CRA Moves Forward With Frenchtown Affordable Housing Initiative

CRA Moves Forward With Frenchtown Affordable Housing Initiative

On Thursday, Sept. 24, the Tallahassee Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) conducted a board meeting to discuss implementing an affordable housing initiative in the Greater Frenchtown Southside (GFS) District. The CRA Board green-lit the plan earlier this year and are now focused on approving contractors to carry out the designs.

The plan to construct affordable housing on parcels owned by the City of Tallahassee and the CRA was approved on Jan. 30, 2020. Also approved were three city-owned parcels deemed suitable for single-family housing at affordable prices. The GFS Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) recently approved four proposed designs.

The meeting focused on the approval of contractors to proceed with the building plans. Florida Developers and the Tallahassee Lender’s Consortium were offered as the “qualified contractors” to fill the positions. Other local contractors that were interested in completing the labor were Big Bend Community Development Corporation, Inner Harbor and Schumer Capital Corporation.

Part of the initiative is to maintain the “character” of the Greater Frenchtown Southside community through the building of appropriate housing plans and facades.

The GSF CAC held a meeting on Sept. 14 in which the designs submitted by the Emerc Engineering affordable housing design service were approved. Also, during this meeting, the Citizens Advisory Committee recommended the Florida Developers and the Tallahassee Lender’s Consortium to fulfill the contracting position needed to complete the housing project.

With preferred contractors and designs, the approval of the CRA Board is needed to proceed with the affordable housing initiative. After approval from the CRA, approved designs and contractors will be available for selection by pre-qualified home buyers to begin the construction of the new homes on the lots owned by the city.

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  1. Every time the County and City Commissioners talk about “Affordable Housing” they talk about the Poor and Low Income People and Homes costing between $150,000 and $200,000. Tell me what do you call “Affordable” for them. I financed $73,000 to buy my house and my Payment is $600 a Month and it’s a 3 – 1.5 on a half acre built in 87. The Poor and Low Income will not be able to “Afford” a Payment that high AND be able to maintain the Home. You need to rethink this whole Dream you are trying to bring to life. You need to step into Reality and realize this is just another Boondoggle Money Grab. There is NO such thing as a NEW Affordable House. so WAKE UP.

  2. This is what you get when you vote over and over for the same clown show. I would like to revisit this community in a few years.

  3. Why not Black building businesses construct & finance houses/businesses & Tallahassee return over Taxes to Taxpayers & surrender their Virtue Participation ribbons?

  4. Does anyone know the definitions of “affordable housing”, “appropriate housing plans”, and “housing project” as it relates to this specific endeavor?

    1. Why is the city in the real estate business in Frenchtown?

      Maintain the character Frenchtown… really?

      Just check the bundled contributions to Curtis Richardson and vote the opposite.

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