Tallahassee City Commission Adopts Single Use Plastic Policy

Tallahassee City Commission Adopts Single Use Plastic Policy

The City of Tallahassee adopted a single-use plastics policy at the June 2 city commission meeting. The policy restricts the utilization of single-use plastics for all food and beverage service at City events and on City property. The new policy is expected to have a fiscal impact on the City’s expenses with an estimated increase in cost of $50,000 a year.

The policy focuses on restricting the distribution and use of the single-use plastics and promotes an alternative such as paper or biodegradable plastics, also known as bioplastic. The increase in cost is due to the transitioning from single-use plastics to a more environmentally friendly option.

In a price comparison provided at the meeting, an average plastic clamshell container cost $0.13 and a bioplastic clamshell container cost $0.41, a difference of $0.28.

This change comes as the City of Tallahassee continues to increase its efforts to reduce its impact on the environment. Over the past several years the city has distributed thousands of reusable shopping bags and water bottles to increase public awareness on the effects of plastic on our environment.

It has been estimated that 79 percent of 8.3 billion tons of plastic produced between 1950 and 2020 ended up in landfills or in the environment, according to a study done by the United Nations Environmental Program in 2018. Of that 8.3 billion tons of plastic only nine percent was recycled.  

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  1. This seems like a step in the right direction! Everything is wrapped in plastic now – even my produce. There are some very good and necessary uses for plastics – but not everything needs to be one time use plastics. Carrying about not making excessive use of plastics does not need to be a partisan issue. We can also work on multiple topics at once: crime, waste management, land use, etc.

    The environmental concerns are important, but only after the more pressing issues have been resolved. When the town is burning down is not the time to wash the fire truck. Save our citizens first, then the environment. A city with the highest crime rate looks stupid expending our taxes and their effort on feel good issues.

  3. Recycling is yet another left-wing virtue signaling ruse. Most of what is “recycled” is bailed and sold on the market… which is to say that its loaded onto cargo ships and dumped into the ocean in route to China and/or India. So long as raw material is cheaper than recycled material, raw material (aka: minimized cost) will dominate the market. This might provide some insight as to why the Dementia Joe Sadministration policies have cause the price of construction material to go through the roof. Thanks to DJ Biden’s plan to destroy America’s independence and help “Make America China’s Again”… construction materials are being purchased from Canada via China… thus leading the the massive increase in construction costs and the subsequent increase in housing costs… you, cause we care so much about “affordable housing” for the less fortunate and all…

    BTW… is that nice greenery setting in front of the dais made of recycled plastic?… how about the dais itself?… or those fancy leather chairs?… oh, and what is Porter shopping for on-line while the rest feign interest in warming globes?

    Like I always say; No matter how you arrange the letters D E M O C R A T… it will always spell HYPOCRITE.

  4. Let me get this straight, You complain that not enough is being Recycled and so you switch from Plastic Food Containers to Paper BUT we are not allowed to put Paper Food Containers in the Recycle Bins. Plastic Bottles have been recycled into outdoor Furniture and Decking Planks and I have seen where other single use Plastics and even Styrofoam have been ground up and mixed in with Asphalt for Roads, Sidewalks and Parking Lots. It just depends on HOW it is recycled.

  5. Looks like our City Kommissars are moving on from their Covid1984 virtue signaling and back to the nonsense of banning plastic forks, spoons and knives. Feels almost normal for the Klowns of the Kapital District. If they haven’t done so already I’m sure they’ll issue a proclamation on Rainbow Jihad Month to back up the virtue signaling of banning plastics.

  6. Fiddling with feckless but costly NaziCrat nonsense… while crime and vagrancy continues to climb. I suppose it coincides with the their single-use brain cells.

  7. The mayor is not a leader he is a follower of the Democratic Party anti-business agenda at the cost to innocent taxpayers. Another reason why we need to do a nationwide search for a proper city manager.

    Did you catch the recent TV ad of Mayor Dailey, and his fellow Democratic party elected official cohorts aligning up the pecking order for the next election cycle … the TV ad disguised as a public service announcement. This is just another campaign ad by the mayor to misuse dollars to promote himself to manufacture humanity that he has been unable to accomplish on his own. I believe he believes that if he promotes himself in a TV commercial he can fool the masses.

    Simply visit another city in Florida or across the line in Georgia and see the thriving cities bustling and then come back to the Tallahassee doldrums of a city struggling. The voters did it to themselves and hope they will vote smarter in the next election.

  8. Sniff sniff what’s that scent in the air?
    Oh its the sweet fragrance of our elected nannies virtue signaling!!!
    All citizens are to thank our good and virtuous elected nannies wherever and whenever you may be so fortunate to be in their esteemed presence henceforth. Failure to do so will result in a few weeks in one of our re-education gulags…err I mean camps.

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