Two Former LCS Principals to Face Professional Practices Panel

Two Former LCS Principals to Face Professional Practices Panel

Two former Leon County principals, Karwynn Paul and Marilyn Jackson-Rahming, are listed on the recently released State of Florida Education Practices Commission agenda scheduled for March 4, 2020 in Orlando.

The hearing notice states that the assigned “Administrator Hearing Panel will take final agency action in matters dealing with the disciplining of administrators.”

Paul, the former principal at Riley Elementary, resigned in March 2018 after several women he worked with alleged he made sexual advances toward them on and off school grounds. Paul denied the allegations.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported that Rahming was removed as principal of Pineview Elementary School “after a district investigation found she had staff fake more than 400 parent Title I surveys, asked a custodian to help her with personal tasks on district time and had a former administrator paid as a substitute when teachers weren’t absent. In the investigative report, she denied all the allegations.”

Her contract was not renewed. 

The Grievance Process

The Florida Department of Education Office of Professional Practice Services (PPS) administers a state-level grievance process that ensures appropriate disciplinary actions are taken against educators certified to teach in Florida.

The PPS investigates when facts are presented which show a violation has occurred as provided in Florida Statutes, and defined by rules of the State Board of Education. Such facts provide the basis to further investigate whether the educator has broken the law or violated the Principles of Professional Conduct, which outline the standards of conduct expected of certified educators in Florida.

11 Responses to "Two Former LCS Principals to Face Professional Practices Panel"

  1. Has anyone noticed that the Rocky Hanna brigade of defenders has not made any comments or attacks on those who comment about Rocky since Rocky announced his re-election? Rocky has told them to be silent and the negativity will go away. Rocky, announce what we know are you professional ethical violations, then resign.

  2. And then there is the Gilchrest former principal who kept his job as principal. During the time he was removed an employee of the school district personally informed Chris Petley of a sexual based incident that on its face was illegal (this is different from the affair). Instead of investigating it, Rocky buried it. So, state sanctions very much are influenced by school districts. School districts can protect those they choose. And to think this person oversees elementary school kids. Only in Leon County.

    1. Rocky Hanna has proven to be an a highly effective unethical educator. From notebooks with admitted lies and misinformation costing taxpayers $600,000, dating teachers he supervised as a Principal, bullying a teacher into a transfer, handing out jobs at $100,000 each with no interviews, pay raises for his groupies, placing himself over construction, pacing graduation rates… Hello school board? Comments?

    2. So many of the administrative staff are guilty of the same behavior that they turn their heads out of fear someone will squeal on them. The problems in this district are major but the Rock scares people out of running against him. This district has nothing innovative or news worthy so Chris Petley just follows like a puppy and promotes the candidate on school board dollars.

  3. This is procedural only at the State Governmental level, will most likely be a non- punishment result of any meaningfulness, and will do 100% of absolutely nothing to slow down our LCS mess our local leftist voters keep getting us in to.
    I dont blaim the local LCS administration for being the foxes in the hen house…thats the foxes nature.
    I do blaim our local citizens and their stupid leftist voting idiotic habits.
    Do better citizens of Leon County and Tallahassee this whole LCS mess is 100% your fault.

  4. The Gov. Office, Dept. Of Education and the School Board seem not to care what Hanna does or does not do. The School Board and Supt. Will need to be replaced. Parents need to start a move to have Hanna removed or disqualified. New citizens must care enough to run for these positions. Leon County could move to an appointed Supt. with a vote. We will not see change for 6 to 8 years. Longer than that if efforts are not started this year.

  5. I’d like to know why Harry Coombs wasn’t let go permanently from LCS after he beat up his daughter’s boyfriend while at WT Moore. He was transferred to Chaires Elementary where he was recently busted for possession of methamphetamines AND he admitted to using them earlier in the day! Was he at school using meth around elementary school kids? The way this situation was handled is completely disgusting and put little kids at risk. He was probably using meth while at Moore too. Now he’s on administrative leave pending an investigation. What’s to investigate? Shame on the LCS system for not holding their employees accountable!

  6. An open question to everyone in Leon County: Why wasn’t Rocky Hanna brought before professional practices when he dated teachers He’s supervised as principal of Leon High School? Further, Rocky Hanna forced a teacher into a transfer with a financial settlement from the district because of the way he treated her after she called off the relationship. Kathleen Rogers who did the investigation did not send his file to professional practices as soon as Rocky gets elected Kathleen Rogers is given a job at over $100,000 a year as an assistant superintendent. It is clear that Rocky Hannah broke the code of professional ethics for educators. But no one reported him. Time for Mr Hanna as superintendent to self report and step down.

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