Nikki Fried Blames Trump, DeSantis for COVID Deaths, Predicts “Electoral Reckoning”

Nikki Fried Blames Trump, DeSantis for COVID Deaths, Predicts “Electoral Reckoning”

Nikki Fried recently appeared on CNN and blamed President Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis for COVID-19 related deaths in Florida.

Fried, in a Twitter post attached to the interview, wrote that Florida had more people die than Germany during the COVID pandemic and that there would be “an electoral reckoning on November 3.”

The full tweet read:

Florida has had more people die from #COVID19 than the entire country of Germany. It did not have to be this bad. Failed policies and inaction from @realDonaldtrump and @GovRonDeSantis are to blame and there will be an electoral reckoning on November 3.

During the interview -which is provided below, Fried stated that “Ron DeSantis has not done a single thing here in our state without the absolute permission from Donald Trump. So both of them are completely responsible and their lack of leadership of why our numbers are so high….”

As of August 22, the Florida Department of Health reported 10,282 deaths related to COVID. According to, Florida’s COVID death rate based on population ranks 17th among the fifty states. Florida has the third largest population in the US.

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  1. Hmmmm the same Nikki that crossed state lines into Georgia, in the middle of the night to pick up her step children, during the lock down?.Oh and happened to just drive into the CNN parking lot and go in and have a on-air interview.
    Save it Nikki you are a mouth piece for the Dems and nothing but a big bag of wind.
    We will all be happy to see you leave office so save enough pot you will need it to get over your loss.

  2. Anyone else think there was some sort of ballot formatting issue that produced a lone successful Democrat in the Florida cabinet? I know the Dems had some articles about how formatting might have cost some of them elections but I think it may have helped her. I don’t see how very many people would have voted for Desantis, Petronis, Moody, and then bubbled in her. Makes no logical sense.

  3. This is to User Tony. First off DEMoCRATS did not block Trump from banning anyone from China. So whoever or where ever you heard that you need to quit spreading lies. Not even Trump has said they blocked anything. This is the problem the lies are getting bad defending Trump. Everything I read about how great he is is a damn lie. In this day an age with technology we can research to find the truth so don’t be so ignorant. Get your facts straight and quit lying.

  4. So, how is Gwen Graham going to handle this? It’s clear that Fried is far left and Graham is veering further left to catch up. Graham thinks she is entitled to it and Fried is the only Dem in a high office as a cabinet officer. Fried has an interesting life style, and listening to Gwen is like watching paint dry.

  5. Another irrelevant, big mouth Democrat trying to make fake news on the fake news network.
    If there was any doubt she has he eye on the governor’s office. As if Floridians want to find itself in the position of Oregon, Washington, or California…
    No thanks Fried…

  6. Maybe someone could look into the home that fried and bergmann bought on 2799 Panther Ln. from Gerald and Sandra Jones, on 2-6-2019. Then they could ask why, on the property appraiser’s web site the home, using an address search turns up the owner as the Gharbaoui Family Trust with a mailing address in California and not fried or bergmann. An ownership name search under the Property Appraiser’s web site shows nothing under the name of fried or bergmann.

  7. Why pick some random country that is doing better on covid like Germany when Western Europe as a whole most certainly isn’t? I thought they were the perfect intellectuals with socialized health care and all?

    Still 70% of deaths in blue states despite the fact that the media keeps acting like its dumb republicans that are the problem. Its not Trump, its not even Cuomo and blue state governors throwing the infected into nursing home, its the hyper partisan politics you all introduced into this from the beginning. Fighting it requires social capital. Navigating the

    Good luck trying to govern all this if you win.

  8. Desantis sucks, he has done absolutely nothing to help the people in Florida. I wish he would move to Washington to be closer to Trump’s butt.

  9. fried conveniently leaves out the fact that New York State has 32,934 COVID deaths…approx. 3.5 times more than Germany or Florida. Gotta wonder about this hypocrisy… not calling out NY Gov. cuomo

  10. She’s right about one thing – there WILL be an “electoral reckoning” – many deluded liberals are going to be screaming at the sky the evening of Nov. 3! KAGA

    1. I don’t think anyone will be screaming on the 3rd, maybe not until the 30th the way the Worthless Democrats have purposely screwed this all up.

  11. Wake up America, we are being played! Do not believe the press, they are bias like all humans. You need to Determine what is “true”, you need to start thinking for yourself. Review the issues from all sides and decide yourself what is “true.”

    The sheep shall be lead to slaughter are you a sheep?

  12. I can only assume that she will also blame the failed policies of the governors of New York (32,567 deaths), New Jersey (15,941 deaths), and California (11,821 deaths)? But since that doesn’t fit her false narrative…BLAME TRUMP!

  13. Hey Gov. DeSantis,
    Did your Sec. of Ag. file an outside employment request to take on a 2nd job with CNN?
    If she did did you sign off on the request?
    If not then what are you waiting for…????????????????

    1. She must have taken Andrew Gillum’s place at CNN. Just give her time as they seem to do theirselves in by their own undoing.

  14. Folks… you have to understand that this is their actual strategy. The Demunist Party – in collusion with the deep state, Establishment Elites, big tech conglomerates, and the Media PACs – have launched their “real” campaign strategy affectionately coined, “Burn It Down”… you may remember this strategy’s pilot program during Obama’s re-election.

    They know that they have no practical ideas, they know that their candidate is a plageristic mindless puppet, a molester of women and girls, suffers from dementia, and will not garner a majority vote. They are followers and practitioners of Machiavelli and Alinsky, and they hate America and what She stands for. Their only hope is to try and bring our President and this Nation down with a 24/7/365 barrage of manufactured hysteria, lies, slander, hatred, conspiracies, murder, economic sabotage, lawlessness, seditious acts, and treasonous behavior… in hopes of provoking a civil war type of occurrence.

    We are at a proverbial precipice in the life of this Great Nation… exactly as our Founders knew we would, and darn near to the year they predicted. For it is times like these – not hunting or collecting – that our Founders wisely crafted and codified our 2nd Amendment. Stand ready to once again defend our Great Republic, and may God bless and keep us all.

  15. Hoax, Trumps 4 letter word to dismiss everything the news has to report. He’s the biggest bastard this country has seen, let Putin run the USA cause that’s his comrade. Once again the chance I took voting for this outlaw has made me change my party affiliation. Never again, never Trumper. Take heed rednecks your day is coming.

  16. Gas Pump Queen ain’t got a clue! Typical Democrat that blames everything on Trump. Nothing about all the good he has done. Commissioner of Ag and I bet before she was elected she never set foot on a farm!
    What a disgrace and joke!

  17. National security officials urgently warned Trump in early January about the incoming pandemic, but Trump, true to form, completely disregarded their report. Instead, he wanted the nation’s $80 billion national security apparatus to provide him with information about things like Joe Biden’s son and Hillary Clinton’s emails. Because of Trump’s inaction, every man, woman, and child in this nation will suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives.

    1. In January, Trump was listening to the WHO and the CDC who was telling him that they have it all under control that there was nothing to worry about (they told the whole USA that) and Trump still wanted to ban ALL Flights from China but the House Democrats blocked him from doing that. It wasn’t until late March early April that the WHO admitted they LIED to Trump and to the USA..

      1. Sounds like you’re spreading Trump lies again. Won’t work. Just ask Chacci from Happy Days when he speaks at the Repukelican Convention this week!

        1. 01) After Trump in January declared a “humanitarian and security crisis” during a primetime Oval Office address, Sen. Chuck Schumer, speaking beside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said Trump was working to “manufacture a crisis, stoke fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration.” Party leader Tom Perez also called it “manufactured.” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., described it as a “‘crisis’ that doesn’t exist.” Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted at the time that “we’re not falling” for the “fake crisis.”
          02) Jan 14 – the WHO (World Health Organization) sent out a tweet declaring that there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission of the COVID-19 virus.
          03) Jan 24 – Dr. Anthony Fauci National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Director said – “ Covid 19 It isn’t something the American public needs to worry about or be frightened about, because we have ways of preparing and screening of. It’s a very, very low risk to the United States, but it’s something that we as public health officials need to take very seriously,”
          04) On January 29, 2020 Joe Biden in a speech in Iowa said that Trump’s idea of restricting travel from China was “Xenophobic”.
          05) January 30, WHO calls corona virus a healthcare emergency.
          06) February 2 – New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot, “The risk to New Yorkers for Coronavirus is low and our preparedness as a city is very high. There is no reason not to take the subway, not to take the bus, not to go out to your favorite restaurant, and certainly not to miss the parade next Sunday. I’m going to be there.”
          07) February 24, 2020 Nancy Pelosi says from San Francisco’s China Town to come visit, it is safe and “there are no Coronavirus concerns”. Then SF became one of the epicenters of the disease.
          08) Bill DiBlasio 03/2/20 “ I’m encouraging New Yorkers to go on with your lives. Get out on the town despite Coronavirus On March 9, 2020 Bernie Sanders said he would NOT, I repeat he said he would NOT shut down travel from March 20, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow (as well as NY Times) bash Trump for talking about Hydroxy Cloroquin calling it a “fairy tale” and giving people false hope. Now it is being sought after to fight the disease and is being tested as helping patients recover faster.
          09) January 24 2020, Joe Scarborough and wife Minka had a segment where they said “no Americans need to be concerned about COVID-19 and should be more concerned about the common flu.
          10) March 30, 2020 Morning Joe anchors say “everyone saw this coming in early January.

          Everything I have quoted are true and easily verified. The Liberal leaders and media have not been accurate about ANYTHING about COVID-19 and Trump has been way ahead of them. Trump nailed this one and the press does everything to blame him?
          Don’t let the media rewrite facts. Liberals and the media on January 28th were talking about the final vote of the impeachment hearing while Trump was sounding the alarm. They all said he was trying to distract us….well guess what, he was right. Facts Matter

  18. Figures the Cons would attack someone because of party affiliation instead of listen to facts. The complete ignorance of some in our State is not only overwhelming but downright angering. The Trump virus killing 1000s and it’s someone else’s fault. Hopefully this virus will take out some voters here, maybe then things might change. Why the State is looked at as Floriduh nowadays, division, hatred here is overwhelming! I can’t wait for November 3, I can already see the kindergarten temper tantrums forthcoming from the ignorant sheep here………. elect a ? expert a ?
    All at the expense of lives in our State

  19. Sorry but, if the DEMOCRATS didn’t block Trump from Banning all Flights from China back in January……… we would have been a lot better off PLUS….. The Democrats allowed the Virus to come here, encouraged people to go out and Mingle, they are allowing the BLM, Antifa and the Thugs to destroy America JUST so they can Blame Trump for EVERYTHING. The Democrats are the ones dividing this Country and enjoying it because they actually believe that all the Democrat Citizens will believe them when they Blame it all on Trump and they are right to think that way because it is true. The Democrats have thrown everything at Trump and each and every time it is proven that those Democrats had either made up the accusations or actually created the fake Evidence that THEY used to attack Trump. The Citizen Democrats believes everything they say and refuses to see the light that it is all Fake and Lies just because Hillary LOST and Trump is interfering with their illegal deals.

  20. yea & she’s personally responsible for the Florida Fruit Fly. Typical democrat getting publicity for a 2022 Governor run.

  21. Maybe she should dedicate her time to speaking out against the domestic violence after her incident in South Florida a few weeks ago. By the way who’s investigating her financial disclosure form which did not report the source of a significant amount of wealth?

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