Former City Ethics Officer, Julie Meadows-Keefe, Arrested for Stalking

Former City Ethics Officer, Julie Meadows-Keefe, Arrested for Stalking

Julie Meadows-Keefe, the former Ethics Officer for the City of Tallahassee’s Independent Ethics Board has been arrested according to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office daily booking report.

The booking report shows that Meadows-Keefe was arrested on January 11th and charged with “STALKING FOLLOW HARASS CYBERSTALK ANOTHER.”

The charge is related to a romantic relationship she had with the City of Tallahassee’s former Auditor, Bert Fletcher.

The report states that the arresting agency was the State Attorney’s Office in Tallahassee.

Meadows-Keefe, whose time with the Ethics Board was mired in controversy, recently settled a lawsuit with the City of Tallahassee.

The relationship with Fletcher was the talk of City Hall ahead of his resignation in 2017 and was addressed in court sanctioned restraining orders without naming Meadows-Keefe.

This is a developing story, check back for updates.

16 Responses to "Former City Ethics Officer, Julie Meadows-Keefe, Arrested for Stalking"

  1. Call me stodgy but…where is you DECENCY! Talk about cyberstalking…there you all are bashing everyone involved ON THE INTERNET! I guess it never occurred to any of you the collateral damage of you unkind words. Both of these people have extended families-who knows maybe kids.
    Aren’t you proud of yourself for being so ugly for the world to see! Get off the internet and get a life. Shame on you! Honestly, are you so pathetic you have to tear down others to be happy? Take some time to find your self-dignity. You might be able to restore yourself enough to see how unkind your behavior has been. I am not mad at you-I am sad for you.

  2. Download the court documents if you want a great read. The email from her ex-husband to her former lover was icing on the cake. She’s always rude. If you don’t believe me, take a look at her facebook page’s public postings. I saw Nina was assigned to her case. I hope Julie was nice to Nina at the school as Julie has quite the reputation and is well known by ALL. I would suggest a spanking, but seems like that’s her thing.

  3. For the reading pleasure of anyone interested in a whole lot more juicy sleaze and dirt please go to or to a lesser degree especially threw them under the bus.
    Guess media protection of leftists may after all have some limitations.
    Its so explicit you can almost smell the juicy fornication as you read it.

  4. A City “Ethics” Officer cheating on her husband with a City “Auditor” who is cheating on his wife. A typical loving relationship made at Tallahassee City Hall… lol… and they claim the “cloud” has lifted.

    It’s known as PMS (Politics, Money, and Sex)… it’s the way of the swamp don’t ya know. And the ‘swamp” remains very deep and quite wide.

  5. She is – and has been – a consistent embarrassment to our City. The fact that she was ever the City’s Ethics Officer is a cross that unfortunately city taxpayers will have to bear for her, in my opinion, unethical behavior. I think she is a NUT JOB!!! And everytime I read a story about her, she convinces me more so. Please just GO AWAY.

  6. Not even the least littlest surprised. She has shown similar behavior on a local school’s parents facebook page that she started. She has attacked those who didn’t agree with her and has selectively removed dissenting opinions and banned people she didn’t get along with.

  7. Try to keep a stiff upper lip Mr. Fletcher and dont let it get you down. We’ve all had a bit too much to drink at the City retreats before Covid and banged a coworker or two. Some just turn out to be toxic people you know. Not your fault Sir. Also that was in the wild COT days when you all had your ethics and morals filtered down from the Mayor. What was his name again? Oh yeah Gillum. Again not your fault Sir…carry on with a clear conscious Sir…unless you are a conservative then it was probley wrong of you to do what you did with that toxic lady. But as a liberal you are forgiven.

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