Leon County Taxable Sales Fall 30% in May

Leon County Taxable Sales Fall 30% in May

The most recent information from the Florida Department of revenue shows that consumer spending in Leon County-as measured by taxable sales- was down in May by 29.3% when compared to spending one year ago. In absolute terms, spending in May 2020 was down $113.1 million to $272.9 million. These numbers are preliminary and are subject to revisions.

At the state level, Florida experienced a 31.1% decrease in May spending when compared to last year.

The Taxable Sales Report below shows that Leon county’s aggregate spending over the last 12-months ($4.414 billion) as of May 2020 was 1.7% less than the aggregate 12-month spending reported in May 2019 ($4.489 billion).

At the state-level, annual spending as of May 2020 increased 0.3% when compared to annual spending one year ago.

The chart below compares the change in aggregate spending for the previous 12-months in Leon county for each year since 2016 with the statewide numbers.

For Leon county, annual taxable sales is down -1.7% when compared to the May 2019 level. Last year at this time, taxable sales had an annual growth rate of 5.7%.

At the state-level, taxable sales growth for the last 12-month period (0.3%) is significantly less than the 12-month growth rate reported one year ago (6.8%).

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  2. Big online only retailers like Amazon do report state sales tax and local option sales tax. There may be some exceptions for smaller on-line etailers and Amazon affiliates, but this is not a material amount.

    The bigger question is, at what point will this begin to affect the pension funds of these local covidiot governments as well as pensions for teachers? Will they continue destroying local small and minority businesses, especially restaurants (stupid mask mandates)? Will they continue to pedal panic porn and the fear mongering enemedia narrative of more cases? Will they continue to withhold K-12 education? All this over a virus that has an over 99% recovery rate and is here to stay. Just like other corona viruses such as influenza and the common cold.

    Our state and local covidiot leaders and enemedia have no **** clue the economic tsunami the state of Florida and the nation is headed for with their continuing panic porn. This is the real fear. Catastrophic U.S. global depression. How’d we get out of the last one?

    And for you clowns out there who buy this hysterical fear and love your face diaper, please stay home. Life is full of all sorts of risk. Let the rest of us take the risk of bringing back the economy and educating our kids without fear. You fear mongers are just handing this country right into the hands of the Burn and Loot Marxist, Inc. crowd with this insanity, congratulations!

    I guess if your corrupt, dementia addled, pedophile, sock puppet Demonrat candidate wins on November 3rd this will all magically disappear, right?

  3. Do these figures for Leon County include online sales?
    I suspect not, especially since some of that isn’t taxed. People are clicking and shipping a LOT more during The Panicdemic since the brick and mortar stores were shuttered. Online sale have probably tripled or quadrupled since May 2019.

    1. To the extent an online purchase does not include sales tax, no. However, some out of state businesses do pay sales taxes.

      1. Thx for the clarification.
        As I expected.
        I still feel this is like saying a decade ago that people were using their home landlines less without pointing out the surge in smartphone usage.
        If you can find a data source, I’d love to see the exponential growth of Leon County online sales May 19 vs. May 20.

        And since our local Mask Gestapo is on a roll, any word on whether the County Kommisars will adopt an anti-droopy drawers mandate? I saw 3 violators at the Westside Walmart this afternoon, icko!

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