Firefighter Union Official Files Ethics Complaint Against Tallahassee City Manager

Firefighter Union Official Files Ethics Complaint Against Tallahassee City Manager

On July 21, 2021, the President of Tallahassee Professional Firefighters, Joseph Davis, filed an ethics complaint against Tallahassee City Manager Reese Goad. Davis claims that Goad misused his public position through intimidation related to his request for public records.

When contacted by TR, the City of Tallahassee said they would not comment on the complaint.

In his letter requesting the Florida Commission on Ethics to conduct an investigation of City Manager Goad, Davis states that on April 19, 2021, he submitted a request for public records to the City of Tallahassee for documents regarding the Fire Services Fee of the city and related items.

His request for records came about due to concerns over “substantial cuts to the Tallahassee Fire Department budget and possible safety risks that could result.” Following his request, he was told by “fire department staff” that the request did not “sit well” with the City Manager.

Davis then made a second request for the public records on May 21, 2021. On May 25, 2021, Davis met with Battalion Chief Byron Meadows, Deputy Chief Eugene Sanders, and the Fire Chief regarding the request. Davis was told during the meeting that the City Manager wanted him to “stand down,” and if he did not do so, “it would not be good for anyone.”

Davis believes the City Manager was making a threat by involving the Fire Chief, who has the ability to affect his work or terminate him. Davis was also concerned about retaliation against himself or his members if he did not back down.

Davis contends that the City Manager abused his power by threatening an employee to “stand down” and that he “betrayed the public trust, in that he used bullying tactics to keep the public from being informed about matters which could possibly bring his decision-making into question…”

The Florida Commission on Ethics will begin an investigation if it is found the complaint meets certain legal standards.

8 Responses to "Firefighter Union Official Files Ethics Complaint Against Tallahassee City Manager"

  1. TPD is Tallahassee’s Finest. TFD is Tallahassee’s Softest.

    Our firefighters get double-digit raises, take home cars, and cash bonuses, and then have the nerve to complain about a little overtime. Wish I could be highly paid to eat, sleep, play xbox, and operate my own business on the side.

  2. The answer you get when you ask about fire services fees: No, this is absolutely not a tax and its good that it is.

  3. Just guessing here on the pigmentation of the ethics complaint filers skin.
    I dont know what Mr. Davis looks like. But given the disrespect Tallahassee City Manager Reese Goad pooped out on Davis it is safe to assume Mr. Davis has a Lilly White skin pigmentation.
    In the mind of a “woke” toad like Reese Goad it is totally appropriate to threaten and disrespect any one with that Lilly White skin pigmentation. Goad seems confident that an ethics complaint filed against him will be reviewed and decided in his favor.
    Now as I said Mr. Davis could be a man in one of Reese Goad’s favored woke skin pigmentation I really dont know. But I do know woke liberals and how they conduct themselves.

  4. “Davis was told during the meeting that the City Manager wanted him to “stand down,” and if he did not do so, “it would not be good for anyone.”” …………….. That IS a Threat. Goad needs to be FIRED.

  5. The city of Tallahassee is a feast of snakes. Reese Goad is no different than any of the other crooks and no count criminals that have always run this place. He’s just a lot less competent…

  6. God bless the fireman! If it’s public information how dare the city manager make an issue out of providing the information. The fire chief should probably read over the information if he doesn’t already know.

    Another reason to do a nationwide search for a new city manager. Yes, threats are real for people who ask questions.. This culture has to stop. I hope the public records were provided.

    And also I hope the fellow firemen support their brother.

  7. We would all love to see the audit concerning the monies collected by the city and Leon County for the fire service fee. It is so interesting that one fee can be billed so many different ways. If you are city customer it’s billed through your utility bill. If you live in the county billed quarterly or charged on tax bill. In the county the closer you are to the fire department, the higher your fee is..I did question this and was told it’s because I will get faster service. Of course they can’t guarantee this, so they charge a fee based on an assumption. I discussed how the city and county charges different fee amounts for this fire service..I was told it’s not a user even more interesting that the fees are different because it shouldn’t matter if you get faster service if it’s NOT a user fee. I find it completely unfair that property owner’s with vacant land aren’t required to pay this fee.
    I remember when the fire department, storm water, and solid waste were paid through monies collected through property taxes then paid out of the general fund.
    Now we have a separate fee charged for each of these services. And yet, the property tax charged hasn’t decreased.
    Isn’t it strange that with all the new houses and buildings in Tallahassee that we would need these separate fees collected? I would love to know an annual breakdown of the fire service fees collected in total city and county since the fire service fee started in 2008? Or 2009?

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