Northeast Park Fast Tracked by Blueprint Board

Northeast Park Fast Tracked by Blueprint Board

At the February 18th Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency (IA) meeting, elected officials voted to accept a staff recommendation to fully fund the Northeast Park through a planned bond issuance of $10 million within the FY 2022 – 2026 Capital Improvement Plan.

An additional funding scenario, using only sales tax revenues, was also detailed for IA Board consideration.

Before the vote, the park – which was first proposed back in 2007 – was scheduled to receive funding in 2035. However, after the recent decision to change the location from the intersection of Thomasville Road and Proctor Road, the Blueprint IA Board – which consists of all Leon County Commissioners and all City Commissioners – voted unanimously to accept the recommendation.

An analysis by Leon County staff showed that the new location will be accessible to more people than the original location. In addition, at the February 18th meeting, elected officials discussed the possible benefits from the park being the near the development of the Welaunee Plantation.

Park design and amenities will be determined through community input presented at public hearings in March and in the April Blueprint IA meeting.

4 Responses to "Northeast Park Fast Tracked by Blueprint Board"

  1. Kudos to the commission for fast tracking this much needed and overdue benefit to NE Tallahassee. As obesity runs rampant in our community, parks, libraries, and sidewalks are always good investments in building a better, smarter and healthier community. .

  2. We are well overdue for Killearn to succeed from the COT and create a new municipality along with some of the unincorporated areas in the northeast so we can keep out tax dollars here and work for us!

  3. Well at we got the drug dealing and gangland murder park AKA Jack McLean Park down here on the Southside.
    Ya’ll Northeast folks are welcome to drop off your kiddies here anytime.
    Thanks Commissioners !!!!!

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