Mayor Dailey Touts Local Economy After Budget Workshop

Mayor Dailey Touts Local Economy After Budget Workshop

At the conclusion of the City of Tallahassee budget workshop last week, Mayor John Dailey took to Twitter to tout the performance of the local economy and the low cost of living and doing business in Tallahassee.

As part of the budget workshop, which focused on the FY20 First Quarter Update, city staff provided a review of current economic conditions and municipal government cost comparisons.

On the jobs front, staff reported that the October 2019 unemployment rate of 2.9% was “below both the State of Florida’s rate of 3.2% and the national rate of 3.6%. This presents a year-over-year decrease in the rate from 3.2% in October 2018. Overall employment grew by 3.1% year over year in Tallahassee, compared to 1.9% statewide, bringing the workforce to 196,281 active participants.”

Also noted was the growth in economic activity as measured by taxable sales growth. The staff noted that the “taxable sales in Tallahassee grew 8.0% year-over-year to August 2019. For comparison, the state’s sales grew by 3.6%. “

The budget workshop also provided municipal costs comparisons across different government services. The information indicated that the City of Tallahassee had some of the lowest cost services when compared to a list of comparable Florida cites.

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Tallahassee Reports has previously reported that the City of Tallahassee electric rates for 1,000 kWh ranks 10th lowest out of the 38 utilities included in the comparison.

The next FY20 budget workshop is scheduled for May 13th.

6 Responses to "Mayor Dailey Touts Local Economy After Budget Workshop"

  1. So what you are saying is when you compare us to places that have direct beach access (8) or are regarded as world wide tourist destinations (1 or 2) we are less expensive?

    Not exactly apples to apples when you consider what the area offers per dollar in recreation and employment.

  2. Trump economy is rolling, and everyone is benefitting! Let’s all keep it going by giving President Trump four more years this November!

    And left leaning moderates, you can #walkaway from the Democrat Party!

    1. Thank you President Trump! Trump 2020!!!

      Crime rate? Sewage spills? Highest paid city manager, least qualified? Corruption? Junkets to Sandestin and Amelia Island? Fourth county in the state for Hunger? Graduation rate?

      Maybe our utility rates are low because it has been a warm winter and the uptick in jobs are due to Hurricane Michael?

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