Leon County Votes 4-3 to Keep WastePro

Leon County Votes 4-3 to Keep WastePro

In a tense discussion after hearing from speakers on the waste collection contract, the Leon County Commission voted to continue the County’s relationship with WastePro.

The vote was 4-3.

Leon County Commission Chairman Bryan Desloge, with Commissioners Minor, Maddox, and Jackson supported keeping WastePro, despite past customer service issues.

Desloge said he did not want to pass on a $4 a month price increase to customers and was concerned about challenges in transitioning to a new vendor.

Commissioners Lindley, Dozier, and Proctor voted in support of a new vendor. The Commissioners argued the price increase would come with better customer service.

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12 Responses to "Leon County Votes 4-3 to Keep WastePro"

  1. The waste pro trucks that are used on our road leak hydraulic fluid like it’s going out of style. This is / continues to stain the road we live on. Our road is paved with the “porous asphalt” materials that allow the rain and in this case hydraulic fluid to drain straight into the soil beneath the road.

  2. They leave my cans across the street, turned over, tops up, trash strewn across street and neighbors yard! I have to pick all of this up! If there’s one wrong item in my recycle bin they sift through and leave that item on the ground and the rest in the bin. (Every blue moon wrong item accidentally get in recycle). Why bother? Train them better! Sick of paying full service for half service!

  3. I live half mile up a dead end Dirt rd. Waste Pro has always provided exemplary service. A time or two after grading and enough rain they couldn’t get up there.

  4. We have had very good service from Waste Pro. I live in KL and they have run timely and responded appropriately to our calls to pick up bulk items. Much better than the previous Waste Mgmt. None of my neighbors have voiced any problems. No – I’m not a deep state player or a hater. Some of the responses show some deeply seated psychosis is running amuck these days.

  5. Leftists and other idiots have successfully infiltrated top decision making positions in law enforcement, government, and private business to the point where we are getting frustrated by having to say such things regarding hatred for leadership … but hold on … no disrespect to the rank and file working shmoes in those corrupt entities
    I submit that we are tired of having to feel like we hate the leadership but love the working shmoes. Had we hated Jim Comey AND his minion working shmoes that whole FBI Bull $hit may have:
    1. Never happened.
    2. Resolved itself internally by a rising up of his working shmoes because they would have known they could not hide behind our overly patronising and overly generous “I got nothing against rank and file working shmoes” statements.
    We should stop that. If the head people in charge are corrupt then the rest of the body of the snake is corrupt and we hate you all from boss down to shmoes.

  6. https://flaglerlive.com/129805/waste-pro-fatality/

    Waste-Pro does not train their employees properly and this is not a complaint against the rank-and-file as they try hard and work hard, but they don’t get the level of training that they need and it is thereby unsafe for them.

    Waste Pro training consists of how to NOT pick up someone’s trash/debris/bulk items and give a blatant false technicality. To make the customer jump through hoops for no reason when It was a valid pick up to begin with.

    Commissioners who voted to extend the Waste Pro contract did a disservice to Waste Pro employees. There could have been the stipulation that the new contract take on the Waste Pro employees and receive competent training.

    But the Commissioners only care about themselves and their campaign contributions from Waste Pro and not the Waste Pro employees safety or the citizens of Tallahassee.

  7. Thank you Waste Pro for picking up my yard debris. Which usually takes an act of Congress, calls to the county, and calls to the Waste Pro Management to get picked up.. However, next time can you not spew it across my lawn and across two lanes of road?

  8. Customer service aside, how about the significant cost of their trucks ruining privately-maintained roads with fluids that just soak into the asphalt and permanently discolor it? More importantly, they should not be ELIGIBLE for renewal given the shady dealings with Maddox and others.

  9. When you are dealing with a company who is paying Gary Yordan and Scott Maddox. Then turns around and under services. The citizens of Leon County Who pay for this service It is unconscionable that Commissioners would keep this company.

    The new company would take on Waste Pro rank-and-file. And to give an excuse that it is too much trouble regarding transitioning is absolutely disgraceful and puts the Leon County public at Large In a compromising situation that is unsafe.

    The contract had a man on board. Secretly getting payments from Waste Pro who is about to be sentenced to federal prison. And you are now continuing. This company services for the public at Large

    Recall every commissioner who voted to keep this dangerous company on contract and this is an assault on every citizen in Leon County. . How freaking dare these Commissioners to put citizen in a situation where we have to put up with corruption where we have to pay. Corruption, how freaking dare you! Recall!

    This is not a complaint against the rank-and-file at Waste Pro. It is strictly. The management at Waste Pro is corrupt and to let them go forward where we have to pay for corruption. Which Goes into the pockets of the Commissioners campaign accounted. Absolutely. Disgraceful!

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