September Report Shows Leon County Taxable Sales Down 8.2%

September Report Shows Leon County Taxable Sales Down 8.2%

The most recent information from the Florida Department of revenue shows that consumer spending in Leon County-as measured by taxable sales- was down in September by 8.2% when compared to spending one year ago. In absolute terms, spending in September 2020 was down $31.4 million to $353.6 million. These numbers are preliminary and are subject to revisions.

At the state level, Florida experienced a 6.1% decrease in September spending when compared to last year.

The Taxable Sales Report below shows that Leon county’s aggregate spending over the last 12-months ($4.287 billion) as of September 2020 was 6.7% lower than the aggregate 12-month spending reported in September 2019 ($4.597 billion).

At the state-level, annual spending as of September 2020 was 4.4% lower than to annual spending one year ago.

The chart below compares the change in aggregate spending for the previous 12-months in Leon county for each year since 2016 with the statewide numbers.

The chart shows the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the annual growth rate over the last 12 months in Leon County. The chart also shows, that as of the September report, the impact in Leon County is greater than the impact state-wide.

For Leon county, the 2020 decline in taxable sales (-6.7%) is significantly behind the 12-month growth rate for the same period during 2019 and is greater than the 4.4% state-wide decline during this period.

9 Responses to "September Report Shows Leon County Taxable Sales Down 8.2%"

  1. What came to mind when I saw the headline and read the article is how this is hurting our county, our state, and our country! Without these taxes our needs are not being met. When we need our roads improved the county is telling us (this week) they don’t have enough people and are way behind – tough luck! When we need law enforcement – they are stretched too thin and can’t come to our area. What about other fees that are not being met -will this give another excuse to raise property taxes? These Democrats want our country to fail. Why do people in Leon county keep voting for this mess? These aren’t the Democrats of the 60’s – this are the socialists of the 21st century!

  2. I encourage everyone to dial back any purchasing in Leon County as much as possible. Until these Kommissars of the Capital District feel it in the wallet because of their Covidiot actions, nothing will ever get through. Even then, looking across the nation, I’m not sure that would be enough for these Covid-1984 socialists to dial back anything.

  3. So true Thomas and the worst part is not the scam CSC its the fact our elected Nannies found how effortless it is to get enough of the local idiot voting sheeple to approve an increase in their property tax.
    My advice:
    Keep a big tube of KY with you at all times, stay lubed up, ’cause ya never know when you will be called on once again to pay out the rear for the next tug on your guilty heartstrings voter approval scam.
    This one was “for the childern” the next one may be “for the puppies”.
    Stay lubed up my man.

    1. People who do not “own” property, should be prohibited from voting on any measure associated with a property tax increase. This is but one a many election reforms that should be instituted by “We the People”.

      A boatload of temporary residents voted for the CSC scam that will be strapped to the backs of permanent residents.

  4. The damage caused to this Nation by the media-manufactured hysteria and subsequent politically-motivated extreme overreaction, is far worse and irreparable than anything the China Bio-Weapon itself could have done. Other countries caught up in the China Bio-Weapon plan were collateral damage… America was always the primary target. They even have us worshiping their traditional face diaper garb. Next up… bat soup in every pot.

    How do you say “Mission Accomplished” in Chinese?

  5. It is unfathomable how a deadly virus can escape a Chinese lab accidentally on purpose to cause chaos to disrupt the leadership in the USA. Yet, Leon County is Pro the people that China wants so that each other can make millions and billions at the expense of so much. Keep praying because I don’t believe that God will not notice and in his own way make things right.PRAY!!

  6. And I believe it will keep going down. I can guarantee that I will no longer be spending money in Leon county as long as they keep this ridiculous mask ordnance.

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