Indictment of “Statewide Significance” Slated for Tomorrow

Indictment of “Statewide Significance” Slated for Tomorrow

U.S. Attorney Lawrence Keefe is slated to announce an indictment of “statewide significance” tomorrow at a virtual press conference.

According to a news release, “U.S. Attorney Keefe will be joined by representatives from the law enforcement agencies who conducted the investigation leading to this indictment.”

Keefe is the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Florida and launched the Public Trust Unit, which aims to fight public corruption, in 2019.

Tallahassee Reports will be following the story as it develops.

14 Responses to "Indictment of “Statewide Significance” Slated for Tomorrow"

  1. Now that Biden has won, the US Attorney is going to announce that he no longer has standing in the Gillum or Maddox cases

  2. So the US Attorney does a press release indicating he’s going to have a press conference where there’s gonna be this huge news. Then he flakes out, doesn’t show up, and doesn’t tell anybody why? That sure does boost the credibility of his office.

  3. You Trumplethinskins always get hards-on at the possibility of a crook having a D after their name, notwithstanding that the Trump party has far more scoundrels. However, it said “statewide significance,” not local corruption.

  4. A quick check of local outlets wctv, wtxl, and tally democrat indicates this story has no local press other than tallahassee reports.
    That in itself is significant enough to make one think there will be local bad actors being indicted or whatever.
    Hey did we have a local beloved but oh so bad of an actor run for Governor last time?…hmmmm what was his name????

  5. US Attorney Lawrence Keefe, does the “Public Trust Unit” investigate all forms of corruption brought to its attention that affect our north Florida area public so they can adequately be corrected and/or prosecuted? If it isn’t part of the infamous “Good ol boys club” here, I’d like to ask why have I been removed from my home this week, my home of 25 years that I was able to pay off last year without any compensation or explanation, without counsel, by what is clearly a real estate agent breaking every law along the way. I have spoken or tried to speak to countless attorneys, trying to retain counsel, every office and agency that governs these matters, filed complaints everywhere possible, not to have one person investigate. Why is it that that a presiding judge not only ignored it when she was told that I did not have adequate counsel but didn’t even allow me one chance to enter the details that would warrant this person and his actions to be thoroughly investigated by any other reasonable governing agency before ordering me out of my home of 25 years with no where to go. 16 days to move 25 years of life with zero help. Now I’m homeless and being told I cannot retrieve all of my belongings from the property. My belongings that I depend on to make a living. I would like to know why a subhuman real estate agent seemed to made the plan on what I could have of mine instead of the Leon County Sherriff department telling him what the law actually states…needless to say the law on this item wasn’t in his favor, but nevertheless it seemed as though the deputies were taking instructions from him instead of carrying out the law. I would like an answer why we paid over 1600.00 in property tax (we have original receipts with all correct info confirmed) that was collected and good until real estate agent had his “friend in that office” check it out and all of a sudden the tax dollars were applied to a different and incorrect parcel that doesn’t match any receipt we have and we have not been able to get our money refunded or an answer as to how this happened unless we write a letter stating that we made an error and paid it incorrectly. (Instructions given to us by the tax collectors office that also said they have absolutely no idea how this could have ever happened). Why throughout this entire most traumatic event I have ever experienced have I been the one being treated like a criminal all the way to the tones of voice and the somewhat disgusted looks given by the very ones who should be much more interested in finding out the truth of a matter instead of looking to see what kind of shoes I’m wearing. I would like for someone in your “Public Trust Unit” to contact me with great interest in listening to my story (confirmed by law enforcement that what this person has done is illegal) IMMEDIATELY! I would like for someone to facilitate a cease and desist on any further activity by this individual (before I am to lose anymore of what I have worked for) and tell me after a thorough investigation how this was ever made possible without this real estate agent having a great deal of cooperative corruption. Might that be possible sir? I’m already on the street with no answers or explanations to keep me warm…does the “Public Trust Unit” care to take this on as its name implies or turn a blind eye / deaf ear as everyone else I’ve spoken to across the state of Florida? I will anxiously await to hear your answer while feeling the temperature drop out here on the street in North Florida.

  6. Wow this is groundbreaking in the respect that I have never seen law enforcement do this type of news in advance press release teaser before.
    Its always after the fact.
    This better be good and not some sort of snooze-fest.
    We are waiting.

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