USF Epidemiologist Comments on Accuracy of Florida COVID Death Data

USF Epidemiologist Comments on Accuracy of Florida COVID Death Data

Last week, University of South Florida epidemiology professor Jason Salemi published a Twitter thread responding to several questions about COVID-19 data in Florida.

Salemi, who has a Ph.D. in epidemiology, developed his own COVID tracking dashboard. The Florida Department of Health’s COVID dashboard has been under scrutiny throughout the pandemic due to concerns that Florida’s COVID death count has been misreported.

Salemi tweeted, “Recently, I’m being asked repeatedly to comment on a serious topic. Is Florida intentionally underreporting/misrepresenting COVID-19 deaths? I don’t ‘pick sides’ or play politics. I honestly try to describe what the data are telling us, and that involves my interpretation.”

In addition, the issue has become political. Former gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham posted on her Twitter account in December 2020 that the DeSantis “administration have been manipulating and hiding #COVID data from the people of Florida from day one of this crisis.”

Salemi could not confirm whether or not the Department of Health is inaccurately reporting COVID data, but he gave his opinions based on his experience working on his COVID dashboard.

“Clearly, early on DoH was not reporting COVID-19 deaths occurring among non-residents of the state,” Salemi said. He said he thinks this was the wrong thing to do because of Florida’s high population of visitors but that this is a common practice for surveillance reporting.

Salemi also commented on the “reporting lag” for COVID deaths — the length of time between a death occurring and when it is reported. He said the lag has varied, but lately most reported deaths have happened within two weeks to a month.

Salemi concluded that he does not think that Florida has intentionally underreported or misrepresented COVID deaths. He added that COVID death reporting is not perfect, but he believes that it is not worse in Florida than in other places.

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  1. I’m not sure what Mr. Salemi point was to this article. Sounded like he basically agreed Florida was reporting Covid deaths fairly and no reason to suspect funny business. Has Gwen Graham produced any evidence to show the Covid numbers are being misreported?

  2. Edward Lyle, spoken like a typical tRump cultist. Remove the tin foil hat and stop drinking the kool-aid.. Us Dems are not Nazis, in fact we are ANTIFA, meaning anti Fascist.

  3. Should China be held accountable for war crimes against humanity and the Democratic Party leaders and elected officials in the Democratic Party be arrested as co-conspirators?

    Should the big Tech executives be arrested as accessories?

    Are their arrests imminent and will they be held in Guantanamo until their trial in Hague can commence? Perhaps this is why the military is stationed and standing by in DC as their arrests are imminent.

  4. The only worthy and pragmatic takeaway from this article is this; “Salemi could not confirm whether or not the Department of Health is inaccurately reporting COVID data, but he gave his opinions…”… To be clear, my comment is not intended to in any way malign the author of or the article itself.

    The CDC website has for years presented data on the various causes of death in the United States, from stubbed toes, to heart attacks, to the common flu. However, it would appear that from about late 2019 thru 2020, all the various categories experienced a significant drop while the death toll “related” to the China Bio-Weapon Flu Scamdemic grew exponentially. At one point, even the CDC clarified that only about 14,000 people in the US had actually died “from” the China Bio-Weapon Flu. The vast majority of deaths reported as “Covid deaths” were – and remain – deaths caused by co-morbidities complicated by the China Bio-Weapon Flu… as they would by any other common flu-like issue.

    America has been played in the worst of ways by the hysteria pimps in the NaziCrat Party, the CCP, and the Media PACs… all designed as a campaign strategy. To prove my point, I challenge anyone to point to a NaziCrat politician or member of the NaziCrat Media PACs who have made mention of the number of Covid deaths that have occurred – specifically – under the “Biden Administration”.

    You’ll remember that several NaziCrats and their Media PACs ranted on about and ran daily stories, and even had continuous count CG graphics, to point out the number of China Bio-Weapon Flu deaths that occurred under the “Trump Administration”. The Trump Administration, the America First Agenda, and our economy was and remains China’s primary target. There is no question that the Dementia Joe Biden Sadministration and NaziCrats are facilitating and complicit in China’s goal.

    May God help us all.

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