CRA Approves $6.4 Million for Frenchtown Neighborhood First Plan

CRA Approves $6.4 Million for Frenchtown Neighborhood First Plan

At the July 1, 2021 meeting, the Tallahassee Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Board approved the Frenchtown Neighborhood First Plan. The approval authorized $6.4 million in funding for the implementation of the plan which is included in the CRA’s 5-year infrastructure budget.

The Frenchtown Neighborhood First Plan was developed by the Frenchtown Community Action Team (CAT). The plan addresses six key neighborhood priority areas: Housing, Economic Development and Community Reinvestment, Neighborhood Safety and Crime Prevention, Health and Resident Empowerment, Placemaking and Neighborhood Image, and Land Use and Transportation.

The Frenchtown CAT has developed and adopted an initial investment plan for the funding and implementation of the project. The initial investment totals approximately $5,571,838.

In developing the investment plan, the members of the CAT were guided by the neighborhood’s priorities as reflected in the feedback survey on the draft plan and three major themes that have been advanced to move Frenchtown Forward: Preserve Character, Transform Community and Empower Residents. The table below summarizes the investment plan by priority areas and funding sources.

It is anticipated that the Frenchtown CAT will present a follow-up investment plan for the remaining balance ($2,015,000) of the $6.4M to the CRA Board at a future date.

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  1. Are funds included to restore the historic Lincoln High School (the first black high school in Florida, (1869-1969) over 150 years old) to an African American Museum.
    Currently, operating as a community center and worth restoring.
    Just thinking.

  2. Just let Frenchtown die because nothing ever good comes from Frenchtown. That is literally a waste of money. Plus we all know FSU is trying to take over that whole thing. If Tallahassee didn’t do anything for Franktown because the people in that area is so bad. That cops need to be around it almost 24/7

  3. @d. Pope -$.6.4 million VIG launder between church and government? Loose lips sank many behind the scene shenanigans. Do TELL.. don’t throw rock, hide hands by withholding TRUTH.

  4. Frenchtown needs help, so lets build a bunch of stuff the residents of Frenchtown will never be able to afford or use.

    I gotta get out of here, between CRA and Blueprint the taxpayer is being robbed blind by a few well connected developers and their partners in crime on the various city and county boards.

    Its like Scott Maddox and JT Burnett never happened… they’re still out on the street trying to buy their way out of it while no one is looking!

  5. Doing the same thing over and over…insanity.

    Money pit.

    Build a secure, well managed retirement facility.

    Build a secure private school.

    Build graduate student housing.

    Incorporate all within a community, incorporate good design and not the present horrendous designs the city is presently allowing (Boulos, J. T. Burnett).

    Yes, what is Health & Resident Empowerment $750,000? Let’s follow this to see whose pockets this falls into.

  6. A bad plan is a bad plan… and no matter how much money you waste trying to make it good plan, it remains a bad plan destine for failure. Rinse and repeat is a historically proven failure of a concept. Tony is 100% correct… they do not take care of their taxpayer funded living spaces because they have sacrificed nothing for them, did not work for them, paid nothing for them, and have no ownership in them. And no matter the Woke Supremacy semantic game, a project is a project is a project… and the majority who live in the projects have no respect for them or appreciation for those who finance them. So you can spend $665,000.00 to build a façade to hide the ugly reality… but the smell will always tell the true story.

    BTW… what the he// is Health & Resident Empowerment? Can someone enlighten me on that?

  7. Uhhh…CRA folks, Commissioners, elected –appointed – bureaucratic Nannies, Black folks, … everyone:

    Frenchtown is NOT The “Southside” where you keep promising to drop a dime of financial assistance on but never do.
    And spending for FAMU is NOT spending on The “Southside”.

  8. It seems like every 10 Years we pour $MILLIONS into Frenchtown just so it can deteriorate again. The People of Frenchtown don’t have to put a single Dime into their Community because they KNOW that the City will rebuild it AGAIN for them.

  9. So… the least amount goes toward the biggest problem. And wow, what a 4-fold budget boost to a marketing consultant firm.

    … and around the mountain we go… again

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