Hanna Raises $110K for Superintendent’s Race

Hanna Raises $110K for Superintendent’s Race

In his first campaign fundraiser since filing for re-election, Superintendent Rocky Hanna’s campaign finance reports shows that he raised $110,375 on 168 donations.

A review of the report shows that of the $110,375 in donations, $25,000 of the funds are through a loan from Hanna to the campaign.

Also, the report shows that $27,000 – from 28 donations – originate from the Atlanta, Georgia area. TR has previously written about the source of these donations.

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Notable donors include lobbyists Brian Ballard and Sean Pittman, former U.S. Congresswoman and Florida gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham, Florida Representative Loranne Ausley, Florida House candidate Allison Tant, and LCS Board member Rosanne Wood.

The full report can be viewed here.

As of February 10, 2020 Hanna has no opponent.

9 Responses to "Hanna Raises $110K for Superintendent’s Race"

  1. Will someone who works at LCS please explain why they have another new assistant superintendent, 2 student activities directors, a media person plus a media consultant from Jacksonville and an advertising firm here in Tallahassee. Where is all this money coming from is what I would like to hear..

  2. He threatens anyone interested in running against him so we are STUCK with him. 4 more years of him will take out LCS Incredibly sad. He doesn’t need donations. Chris Petley takes care of promoting him on LCS time and money. Take a look at “Around the District”. Do you see anything happening besides Rocky Hanna?

    1. Yes, I see lots happening. It is also commonsense to expect Rocky to be “around the district” as he is the leader. Kids LOVE it when he visits. Get over your hate.

  3. Sorry parents. You are going to get four more years of Hanna. No one will challenge him. He has bought off the local Libs and they are returning the favor. Sad future for Leon County Schools. Do not expect any changes on the School Board either.

  4. Doesn’t matter how much money he raises, the voting public to kick his A$$ to curb! Okay folks don’t let my prediction become EGG on your face! Remember the first day of school debacle and he alone CONTROL the purse strings for Construction contracts….PAY “donation to campaign” to PLAY “contract award”!

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