School Board Approves Decrease In Teacher Evaluations for 2021

School Board Approves  Decrease In Teacher Evaluations for 2021

During the March 9th Leon County School Board meeting, the board unanimously voted for the approval to decrease the amount of required formal and informal evaluations for teachers during the school year.

Deana McAllister, the Labor and Employee Director and Equity Officer for Leon County Schools, made the case that teachers have been under additional stress due to the pandemic. In response she contended that there needs to be a decrease in formal evaluations to mitigate unneeded stress on our educators.

According to the Leon County School Board Evaluation Handbook teachers are required one or up to two formal and one to two informal evaluations, plus additional walk-through observations throughout the school year depending on the level of experience.

With the changes approved on Tuesday, new teachers with no experience will still be required to undergo two formal evaluations and two walk-through observations. Teachers with one to three years’ experience will be required to undergo one formal evaluation and one walk-through observation. Lastly, teachers with four to ten plus years of experience will be required to undergo one formal evaluation and no walk-through observations. McAllister also stated all informal evaluations at all levels will be suspended for the 2021 school year.     

Though the changes passed unanimously, the Vice-Chair of the Board, Daryl Jones, voiced concerns for the need for continued “up close mentoring,” especially for new professionals. Jones commented that the changes “may tie our hands in terms of the type of engagement between the administration and beginning professionals.” 

McAllister reassured however, that while there may be fewer evaluations for the teaching staff, there is always support from the administration. According to McAllister there are still plenty of opportunities for “meaningful conversation” among their peers and personal “mentoring at the school level.”

4 Responses to "School Board Approves Decrease In Teacher Evaluations for 2021"

  1. The missing message here is that more and more people are passing on a career in the Public Indoctrination System. As is happening in many areas of Law Enforcement and our Military, we must lower standards to entice and open the doors of “diversity” to the unqualified and unprepared.

    Next I expect they’ll add free gender reassignment surgery as a benefit. Keep them stoned, stupid, and malleable… that’s the goal of the Public Indoctrination System in America today.

  2. Text book case of dummy it down.

    I believe they are forgetting who they are supposed to be having their best interests at heart and protecting… our children!

    Stand by Fonville, Lewis, Foote, and Messer.

  3. Oh you poor little snowflakes! Absolutely no one other than teachers have been under any stress this past year. If you can’t stand the stress…quit!

  4. Total wrong thinking by the school board.
    180 degrees off and not in our childern’s best interest at all.

    With the additional stress of the pandemic there needs to be an increase in evaluations and monitoring.
    In fact we need cameras installed in every room archiving to hard drive and make teachers wear cameras like law enforcement is required to wear.
    Total wrong thinking by the school board.

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