Police Chief Revell Addresses Protests, “Agitators”, and Bricks

Police Chief Revell Addresses Protests, “Agitators”, and Bricks

On the Morning Show with Preston Scott today, Tallahassee Police Chief Lawrence Revell addressed the recent protests in Tallahassee, the presence of out of town “agitators”, and the staging of bricks for non-peaceful means.

On the protests, Revell stated for the most part “our community has done an exceptional job of making sure that their protests are peaceful…I give our community and I give our police officers tremendous credit for working together to do that.”

Revell also addressed the presence of out of town “agitators”.

Revell said that “we do know there are agitators within the crowds…we’ve seen them, we are watching them closely….we believe they are from out of town for the most part.”

Preston Scott addressed the rumors that protestors or agitators staged bricks around town. Scott asked Chief Revell, “I have been told that there have been deposits of bricks in various locations that have been found by your officers and other law enforcement officers…can you tell us yes or no whether in fact that has happened?”

In response, Chief Revell said, “yes that’s true, that is absolutely true. I don’t mind talking about that at all.”

Revell commented that TPD was aware of the tactics of some of the national groups that pre-stage bricks, sticks with nails, and water bottles with various liquids around trash cans. Revell said, “yes we have found them here in Tallahassee as well.”

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  1. We have an extraordinary opportunity here to consolidate our over priced Tallahassee Police Department. Let’s abolish TPD and move all police officers under the command of the elected Sheriff’s office instead of forming some stupid, no power political citizen committee made up of political appointments to oversee TPD. Why not combine the resources of the two policing agencies, do away with collective bargaining/ Union, and patrol all of Leon County with one green shirt under the Sheriff’s office? Every time we hire a new police officer we are inadvertently creating another million dollar cop because when they retire they get a large portion of their salary in perpetuity. Let’s stop the madness and have one police/ sheriff’s office patrol our community? And we can do it all the while exercising our rights to protest.

  2. This city will “defund” police and install their own Brownshirts soon enough. Corruption and radical leftism, though redundant, are requisites for Tallahassee politics. But hey, the citizens keep voting for it.

  3. how many arrests have been made? why does the police allow these continued protests blocking the road. enough is enough. citizens have no business monitoring the police. there is internal affairs, fdle, state attorney and federal agencies. why succmb to these protesters?

    1. I think I’ll go stand in the middle of Monroe & Tennessee during the evening rush hour.
      If TPD tries to arrest me, I will walk over to the NE corner of the intersection, go inside and file $10 million lawsuit for blatant discrimination with “For The People!”

      1. Hello News Maven, I do not know your name sorry but I have some questions for you please. Hoping to hear from you

  4. The people of Tallahassee need to make their voices known. How about protesting about the elected/ appointed officials. That seems to work really well for others. No, I am not in favor of protesting. Complaints do nothing. Happy to say I am not a Leon County resident.

  5. Title Correction:
    “Reese Goad Addresses Protests, “Agitators”, and Bricks” (thru his mouth-piece Lawrence Revell).

    Once again; COT Police Chief Revell’s position has no – zero – nada ability to have an opinion on anything whatsoever.
    Everything the Chief does, says, or thinks is 100% at the direction of City Manager Reese Goad.
    Anyone playing along with the game of crediting the Chief of having an original thought in his head is just providing cover for Reese Goad.
    Come on people a little honesty in reporting the relationship of City Manager and Police Chief would be refreshing and in the best interest of our communitty.

  6. The current City government organization and the unelected bureaucratic structure of not being reportable to either the City Commission nor to Tallahassee citizens is unworkable. When are Commissioners going to start leading, clean house including departments that have questionable ties to well known lobbyists? This is what our founders were most afraid of. Commissioners, you were elected by the people to do the job! Stand up and clean house!

  7. Where is our Sheriff? Is he working with the city on finding theses outside thugs? Unless I missed his comments, he has been quite as a mouse. He must be waiting for the Tall. Democrat to call him.

  8. Why isn’t the Tallahassee Democrat asking these questions and reporting Chief Revell’s revelations?

    Why aren’t the City commissioners doing a nationwide search for an appropriate city manager?

    I do not believe Barber and Goad are the appropriate people to lead and a change needs to be made.

    It is imperative that all incumbents in the next city election are voted out.

    Police Lives.Matter!


    1. The name of the newspaper should make the answer obvious. Tallahassee DEMOCRAT. Of course they are going to go along with the liberal media’s narrative that these rioters and miscreants are peaceful protesters.

  9. Not asked:
    Chief, how is it that your officers were right there with the protestors as numerous windows were broken along North Monroe Street near Park Avenue, yet no arrests were made?

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