Hanna: Corcoran’s Position on Masks is “Irresponsible and Premature”

Hanna: Corcoran’s Position on Masks is “Irresponsible and Premature”

On April 14, 2021 Florida Commissioner of Education, Richard Corcoran, released a letter to the School District Superintendents requesting that upon the student’s return for the 2021-2022 school year they remove the mandatory face mask policy.

Leon County Superintendent of Schools Rocky Hanna was quick to respond.

In an interview with WTXL , Hanna stated that Corcoran’s letter is “irresponsible and premature” and that schools “should continue to take guidance from the CDC.” Hanna stressed that he would fight, stating “we’re not changing a thing now and if we end up going to court over it, we’ll go to court.”

The debate over masks is playing out across the country as COVID numbers continue to decrease and the number of vaccinations increase.

As of this week, twenty-six state governments currently require people to wear face coverings in public and 13 states that had mask mandates covering the general public have lifted them, 10 by gubernatorial order (Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Texas and Wyoming), two by legislative action (Kansas and Utah) and one by court order (Wisconsin). 

At their last meeting, the Leon County Commission, while still supporting the mask mandate, began to seek information about the process to repeal the ordinance requiring masks.

With regards to schools, officials across the country are making plans for the fall, and for some, masks will be optional.

In the Houston, Texas area, decisions by school districts vary from making masks optional in the fall to a wait and see approach. For example, the Clear Creek School District has a goal of making masks optional during the next school year while the Houston School District reported they have not made a decision.

The same debate is taking place in states like Georgia, New York, Iowa, and Alabama.

Corcoran was clear in his letter that the face covering policy should be a voluntary measure for students and faculty, stating that “mandatory face covering policies inhibit peer-to-peer learning in our classrooms and they may also unintentionally create a barrier for students and families who would otherwise choose in-person instruction if such a policy were not in place.”

Corcoran also wrote that he reviewed data that showed “that districts’ face covering polices do not impact the spread of the virus,” however, he did not cite a source.

The Leon County COVID trends have been improving for months and it was recently reported that approximately 53% of LCS employees have been vaccinated. With the beginning the 2021-22 school year still four months away, their remains ample time for the numbers to change.

However, given the current trends, it appears in the coming months the debate related to masks will take a place in an environment with the impact of COVID receding.

12 Responses to "Hanna: Corcoran’s Position on Masks is “Irresponsible and Premature”"

  1. Dr Fauci is profiting from the vaccine. Hanna can either LEAD or follow the Communist Party of China and all the evil co- conspirators.

    Will Hanna lead or become a co-conspirator?

  2. This was fully expected from the clowns that run the Capital District. Science has long been thrown out the window and Covid 19 is now the Cult of Covidism with its pope, priests, disciples and cult followers. The invincible ignorance of Covidism and its followers has been readily apparent this past year. They hang on every word from their Pope Fauci and his priestly minions at the CDC, the Surgeon General, the enemedia, corrupt state health departments and officials. Rather than wear a cross as their symbol cult members wear their Chicom Face Diapers of Submission and rage whenever anyone gets too close or is not wearing a face diaper. The cultists demand everyone and every business around them conform to their religious observances. These cultists ignore basic virology 101 as they hide behind their magical plastic shields of protection or magical face diapers despite global data and peer reviewed studies that time and time again for the last 40 years have shown zero impact of face diapers on the spread of viruses, any virus. If anything, there is evidence that masks help with the virus spread as folks keep touching their faces to adjust them. Never mind the other significant impact on your mental and physical health with bacterial infections from prolonged face diaper usage. But Covid Cultists will hear none of this factual evidence and only listen to their pope and priests demanding you wear the magical talismans of protection even if you have received the Death Vax.

    Gov. DeSantis and Commissioner Corcoran may be playing nice with allowing “local control” over these mask mandates but they fail to see or understand the bigger picture. When dealing with the psychotic Cult of Covidism you cannot play nice any longer. In past posts I have stated we are in a state of cold civil war throughout every aspect of what good is left of western civilization. Covidism is but one aspect of this war. DeSantis and Corcoran fail to understand that we no longer want leaders to play nice with the cult members of Covidstan. We want and demand “generals” and state leaders to launch, figuratively, tactical nukes against Covidstan. Most importantly Covidism child abusing psychopaths like Hanna, his minions and the Capital District Kommissars need to lose any local control over this issue. The spineless Republican leadership need to stop picking and choosing what they allow “local control” over when it comes to this war against Covidstan and nuke this insanity from orbit. And yes, forcing our kids to mask up throughout the day at school is blatant child abuse, full stop.

    In closing, just to anger the Covidism Cultists that post here, I leave you with some real data to chew on and possibly get through your narrow invincible cultist ignorance:

    Masks and distancing work, or so we are told:

    Influenza cases in the USA, 2016-2021
    2016-2017: 29 million
    2017-2018: 45 million
    2018-2019: 36 million
    2019-2020: 38 million
    2020-2021: 0.0015 million

    Masks and distancing work. Actually, they don’t.

    Covid cases in the USA, 2020-2021
    2020-2021: 32 million

    Ignore the Cult of Covidism. There is absolutely no question anymore. Covid is the new freaking flu with an IFR (look it up Cultists) slightly worse than the flu.

  3. Hanna is wrong and that happens most every day. Face diapers have proven to be completely inconsequential to the spread of the China Bio-Weapon Flu… particularly in children.

    … on THIS… the Science is Settled

  4. Parents… if you haven’t figured it out by now, you must get your children out of the Public Indoctrination System as soon as humanly possible if you truly care at all about their education, future, and ability to function in a normal society.

    Dr. Fraudci (vaccine investor) has moved the goal posts yet again. He now says that Americans should not gain their freedoms and liberties back until everyone (100%) in America gets two shots of sugar water and fertilizer runoff at $2k a-pop. Additionally, the so-called “science experts” are now saying that we may need three shots, an annual booster, and wear face diapers in perpetuity.

    I would not let Fraudci – or any of these clowns – prescribe me an aspirin. Fraudci is to the NaziCrat Party what Josef Mengele was to Hitler… and I believe history will bear this out.

  5. Mr. Hanna is correct in following the guidance of CDC. By fall it will be evident. Name calling of Hannah only makes the person name calling look foolish and uninformed.

  6. Rocky should part ways with his fellow liberal democratic party half-wits, shameless self-promoters, and Democratic Party operatives. He needs to make decisions on what is best for the students regarding health and their education and not the Democratic Party Usual Suspects agendas, propaganda, and PR.

  7. Rocky Hanna is a moron, I wouldn’t let that reprobate speak to my children much less teach them. What’s he gonna teach them anyway? How to be a sleazy local halfwit with family ties?

    He can’t even make the buses run on time…

  8. In Friday’s TD story “Tallahassee Classical charter school splits with Leon Schools over COVID mask policy”, they reported the following:

    > The following day, Leon County Schools Superintendent Rocky Hanna told the
    > Tallahassee Democrat that Corcoran’s memo to school districts was “heretical”
    > and “should be immediately recanted.”

    I’m glad leftists, such as Rocky, are now openly confessing their true religious beliefs. If Rocky was a school superintendent circa the 17th century, I’m sure he would have written a friend-of-the-court letter to the Roman Inquisition (presided over by Cardinal Fauci) expressing his support for condemning Galileo and the Copernican theory.

  9. Local stooges from time to time get their heads so full of themselves that they try to bait officials in the opposing party into responding to their idiot remarks.
    Mr. Corcoran please do not feel obligated to take the bait by responding or even giving the time of day to “master baiter” Hannah.
    Dont fall for a fools foolish and childish set ’em up to fall trap Mr. Corcoran. Ignore Hannah’s comments. No one expects you to respond.

  10. Every LCS employee will have the opportunity to be vaccinated by August. To still require masks at that point is basically saying the vaccines don’t work.

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