City Commissioners Approve Two MWSBE Appointments

City Commissioners Approve Two MWSBE Appointments

The City Commissioners approved two appointments to the Tallahassee-Leon County Minority and Women Small Business Enterprise (MWSBE) Citizens Advisory Committee at their June 3 meeting.

The MWSBE program aims to increase opportunities for certified minority, women, and small business enterprises. The MWSBE Citizens Advisory Committee is responsible for overseeing the MWSBE program. The Committee also advises the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency and the MWSBE Division of the Office of Economic Vitality.

The Committee is made up of 11 members appointed by the County Commissioners, the City Commissioners, and area Chambers of Commerce. Committee members serve two-year terms expiring April 30 and can serve a maximum number of three terms.

Staff reappointed Gallop Franklin II for Seat 1 of the Committee. His first term expired in April 2020, and his second term will expire in 2022. He will be able to serve one additional term after that.

Franklin is a clinical pharmacist at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and a visiting assistant professor at the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University College of Pharmacy. He also works as the Vice President of Diversity for the area Boy Scouts of America and the founder and CEO of Gallop Inc. He graduated from the FAMU College of Pharmacy.

Staff appointed Keith Bowers for Seat 3, which was formerly held by LaRoderick McQueen. Bowers’ term will expire in 2022 with the opportunity for two additional terms.

Bowers is the regional director of the Small Business Development Center at FAMU. He has also worked as president, CEO, and consultant of the Bowers Group and many positions in the United States Army Reserves. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from FAMU.

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  1. Two men were added to this board. MSWBE has eleven board members. How many are women and who are they? Tell the citizens the dynamics of this board.

  2. Vice President of Diversity for the area Boy Scouts of America.
    Now you all know that is a fresh pile right there for Snidely to roll around in and really stink up the place.
    But I’m gonna be the better man today and not do that!
    In closing I refer to the standard Jerry Seinfeld retort he would always make to Elaine in simmilar cirmanstances;
    “Not that theres anything wrong with that”!!!!!

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