network infrastructure.

Based out of Evansville, Ind., MetroNet provides high-speed fiber Internet, phone, and television service to over 80 communities across seven states. The company plans to create a fiber network spanning Tallahassee, including the South City, Frenchtown, and Bond neighborhoods, staff reports, with a total construction and installation cost of up to $100 million. Ultimately, MetroNet projects serving around 70,000 Tallahassee homes and businesses.

“This is going to be really great not only for economic development but for our educational system,” said Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox.

Introducing a fiber network to Tallahassee is expected to increase Internet speeds, allowing for large files to be sent quickly and fostering growth in business, education, and entrepreneurship in the City.

“If you’re going to be a true 21st-century city, you have to have good, strong connectivity,” said Mayor John Dailey.

MetroNet President John Cinelli said the fiber optic technology installed in Tallahassee will rival that of major cities like Miami, New York, and Chicago.

Additionally, Cinelli said the construction of the network will create new jobs. MetroNet plans to hire 350 construction employees during the construction phase and, after construction, establish 30 permanent jobs in Tallahassee.

“We’re already talking about preparing for a job fair because they’re going to need construction workers,” said Williams-Cox. “They’re going to need all kinds of people to make this happen.”

MetroNet anticipates beginning construction as early as Jan. 2020 with commercial service first available as early as Apr. 2020, staff reports. The complete installation is scheduled to take around two years.

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  1. Private Company: “Hey, we’re going to invest $100 Million into the economy and offer 70,000 households fiber optic internet.”

    Comment Section: “What? How can you do this?! This is outrageous! It’s unfair! I feel so compelled to complain about anything and everything.”

    Seriously…get a life folks.

  2. Why?

    Oct 17, 2019 – SpaceX plans to put more than 40,000 satellites in space. SpaceX has filed documents with telecommunications authorities that show it has plans to launch 30,000 small satellites – that is roughly triple the number put into orbit by humans in history so far

  3. I think competition is a great thing! Hopefully this will bring some competition in to Comcast who seems like they’ve had a death grip on Tallahassee for decades now. It would be nice to see the customer service department shape up a little bit or to have an alternative Provider.

  4. Not sure it will solve any problems. Comcast already provides very fast speed. Certainly more competition is always better and things can be cheaper. But ultimately metro nets fiber will be connected to comcast and phone companies network theyve spent hundreds of billions building. Metronet is just getting you to the cities edge.

  5. I hope someone told MetroNet they can stop paying that 10000. Monthly bribe money to Scott Maddox.
    Hey MetroNet stop paying Scott!!!!

  6. Just because I would like to know, what about the Fiber-Optics that is buried all over Tallahassee? will it be used as well?

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