Superintendent Rocky Hanna Plans to Recommend Delaying First Day of School to August 24

Superintendent Rocky Hanna Plans to Recommend Delaying First Day of School to August 24

At today’s Re-open Leon Schools task force meeting, Superintendent Rocky Hanna announced that he plans to recommend to the School Board to further delay the first day of school from Wednesday, August 19 to Monday, August 24.

He said he wants to allow teachers two weeks to prepare for the first day of school. According to the current plan, teachers would come back to school on August 10 to begin preparing for students.

Hanna said the start date can be pushed back further, but the last day of school will also be pushed back.

He also outlined some points of the district’s reopening plan, including reducing the density of all K-12 classes and moving from five periods to three periods.

“Social distancing’s going to be very important,” he noted.

Hanna said he will present the finalized reopening plan at the July 28 School Board meeting.

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  1. Overwhelming “scientific” evidence shows that reopening schools does not pose a threat to the children, but keeping them closed does. If some teachers (elderly and/or medically vulnerable) need to stay safe at home, then make accommodations for them.

    Any other teacher that refuses to return to work, should be given the opportunity to resign and seek another career path. Those that simply refuse to return to work and do not resign, should be terminated on the grounds of Job Abandonment. Reagan had to do it to the ATCs, and Trump May have to do it here as well.

    There are plenty of qualified adults who can step up to the plate, read from the textbook, follow the curriculum, and teach our children while we restructure what has become a dangerous, ineffective, and failed Public Indoctrination System.

  2. County Commissioner / Ft. Braden Principal Jimbo Jackson announces another Ft. Braden School-connected death but WON’T say HOW she Died (that’s now 2). He is trying to tie her death with a Man that also worked at the Ft. Braden School that dies of Covid and hoping we will say she too died of Covid, because he want’s to keep the Schools closed. Just clean the School and get back to work because I am pretty sure that HE didn’t catch Covid while AT the School and that goes for HER as well.

  3. Wow, these guys are wonderful, the the problem world facing for 6 months these guy can solve by extending the opening by 5 days

  4. Knowing how everything is governed in this corrupt Capital District I saw this coming in June and signed my daughter up for Florida Virtual School back then. It had nothing to do with the Kung Flu but everything to do with the gross incompetence of these LCS clowns. They have had more than enough time to get things in place and look at where we are. Even if they pull off some form of in-class teaching it will be a complete train wreck and distraction from real teaching with all the new Kung Flu rules. Sadly some families cannot afford or have the means to do on-line virtual school. We are destroying a generation of kids and especially the most needy with this nonsense. LCS is a failure.

  5. Leon county put a guy named “Rocky” in charge if its schools. What did they think was gonna happen? I think we should look for someone named “skippy” to replace him.

  6. Why not just delay the school year until the Tuesday after Labor Day. I never understood why the school year started so early in Tallahassee and Florida. The school year could be extended into June next year when hopefully things will be better.

  7. Rocky’s campaign speech “No more fat cats”

    Welcome to the Hanna Fat Cat Club – Rocky not only has pay for play by giving construction contracts to donors, he has the pay for No Plan Team:

    Assistant Superintendent Michelle Gayle — $125,407

    Assistant Superintendent Alan Cox — $123,433

    Assistant Superintendent Kathleen Rodgers — $123,185

    Chief of Safety and Security John Hunkiar — $121,604

    Chief Financial Officer Kim Banks — $118,920

    Assistant Superintendent Gillian Gregory — $116,587

    Assistant Superintendent Deana McAllister — $112,204

    Director of Elementary Schools Sue Kraul — $109,094

    Director of Secondary Schools Scott Hansen — $106,384

    Director of Technology and Information Bill Nimmons — $102,422

    Director of Staff Development Shane Syfrett — $102,422

    Director of Purchasing June Kail — $98,738

    Director of Property Management Michael Moore — $96,557

    Director of Early Childhood Programs Brooke Brunner — $95,779

    Director of Food Services James Howcroft — $92,838

    Director of Construction Danny Allbritton — $91,920

    Director of Maintenance Alvin Watkins — $90,720

    Director of ESE Operations and Compliance Cathy Shields — $89,395

    Director of Payroll Deena Howell — $88,922

    Director of Code Enforcement, Compliance Rod McQueen — $86,912

    Director of Risk Management Services Janet Heath — $82,996

    Interim Director of Transportation James Cole — $81,252

    Director of Internal Auditing Livetra Paul — $80,501

    Director, Interdivisional Support Services Ricky Bell — $77,967

    Director of Benefits Pam Faulkner — $74,851

    Coordinator of School Choice Office Jamie Holleman — $73,920

    Coordinator of Title 1 Office Ashley Scott — $71,920

    Coordinator of Communications and Media Relations Chris Petley — $71,790

    Coordinator of Volunteer and Mentor Services Kelli Walker — $67,924

    Coordinator of Policy and Planning Marline Feliciano — $66,605

    1. Can you imagine how outraged Gillian Gregory is that Kathleen Rodgers makes more than her. I smell a back stabbing in the making! Poor Rocky! Gillian is good at back stabbing, just ask Mr. Crowe.

  8. They have had since March to get ready to start next year. Maybe Hanna needs more than three million dollars of leadership team to properly plan. What the hell is wrong! Start School! Our kids need to get their lives back in order.


    Curtis Richardson caught lying in the City Commission Seat 2 Tallahassee Democrat candidate debate.

    He was called out on it by another candidate Gerri Seay.

    Curtis Richardson boldly said that he did not “bundle” when we in fact know he absolutely does bundle. Curtis Richardson clearly stated on video that he does not bundle so, thankfully it is captured for all to see.

    It is clear Curtis is oblivious to the corruption, is covering it up, and participating by association… and doing nothing to expose it. He falls on a sword to protect it. He was finally called out on his own corruption today.

    Candidate Bill Schack was the clear winner in this debate with three other candidates tying for second place and Curtis Richardson placing last..

    I hope all media outlets in Tallahassee will expose Curtis’ lies especially when he said he doesn’t receive bundles. Curtis does in fact receive bundles so he bungled the question and should be hereto and forever more be known as, — Curtis Richardson the Bungler.

    How is Curtis Richardson able to have these lies just come out of his mouth with no regard for the truth whatsoever?

    This should be above the fold front page TV media Breaking News special report — that Curtis Richardson blatantly, boldly, adamantly, lied that he did not bundle.

    When Curtis was called out on it he said he stated he would not answer questions from other candidates. Therefore, refusing to be accountable for the lies he clearly just told.

    If voters on the Southside want to improve their conditions, lower the crime rate, and raise their property values a good start would be voting for Bill Schack for City Commission!

    1. I think you did not hear it correctly, Hope.
      Q: “Curtis, are you a BUNGLER?”
      A: “No, I am not.”

      “Hope” you saw my comment directed at you at the end of the Gillum article.

      1. Yes, I saw the link News Maven thank you. Mr. Cotterell did a good job of keeping himself in check and being kind.

        You should write the book telling the other part of the story that would be the best book ever!

        An incumbent candidate at the Tallahassee Democrat Forum just told the biggest lie ever today and if the editor does not turn around and use that as a front page story tomorrow then there’s something terribly wrong. Of course it is the same editor who attempted to fool readers with an Andrew Gillum puff piece that was actually paid for by Andrew Gillum. Remember that one?

        Write that book! Write that book!

  10. Is it to give teachers more prep time or because the 32,000 Chromebooks have yet to arrive? Where are they (the computers) coming from?

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