Blueprint IA Board Reviews LEAN Grant Program Results

Blueprint IA Board Reviews LEAN Grant Program Results

At today’s Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency Meeting, the board reviewed a status report on the results of the Local Emergency Assistance for Nonprofits (LEAN) grant program.

The board authorized the LEAN program in April 2020 in response to the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. The goal of the program was to offer financial assistance to local nonprofits impacted by the pandemic and $1 million of funding was delegated to the program. Eligible applicants were awarded $2500 each.

The Office of Economic Vitality created a Grant Review Committee in order to process applications and expedite loan disbursements. According to the report, OEV processed over 267 grant applications and awarded 233 grants. A total of $582,500 dollars was awarded.

Twelve applications are still pending, and 22 applications were determined to be ineligible for funding.

County Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley noted that the leftover funding, totaling about $400,000, may be useful for a second round of disbursements.

The board plans to discuss the use of the leftover funding at a budget workshop on July 9. City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox said some organizations have requested that the funding remain available during the time before the budget workshop.

“When we look between where we are now and July, I don’t feel very comfortable leaving $400,000 unallocated,” said City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow. “We really are obligated to decide if we want to continue to support nonprofits with that money or put it back into the programs that it came from.”

City Commissioner Curtis Richardson made a motion to accept the status report and make the leftover funding available for nonprofits now. The motion failed with only two of the four required County votes.

A second motion to accept the status report passed. The use of the leftover funding will be revisited at the budget workshop.

6 Responses to "Blueprint IA Board Reviews LEAN Grant Program Results"

  1. With all these new Mega, Many Homes per Acre, Subdivisions being built everywhere because they let the Developer dictate how many Homes they want to build per Acre now, they should NEVER have to ever think about raising our Property Taxes again. ALSO, the County & City should STOP taking ownership of the Streets, Curbing, Sidewalks, Signs and Fire Hydrants of these Subdivisions and make the HOA’s take care of them.

    1. I would NOT want to be in an HOA with responsibilty to maintain streets, sidewalks traffic signs and fire hydrants…it is a recipe for disaster on many levels.

  2. Are they going to discuss REDUCING our property taxes at the July 9 meeting? I’m guessing its more likely pigs will be flying through the room (looking for a handout.)

  3. So, you wasted $582,500 dollars. $2,500 will not do anything for a Non-Profit. $25,000 Yes, $2,500 No. Will you get a report that shows what they spent that $2,500 on? I’m guessing No.

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