Leon County Administrator Vince Long Receives Near Perfect Performance Review

Leon County Administrator Vince Long Receives Near Perfect Performance Review

Leon County Commissioners voted to approve County Administrator Vincent Long’s annual performance review at their meeting on Oct. 13. The vote included a one-time lump sum 5% merit increase in the County Administrator’s pay.

Long was appointed County Administrator in 2011 and has worked for Leon County since 1995.

The Commissioners evaluated his performance based on professional skills and status, relations with the Board of County Commissioners, policy execution, reporting, supervision, fiscal management and citizen and community relations.

He received an overall evaluation of 4.99 out of 5. Commissioners Maddox, Proctor, Lindley, Desloge and Minor rated Long a 5. Commissioner Jackson rated 4.98, and Commissioner Dozier rated 4.95.

“The County Administrator’s contract provides for an annual increase equal to that budgeted for general employees in a given year as well as a merit increase to be considered annually by the Chairman,” staff reports.

According to the meeting agenda, staff recommends the additional merit increase because of Long’s performance throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Despite the unprecedented challenges of the past year, Leon County Government continued to become even more effective and efficient,” staff reports. “Under the County Administrator’s leadership, the organization demonstrated innovation and agility, redeploying employees to fill critical needs and quickly adapting to new workplace needs to ensure the uninterrupted provision of essential services.”

When asked about the review by TR, Long said “I’m humbled by the support and so proud to work alongside such competent and dedicated public servants at the county and to serve this special community of ours.”

The Leon County Commission also voted in favor of an additional one-time lump sum 5% merit increase for the County Attorney.

3 Responses to "Leon County Administrator Vince Long Receives Near Perfect Performance Review"

  1. An absolute virtue signaling joke. This man violated the Governor’s freedom protection act and Leon County has incurred a 3.5 million dollar fine. We will not tolerate vaccine passports. They are a direct violation of the right to personal health choices.

  2. Congrats Mr. Long.
    Of course if this evaluation and pending raise in pay had happened in a county not known for leftist domination, corruption, and self serving motivations in the elected officials every move – it would be more meaningful to Mr. Long.
    But other than that you have to live and work somewhere, you live here, so good on you Mr. Long.

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