City Commissioners Approve $236,500 Personal Injury Settlement

City Commissioners Approve $236,500 Personal Injury Settlement

The City Commissioners approved a $236,500.00 personal injury settlement at their May 13 meeting. The settlement will resolve the claims of Steven Parton, who tripped on a city sidewalk in 2015 and developed multiple health issues.

According to the meeting agenda, in August 2015, Steven Parton tripped and struck his head and face on a city sidewalk on Baringer Hills Drive. Staff reports that he was treated in the emergency room and released the same day, but he began to experience balance issues, headaches, and falls in the next weeks.

“The doctors found a large subdural hematoma which required immediate brain surgery and extended hospital care,” staff reports. “As a result of his brain bleed, he was taken off his blood thinner medication, Coumadin. A few weeks later, he developed clotting to his renal artery limiting blood flow to his spleen and kidneys.”

In the following two and a half years, Parton underwent four surgeries attempting to increase blood flow to his kidneys. Staff reports that his last surgery required stent placement in his right renal artery, making his right kidney smaller than his left as a result.

According to the meeting agenda, Parton’s past medical expenses exceed $235,000, and he will likely have additional future medical expenses as his kidneys need to be monitored.

“Mr. and Mrs. Parton filed suit against the City seeking damages for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and other damages recoverable under Florida law,” staff reports.

The $236,500 settlement has been approved by the Liability Oversight Committee. It will be paid with Risk Management funds.

12 Responses to "City Commissioners Approve $236,500 Personal Injury Settlement"

  1. the sidewalks are fine but he problem is the city and tree huggers planted trees adjoining the sidewalks. the roots are destroying the sidewalks. there are always crews repairing the sidewalks and will continue until they get wise and remove the trees.

  2. So sidewalks and bike lanes and city parks (with dangerous slides and swings) should all be banned in the interest of public health. Perhaps a mandatory helmet decree to keep from overwhelming the healthcare system until all the sidewalks, bike lanes and playgrounds can be flattened and covered with at least 24 inches of bio-sensible recycled splinter free mulch.

    1. That’s a pretty substantial settlement. I can only assume there are some serious trip-n-fall related health impacts. Not withstanding the occasional legitimate claim, the sidewalk trip-n-fall is a running scam in most counties and municipalities. Many actually have a separate fund for them.

      The standard settlement is usually $15k… $5k for the ambulance chaser and $10k for the alleged vic. Most are just settled without discussion because it’s cheaper than legal costs in the long run. I suspect this one is only reported because of the unusually high payout.

  3. It sure would be nice to see a picture of the sidewalk in this article. I can only assume that the condition of the sidewalk was addressed immediately or this would have been dismissed. If the sidewalk was neglected then the settlement amount is light given the extent of treatment.

  4. That certainly is not enough money for a brain bleed. My only question is how bad was the sidewalk’s condition. As for a preexisting blood thinner condition the eggshell plaintiff rule applies.

  5. Was the sidewalk in disrepair? Southwood is a fairlt well-kept neighborhood. Is this something the city is truly responsible for? Or is this guy just a klutz? His preexisting issues that require blood thinners aren’t the city’s fault. Seems fishy that the guy is a government lobbyist and attorney, too. This whole thing stinks.

  6. I dont know Mr. Parton.
    “The esteemed Commission” finds your “alledged medical claims” to be a bit shady in comparison to the REAL pain and suffering which the former Commissioner Gil Ziffer’s wife had to endure upon stubbing her dainty toe on a sidewalk.”
    “Claim Denied.”

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