TPD to Community: We Have a Problem

TPD to Community: We Have a Problem

The Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) is having a problem gaining the cooperation of private business owners in policing crowds and obtaining statements from witnesses of crimes.

On July 25 at 2:45 a.m. a homicide occurred in the parking lot of 1143 Orange Ave. During the course of TPD’s investigation hundreds of people gathered at the crime scene.

Despite the presence of numerous potential witnesses, TPD reported they are having problem collecting information related to the crime. Frustrated with the situation, TPD indicated, via a press release, that “this incident is part of a multi-faceted issue occurring locally.”

TPD has asked for any source of pictures or videos from the crowd to be shared with them. They also have offered an anonymous tip line in an attempt to draw in more witnesses.

Without the cooperation of possible witnesses, TPD indicated they can’t bring closure to this case.

Why the lack of cooperation?

Research by the Urban Institute indicates that a police department’s effectiveness in controlling and preventing crime is closely related to residents’ perceptions of the law.

Negative views of the justice system contribute to “legal cynicism,” whereby people neither report crime nor cooperate with the police. The research stated that neighborhoods with high levels of legal cynicism often have high crime rates.

In addition to the lack of cooperation from witnesses, TPD is also having issues with local business owners.

TPD reported that COVID-19 has shifted nightlife activities, and recently, there has been an increase in crowds gathering in parking lots at both closed and open businesses throughout the city.

Due to the legal limits on police power over private businesses, TPD requires the cooperation of business owners in order to assist in dispersing crowds that may gather in empty parking lots on their property.

However, TPD is not getting this cooperation.

TPD said that the recent incident that took place on Orange Ave. underscores why law enforcement must have the cooperation. Officers worked in the area throughout the late evening, conducting a traffic stop in the 1100 block of Orange Avenue, completing community policing business checks near midnight and receiving two noise complaints from neighbors due to vehicles in the parking lot of 1143 Orange Ave.

However, TPD received no calls for service from the business itself requesting to clear the private parking lot.

As a result, TPD officers are now being asked to work overtime to deal with these “pop-up” crowds even tough they have no authority to breach the premises. TPD has reported that these “pop-up” crowds have been associated with “open manipulation of firearms, parking issues and suspected drug activity.”

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  1. Do Black Lives REALLY matter? Seriously, DO THEY? The ONLY time you hear Blacks yelling “Black Lives Matter” is when a white Cop Shoots a Black SUSPECT. Even the Black Community Leaders don’t really think Black Lives Matter or you would see them out telling the Young Blacks on a daily basis to stay in School, Study hard, Graduate, get a Job, Support your Family, Respect other People and their Property, Respect Law Enforcement and our Laws, to leave their Guns at home, to become a Model Citizen. I have NEVER heard ANY OF THEM say ANY of that.

    You can’t even get the Black Community Leaders to admit that there IS a “Black On Black” problem. You will NEVER get them to admit that Blacks commit MOST of the Violent Crimes and MOST of the Shootings and Murders.

    Until your Black Community Leader come to terms with it and admit PUBLICLY that the Blacks are their own problem and create their own problems, NOTHING will ever change.

  2. No its the other way around. Its the whiny hand wringing left is that have a problem with modern policing. You want law and order then you enforce the laws. You want chaos and crime, then you coddle criminals. And Tallahassee is a criminal paradise right now.

  3. An Inconvenient Truth:

    It is not Law Enforcement that needs to be reformed or re-imagined. Indeed there are process and procedures that need to be adjusted or tweaked as time progresses. But what Law Enforcement is in most need of… is to be followed and respected. “Law and Order” is the very foundation of a civil society. What we are witnessing today from this Democrat-financed anarchy is the complete antithesis of that.

    It is the black community and culture that needs to be reformed and redirected. The black community needs to return to its core belief in family and the family unit, and also to return to its long history of faith and belief in Christ. For far too long, far too many within the black community have surrendered their individualism, and have allowed themselves to become wards of the state. They have been fed the lies of “systemic racism” and “government dependence” by Democrat and Republican politicians (white, black, or otherwise) and the Media conglomerates. Man does not give your your rights nor your standing in life. Your rights are inalienable and come from God… and your standing in life is completely in your control… no matter the color of your skin. As Dr. King so wisely proclaimed… it is “the content of your character” that matters, not the “color of your skin”.

  4. People talk when they feel safe enough to talk. You can argue to reasons pro and con all night, but the problem remains.

  5. Oh, and another point. Why didn’t TPD leverage help from Sheriff McNeil to conduct mask checks and anti-social distancing inspections at 2:45 AM if there were hundreds of county health order violators present? Think of the revenue stream from all those tickets that could have been issued!

    Just sayin.

  6. “Despite the presence of numerous potential witnesses, TPD reported they are having problem collecting information related to the crime.” ………………………… Then you stop the Investigation and say “I guess this Black Life doesn’t Mater” and go on to your next Investigation.

  7. what is exactly the “business” located at 1143 Orange Ave.? If people don’t have enough sense to avoid certain areas at 2 in the wee morning hours, it’s hard to feel sorry for them.

    1. It’s the Rattler Gas Station at the corner of Springhill & Orange. It’s open 24/7. The long-time owner is very friendly, and well-known to area residents.

      1. That was one of the first places in Town that was raided for illegal Gambling. They have a Room in the Back behind the Coolers. Every time I drove by I was always wondering WHY he had two Gas Prices for Regular, one price was 20 Cents higher then the ones close by but if you were a Member, you got it for a lower Price which was still a bit higher.

  8. Communitty back to TPD:
    Yes we do have a problem. A powerless Police Chief position. Thats the problem. When Chief Revell has to clear EVERYTHING with Hillary loving, Gillium loving, Biden loving uber leftist City Manager Reese Goad…thats the problem.
    And TPD you KNOW this. So shut your mouth and leave “The Communitty” out of this. The problem is TPD/REESE GOAD.
    The Communitty will not help those weasel leftists who will not help themselves.
    Again in case you missed it:
    TPD/REESE GOAD you are the problem.
    Why do you think Reese Goad’s fantasy “Black Dude” refused to accept the Police Chief position? If you dont know read what I wrote above again. Thats why.

  9. As a harsh reminder and safety warning for the public could the city paint body outlines on the street by murder sites?

  10. So downtown Tally is now a third world country. Business should move, residents should move. Leave that country to the thugs that love that enviroment. Daley and Richardson should decide who will be King of the villages. God bless you Law Enforcement officers.

  11. “Negative views of the justice system contribute to “legal cynicism,” whereby people neither report crime nor cooperate with the police. The research stated that neighborhoods with high levels of legal cynicism often have high crime rates.“

    So… the real question is… which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is it not a fair statement to suggest that the converse is also plausible?… to wit: that the research indicates that neighborhoods with high crime rates often have high levels of legal cynicism?

    Does one begat the other, or can one solve the other… or can both admit they’re in this together as seek to solve both… together?

    …,just a thought to consider

  12. I predict the MarRIOT will be bailing on its location at the Intersection of Hate before long. Our tax base is in a major tailspin, the likes of which we’ve never experienced. And the city is validating it all by putting up an anti-American, anti-family, anti-Semitic Marxist mural with taxpayer’s money.
    Vote ALL incumbents OUT, before we become the next Portland.

  13. Burn and Loot Marxist, Inc. doing their job quite well. So are the Marxist Kommissars running the city and county licking the boots of these clowns by enabling masks and continued shut downs destroying small and minority businesses. Oh, and BTW, the Gov is also enabling local govs to get away with this nonsense unlike Gov. Kemp. Viva la revolucion!!

  14. The city commissioners appalling decision to paint graffiti of black lives matter on the street sends a message to a group of citizens that the police are the problem. Nothing could be further from the truth .

    The governor should remove the three Commissioners, mayor, and city manager… for starters for totally disrespecting Public Safety Officers and jeopardizing our safety.

    We should tally up what that amount adds up to in their salaries and offer that as a reward to the person(s) who comes forward and gives enough information for a successful prosecution of the perpetrators.

  15. Axiom: Snitches get stitches.
    As to business owners’ cooperating with the police, if they call the police, then they have to worrry about their businesses being torched. “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” Insurance doesn’t help a whole lot if the deductibles are high, and there are usually clauses that won’t cover “civil disturbances.”

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