Tallahassee Police Department Celebrates Multiple Promotions

Tallahassee Police Department Celebrates Multiple Promotions

On June 21st, 2021, the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) celebrated multiple promotions within the department as well as the addition of the captain rank.

Vincent Boccio and Danielle Davis will be the new captains and will assist the department in addressing related to large gatherings and shootings in the city. Calvin Bedenbaugh and Ginny Osbourn were promoted to lieutenants and will be tasked with managing patrol sergeants, police officers, and detectives within the department.

Lieutenants and captains are both responsible for being informed in all areas of their command while providing immediate operational support for the TPD’s Patrol Bureau. 

TPD Chief Lawrence Revell, who is responsible for both the promotions and the revival of the rank of Captain, stated “It has been my mission since day one to continue a legacy of greatness within this department, which includes recognizing the diligent work of individuals and the need for promotions. Most officers begin their careers at TPD in Patrol, and the leadership of these new Captains and Lieutenants will benefit newer officers, the department and the community.”

The recent FDLE release of the 2020 crime states show that the overall crime rate in Leon County has decreased when compared to 2019.

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