LCS, Edulog in Mediation Over Transportation Debacle

LCS, Edulog in Mediation Over Transportation Debacle

Tallahassee Reports has learned that the Leon County School Board and Education Logistics, Inc., known as EduLog, is in mediation over a dispute arising from the school bus system failure that impacted the first weeks of school in 2019.

LCS spokesperson, Chris Petley, told TR, “The district is in the mediation process prior to any further legal action to see if there is a common remedy for both parties involved.”

EduLog was hired by LCS in 2018 to make the bus system more efficient by providing navigation software. However, the new process encountered problems from the first day of school.

Superintendent Hanna called the system problems a “colossal failure” and ended the LCS agreement with EduLog.

On August 14, 2019 Hanna stated that “effectively immediately EDULOG would no longer be contracted to work with LCS on the bus system and that Manny Joanos will be removed from his position as head of LCS Transportation Services.”

Tallahassee Reports has also learned that Messer Caparello, P.A., a local law firm, is facilitating the mediation.

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  1. We do face a problem. No one will run against Hanna. His top leadership make so much money they will not break ranks. His former opponents will not try again. Pons, a Democrat, has a new job and probably makes more money than he made as Supt. Hildebrand, Democrat, had his issues at Lively and was charged with crimes. Sunday, a Democrat could not muster any support. Van Camp, a Republican, did not get support from the Republican Party, because major republicans graduated from Leon High School and supported Hanna who is a Leon graduate. We need a new face to come forward to save our schools. Steve, Kathy, Mannie, Michelle, Ricky, Alva, step forward. The kids need you.

      1. Anyone who provides an endorsement or campaign contribution to Rocky Hanna is directly endorsing his child neglect, they are directly endorsing his dating and bullying teachers, they are directly endorsing his off color comments about students of poverty and his disgusting comments and behavior towards parents of students of disabilities.

        Before you write a check to Rocky or campaign for him check your own values. If you support Rocky you are endorsing these unethical behaviors. Banish Rocky from leading a school or s school system

  2. It was the MISMANAGEMENT and LACK OF ATTENTION by Rocky Hanna that caused the busing debacle. Rocky is to blame 100 percent, not the software company. Vote NO on Hanna!

    1. Odds are EduLog and Rocky have already sucked on each others financial nipples…so to speak.
      Quite likely a big load of Rockys Las Vegas “Mystery But Legal” PAC money will trace back to…wait for it…wait for it….yeah you guessed it…EDULOG!!!

      1. ps:
        If you feel the above post has subtle hints of sexual perversion secretly laced into what would otherwise be just another normal everyday run of the mill “Snidely” post you would be correct.
        I totally did that in honor of Mark. Without Mark we would be unaware of Rocky perving on a teacher and Rocky’s child support issue is most likely based on some disgusting perversion. And these are just the things we know about.
        Thank you Mark.

  3. “The district is in the mediation process prior to any further legal action to see if there is a common remedy for both parties involved.” The citizens of Tallahassee must never forget!
    The Best Remedy Is To NOT Re-Elect Rocky Hanna!

    A vote for Rocky is an endorsement of man that hid from child support for 10 years!

    A vote for Rocky is an endorsement of him as a PRINCIPAL dating teachers he supervised and evaluated,later bullying the teacher into a transfer with a monetary settlement!

    A vote for Rocky is an endorsement of this unethical behavior with his notebook, filled with what he admitted to be false information which was dismissed by the U.S. Attorney 1000%! No findings, nothing! Rocky cost TAXPAYERS $600,000!

    A vote for Rocky is giving him another 4 years to pay his political buddies $100,000 each while teachers are the 46th lowest paid in Florida!

  4. Rocky just announced his intent to run again and was hopeful the public had forgotten his Edulog debacle.
    That is something even Tallahassee’s lock step pea brain leftist “vote straight “D” right down the ballot” citizens might just withhold their “Rocky” vote for.
    Hey here’s an Idea.
    We need a super hero to run for Rocky’s school board position.
    Super Steve Stewart.
    Queue Superman Theme music run clip of Steve in costume with cape throwing Rocky in jail.

    1. If Steve did not want to run, then his wife Kathy would be a great person to run. She has an education background, common sense and cares about kids. A strong women like her could become LCS first female superintendent.

      1. And the spouse not serving on the SB can run TR!!!
        There! Alex and Snidely just removed all the uncertainty Steve and Kathy had.
        OK now just dont miss the filing deadline!

  5. Didn’t Mr Hanna hurry this through and not do the required tests beforehand to ensure the program working properly?

    I don’t think Mr Hanna took full responsibility and he tried to scapegoat a good man.

    Hanna could settle this by paying back the money to the vendor through his Las Vegas slush fund. Problem solved..

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