Erwin Jackson Receives Subpoena to Testify in J.T. Burnette Trial

Erwin Jackson Receives Subpoena to Testify in J.T. Burnette Trial

Tallahassee Reports has learned that Dr. Erwin Jackson was recently served with a subpoena to testify at the trial of John Thomas Burnette.

An image of the subpoena is provided below.

Burnette was first indicted on corruption charges in May of 2019. In October a federal grand jury returned a nine-count superseding indictment related to a controversial vote by the Tallahassee City Commission involving a potential hotel development.

Sources have told TR that a number of witness subpoena’s have been served to current and former City of Tallahassee officials over the last week.

The document indicates that the Jackson subpoena was requested by Tim Jansen, the attorney representing Mr. Burnett.

Mr. Jansen has not responded to TR’s request for a comment.

Dr. Jackson, who has publicly accused local officials of corrupt activities for years, will now get a chance to participate in a trial that is based, in part, on an FBI undercover operation that took place in Tallahassee.

Former Tallahassee City Commissioner Scott Maddox and his associate recently plead guilty on corruption charges related to the investigation.

Jackson told TR that he “was a little surprised to receive the attached subpoena to testify for the defense. I will certainly offer my assistance to secure justice for all involved.”

The subpoena asked that the witness appear at the United States Courthouse on April 20, 2020 at 9 a.m.

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  1. Excellent work Dr. Jackson and many thanks for the years of dedicated service to expose those corrupt “civil servants” destroying our city and county.
    Thanks also to Steve Stewart for his reporting the truth.

  2. This is curious. The commissioner added to his woes by making false statements in his ethics hearing. Curious in the sense of being relevant to the relationship between JT and Governance UNLESS THEY PLAN TO USE DR. JACKSON’S TESTIMONY TO UNDERMINE THE CREDIBILITY OF MADDOX’S PROFERS CONCERNING JT.

  3. This is good. Very good. Even if uber leftist Judge Hinkel will be in charge of punishment or more likely non- punishment for his fellow liberals appearing before Hinkel.
    I just wish a high ranking State official right here in the State of Florida would find it in his heart to quietly discuss what will surely be a travesty of justice by asking President Trump to get a fair Federal Judge assigned to hear all our usual suspect’s proceedings.

  4. As of end of 29FEB2020, 736 sealed indictments in N. Fl. District, 58 of which were added in FEB alone.
    When does the bird sing?

      1. Dang dude, they’re all staring at each other wondering who’s wearing a wire. No wonder they always trying to get naked.

    1. I have to take deep breaths and consciously breathe breathe breathe when I think about all the terrible things Gabordi did (and didn’t do) that affected us.

      He seemed to start out pretty good, but when he latched onto The Usual Suspects he became oblivious to the truth and would go to any lengths to cover up for them support them promote them– over good and truth.

      I am thinking of writing a book.

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