Three Leon County Elementary Schools Among the “Lowest 300”

Three Leon County Elementary Schools Among the “Lowest 300”

The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) has declared Oak Ridge Elementary, Hartsfield Elementary and Pineview Elementary to be three of the “Lowest 300” performing elementary schools in the state.

FDOE lists the schools based on three-year averages for achievement on state exams in English language arts, and increases in exam scores over those years. The results show how well students are doing in reading and writing.

Making the list requires that school officials take action.

According to the Leon County School Board meeting agenda from March 9, the Superintendent recommends the approval of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which under Florida Statues 1001.42(21) allows the Leon County Teachers Association and the District School Board of Leon County to make special provisions of its contract for schools with a grade of “D.”

Both parties have worked together on their plans to help improve student’s academic performance as well as the necessary steps to better equip and support teachers during this transition.

As a part of the MOU, the parties have proposed a list of eight actions that could potentially be put in place if the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, President and Bargaining Chair of the Leon County Teachers Association approve and sign off on it.

The list includes a 1.25-hour increase in student contact time while compensating teachers at their hourly rate for additional time beyond the contracted day, emphasis on both math and reading strategies and collaborative planning based on progress monitoring data and grade level standards. Additionally, at least one day of each week, the teacher workday will be extended by 45 minutes to set aside time for planning and professional development.

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  1. Keep them dumb, stoned, impoverished, and malleable… it’s the NaziCrat way of maintain a base. An educated voter is the NaziCrats worse nightmare.

  2. Just have to love those unions, don’t we? Teaching is not an occupation deserving of any special measure of excellence than any other; nor do the existence of unions of teachers advance teachers’ performance. The only purpose they serve is to clamor loudly for money. If a teacher believes he/she is underpaid for his/her skills, they are free to enter another occupation or to use their skills in a different way.

  3. The district has an amazing resource available, ACE (Adult & Community Education), that it not only doesn’t take advantage of but tries to kill the programs, especially under this administration. ACE worked for years especially in low performing schools to provide educational opportunities for the parents and work with them on how to parent. The current superintendent saw to it that these classes were closed. You can’t expect parents with limited literacy skills and very little education to understand how to support their children. When these kids are not successful and drop out the district could encourage them to enroll in ACE and improve their skills and earn a high school diploma. Different educational approaches, small classes and caring teachers often see these kids graduate and go on to a productive life. It changes generation to come. Wake up Mr. Superintendent and use the resources available instead of being filled with retaliation and unconcern for those kids who don’t get it in the K-12 system.

  4. Of course the parents are the key as they are a child’s first “teachers”. Another reason a child should have 2 involved patents….. Anyway, a teacher is sometimes lackluster as well, but that ties in with the parents also. Some of these poor teachers have to concentrate on teaching basic behaviors such as keep your hands to yourself and don’t take other people’s stuff. I imagine some spend a good part of the day keeping the kids from hurting each other rather than TEACHING.. But of course it’s always some one else’s fault not yours.

  5. Sorry BS5, but Snidely and Hope are dead-nuts-on. All politics is indeed “local”. But unfortunately, local politics have been infected by national political ideology supremacy and the lust for power. Most local politicians start out with the desire to serve and do well for their local communities… but all too often, they’re quickly lured into partisan ideological ignorance and begin the ladder climb in a lust for ever-growing power.

    You received the same education as everyone else in your class. And the same holds true today. There is no such thing as black and white education. That’s just the intentional false narrative that feeds the establishments desire for division. That you paid attention and made something of that education is what made it wonderful. Everyone has that very same opportunity, and everyone has that very same option. Your education did not make you who or what you are… what “you“ choose to do with that opportunity did that.

  6. It’s time to take the Computers OUT OF the Elementary School Classrooms and go back the Basics and to Text Books.

  7. More or less 50 years ago I remember attending a county meeting at the Annex building on Cobb Elementary grounds. The group of teachers were asked to identify what they felt were the main areas of weaknesses in student achievement. It was quickly decided that poor achievement in reading and in general, poor English skill development , was far and away the main area in need of improvement. All areas of learning are greatly affected by one’s progress , or lack thereof, in English skill development. Well , pushing 50 years later , I would bet that the same thing would be the result now if a similar meeting were held! So, what should the system do to change this?? Me in in

  8. @BS… the Democrats have been in charge locally for more than 10 years so you may want to look there before you bite off Snidely’s head and hold the local buffoons accountable.

  9. @Snidley Whiplash Your comment was very out of line and ignorant to say the least! How dare you call that area “Gangster Factories”? I grew up in the Southside and received a wonderful education. The teachers worked with whatever resources they had. And, they use their own hard earned money for supplies, etc. You know who has been in charge of Florida’s government for 10 years or more? Republicans! They aren’t trying to help Minorities one bit! And your ignorant words aren’t helping anyone out. Instead of you judging, volunteer your time and or money to buy supplies for the children. You are what’s wrong with this world.

  10. Embarrassing and exposure for all black elected officials for the district of those 3 schools.. why on earth those Bloc of voters always vote on SKIN color than substance issues like “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE for Me lately for my vote”. oh, come better than fried fish and beans “get down” stereotypical of what offered to engage and solicit vote Meanwhile, CRISIS at LCSB. This failure situationship not NEW, but to be the BOTTOM of the STATe, Yes Plantation mentality behavior just been exposed, and that voter BLOC just continues to GET DEFECATED on…. Ultimately parents your seeds, your responsibilities making sure your seeds received the best free public education possible and to keep your feet up the arses of those failed public officials who breadcrumb you for your vote. Waiting for spin narrative… CRISIS at LCSB!

  11. I can understand everyone’s political motivations to blaim the parents which detracts from and provides cover for the Democratic Party’s need to keep minorities in the lower steps of society’s ladder to success.
    These gangster factories mostly on the Southside are performing just the way the left wants them to.
    Why are minorities still in support of leftist plantation government? I understand why white liberals support leftist government but minorities really need to reconsider why their Reverend’s push their flocks to the left.

  12. What is the Leon County School District and Board doing to work with the Parents and caregivers of the students to help improve their performance. Learning has to be encouraged and facilitated in the home for the students to improve and excel in school.
    Parents you cannot leave your child’s education entirely to the school. Your children’s education is your responsibility too!

  13. Hartsfield website indicates ratio of 15.1 students to teachers. Having volunteered at Sabal Palm for five years I can tell you that there are very good teachers and every amenity. What is lacking is parental buy in….not all but most do not help their students succeed.

  14. Several YEARS ago, we Voted to make Classrooms SMALLER which meant building MORE Classrooms. It looks like instead of building MORE Classrooms, you prefer to spend $Millions on High School Football Fields and other items that could WAIT.

  15. The Public Indoctrination System is a complete and utter failure, and is causing great harm to our children and our nation.

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