TPD Officer Kills Armed Suspect After Chase

TPD Officer Kills Armed Suspect After Chase

A Tallahassee Police Department officer on routine patrol just after 11 p.m. on the westside of Tallahassee, became involved in a chase with a suspicious vehicle which ended in a shooting. According to TPD, the chase began in the parking lot at the 800 block of Ocala Road and ended at the 100 block of Valencia Drive when a suspect pulled a gun and a officer shot and killed the individual.

Location of initial contact (800 block Ocala Road) with suspect and altercation (100 block Valencia Drive) which resulted in shooting. Map based on TPD reports.

During a press conference this morning, TPD Chief Revell said that “anytime we have a loss of life it affects our entire community….unfortunately there are circumstances and people make choices which force officers to make very tough split second decisions.”

TPD’s statement is provided below:

On April 8, just after 11 p.m., an officer with the Tallahassee Police Department on routine patrol made contact with a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot in the 800 block of Ocala Road. Three adults (two males, one female) and a child were in the car. The driver stepped out of the vehicle to talk with the officer as another officer arrived to assist.

At that time, the other male in the vehicle moved to the driver’s seat and quickly fled the scene, taking the female passenger and child. The backup officer, who responded to assist, was struck by the vehicle causing injuries that required treatment at a local hospital.

A description of the vehicle was issued, and a short time later the vehicle was found abandoned in the 100 block of Valencia Drive. Officers were canvassing the area to locate the occupants when an individual ran out of a nearby residence stating that someone was inside their home holding hostages.

Knowing others could still be in danger, officers approached the open door of the residence and gave verbal commands that the apartment was surrounded. Officers were securing the perimeter when the armed male suspect jumped from a second story window on the back of the home. The suspect raised his weapon at an officer. Fearing for their life, the officer then fired their weapon, disarming the suspect.

Life-saving aid was rendered on scene to the suspect, who was then transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced deceased. The suspect’s name is being withheld pending notification of next of kin.

The female passenger and child were both located in the home unharmed and safe. The home’s residents and nearby neighbors were also unharmed.This is an open and active investigation. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

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  1. No Tony the only thing I know is you refuse you do your own research and push propaganda that is negative and not the truth. Sound hella democratic huh ? You’re a joke. Again there’s no BLM group defending this coward !! He held a woman hostage! It’s been a week your still able to go the circle K without any traffic or protest so just save it . And thank you Hope !

  2. “TPD Chief Revell said that “anytime we have a loss of life it affects our entire community….” …………………… YES it does, sometimes in a GOOD way.

  3. “Interesting” how the local “news” didn’t seem to cover this…… hmmmm. perhaps because it perfectly illustrates what the officers have to deal with day and night, 365 days/year : dangerous losers armed with guns. Thank God only the loser was eliminated. I would also point out: what about the female who is out with this child (probably the mother) at 11pm on a school night in a car with at least one dangerous individual with a gun? I really am giving up hope for this country

  4. especially tony.. all you idiots that harp on the chance to bring BLM or race into this just shut up please you look like idiots. Theres footage of Black people saying this shooting is justified. The man even starts the news interview by saying “ I don’t even like cops but they had to shoot him” . You do no investigation, no research, you assuming his race all these outcomes, no facts , no nothing . This was a justified shooting and maybe you should wait for the facts instead of sounding like an inbreed. Its people like you why were soo behind the spreading of false information. You stated that all that bs like you want it happen . Grow up man your probably in your 50s. When was the new released that the suspect was black ? “ DiD i MiSs AnYtHiNg” everything you missed

  5. I’m waiting to see what our new Citizens Review Committee does with this. Will they carefully review the facts and circumstances of the incident, or will they just take a political stand?

  6. Assault officer with vehicle, flee officers, kidnap a child and threaten officers with a weapon. Another fine example of what NOT to do when interacting with law enforcement.

  7. The Tallahassee Democrat will say; “the police chased the poor fella out of the window for no good reason” and will demand the officers name and address be publicized for anonymous retribution. I’m sorry for the family of the deceased, but I’m happy for the police, it could have easily gone the other way.

  8. Perhaps if Benjamin Crump would have been advocating for people to comply and be respectful and mostly don’t participate in crimes things would be better. I have never heard Crump one time advocate for people to comply. He is an ambulance chaser who exploits his people so he can profit. It is a crime against humanity and he is at the top of the list for inciting violence across the United States. If he is associated with Morgan & Morgan they are complicit also.

    On the surface it appears a TPD officer saved the lives of innocent people and many thanks to him for his service.

    Condolences to the family of the deceased.

  9. Live by the Gun, Die by the Gun. Live a Thugs Life…Die a Thugs Death. One less undesirable in our community to worry about. But watch Local Attorney Bubba Crump scream racism.

  10. BLM will soon be Protesting Peacefully by stopping Traffic, busting Windows, looting and Burning Businesses and Demanding the Officer be arrested. Mommy & Daddy will be Suing for $millions saying their Baby Boy was going to go to College and was a Responsible Father. Crump will show up demanding Justice for the Family and that the Officer had no reason to GUN DOWN the innocent boy. Did I miss anything?

  11. First of all condolences to all the LEO’s involved, the deceased individual, and family of the deceased individual. Prayers the injured officer makes a speedy recovery.
    I forgot how this works in our brave new world. Will the Police Review Board get involved in all police shootings?
    Or do we need to wait to see if the elements of those involved in this shooting shake out over time to meet certain woke criteria which may advance the leftist agenda prior to the Police Review Board becoming involved?

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