Weekly Report Ending March 21st: Leon COVID Cases, Positivity Rate, and Hospitalizations Down

Weekly Report Ending March 21st: Leon COVID Cases, Positivity Rate, and Hospitalizations Down

TR’s weekly report (March 15 – March 21) on Leon County COVID cases, hospitalizations, and testing positivity rates is detailed below.

TR’s March 14th weekly report can be reviewed here.

The weekly COVID report, ending March 21st, shows decreases in new cases, the positivity rate and hospitalizations.

Since the middle to the end of January 2021, the charts below show the significant downward trend in the three indicators.

The Numbers

The Leon County 7-day average (yellow-line) of reported COVID cases moved from 37 cases on March 14th to 29 cases on March 21st, a 21.6% decrease.

The Leon County 7-day average (yellow-line) of reported COVID hospitalizations changed from 30 on March 14th to 23 reported on March 21st, a 23.3% decrease.

The Leon County 7-day average (yellow line) COVID positivity rate changed from 2.6% on March 14th to 2.4% on March 21st, a 7.7% decrease.

6 Responses to "Weekly Report Ending March 21st: Leon COVID Cases, Positivity Rate, and Hospitalizations Down"

  1. there is no end goal, it’s called control, and we’re all following instructions like good little boys……..

  2. In January/February 2020 “they” told us that if we did not lockdown/wear masks/social distance/etc we would experience an estimated 250,000 deaths from Covid-19.

    So, a couple of months later, the country did (for the most part) what the “experts” recommended and as of today the US has recorded almost 540,000 deaths from Covid-19.

    Wow, tell us! Did masks, lockdown and social distancing really work well or not?

  3. Nonsensical government mandates and economy-killing lockdowns – neither of which are supported by “science” = Population Control… it’s the NaziCrat way.

  4. Let’s see what full year 2020 data looks like. Let me guess, deaths from annual influenza will be essentially down to zero; deaths from lower respiratory disease the same; and deaths from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. will be reduced dramatically from prior years. Why, because every death is being recorded as due to covid to create an environment of fear and to destroy our economy, particularly small businesses.

    You can’t achieve herd immunity if you cover up and socially distance from everyone. And it has been ridiculous to suggest that any mask which allows you to breathe through could in fact prohibit the inhalation or exhalation of virus particles. The only way to fully protect yourself is a self contained astronaut suit or wrap your head with Saran Wrap.

  5. The county deliberately has no end goal, otherwise if it where to be met the mask mandate would end and they cannot have that. The last time the 7-day average cases were below 30 cases was June 23 of last year or when the mask mandate went into effect. However hospitals are nowhere near capacity, test positivity is the lowest it’s been all along, natural immunity is probably 30% of the county when factoring in undocumented infections and vaccinations are approaching 25% of the county. Looking at the data objectively there’s not a reason for the county to continue the mandate indefinitely.

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