Wood Pushes Vaccine Incentives, Discusses Employee Vaccine Mandate

Wood Pushes Vaccine Incentives, Discusses Employee Vaccine Mandate

During the last Tuesday evening Leon County School Board meeting, on August 24, 2021, Board member Rosanne Wood proposed the adoption of incentives to encourage vaccine adoption for employees and students over 12 years-old.

Wood also discussed the possibility of a vaccine mandate for Leon County school employees.

After a lengthy discussion regarding the mask mandate for Leon County Schools, Wood, someone who is fully vaccinated and has recently contracted COVID, wanted to discuss vaccines.

“I know that masks are not the end all, be all. You can wear a mask and still get COVID. You can get a vaccine and still get COVID,” Wood said. She continued, stating that vaccines minimize the symptoms and most likely a vaccinated individual will not end up in the hospital.

Wood cited Florida State University and FAMU who are offering monetary incentives and Broward County, who is offering their employees a $250 gift card for getting the vaccine.

“I haven’t gotten the feeling that this Board is yet ready to mandate our employees, as the county has done. Although they are starting to do it around the country to try to increase the number of people who are vaccinated,” Wood said. Instead, she recommended a monetary incentive for the teachers and employees.

States and cities are beginning to mandate the COVID-19 vaccination for employees. On August 18, 2021, Washington’s governor, Jay Inslee, set a mandate for all public-school employees K-12 to have the vaccine or a qualifying exemption by October 18, 2021. If an employee does not have the vaccine or an exemption they will be dismissed from employment. Similar orders are popping up all over the nation, for instance in Connecticut, California, and New Your City.

Another Board member, DeeDee Rasmussen, added to the discussion, stating that many parents feel anxious about the mask order because mandates are a slippery slope, today a mask mandate, tomorrow a vaccine mandate. She asserted that the Board needs to be careful.

The conversation between Wood and the rest of the Board ended with Superintendent Rocky Hanna calculating a rough estimate, that an incentive for LCS employees could cost, roughly $731,000. He requested additional time to crunch the numbers and will present their findings to the Board at a later date.

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  1. Who the hell does she think she is? I can’t stand the look on her smug face. I surely hope no teacher will be forced to choose between their profession and this vaccine. But, if that becomes the reality I hope every one of them gets a job offer somewhere else that pays more! Hell, they all ought to band together and privately teach one or one or to groups in homes outside brick and mortar schools and out form under the ridiculous rules imposed on them in the public school system. I know a young woman who is doing exactly that in privately teaching kids in South Florida rather than working for Broward County public schools. I could get behind supporting that.

  2. As a LCS teacher, I find this very disturbing. I realize I am in the minority regarding my colleagues but I hope this shot (and subsequent boosters-now talking about getting them every 5 months!!) aren’t forced as part of my employment. I’ve taught for LCS for 19 years now and haven’t one blemish on my record (that I know of). From experience, Mrs. Wood knows this vaccine (and masks) does not prevent the infection or the transmission of the infection. So how does it make anyone else safer? This is not the same as the MMR vaccines we took in our youth- those prevent and stop the spread. There are very few annual cases of those diseases in the US. In addition, there have been many years of testing for these. Whether the c-19 vax is FDA approved or not(BTW-cigarettes are FDA approved and regulated), we are seeing an alarming number of short-term reactions and health conditions but we won’t know the long term effects for months or years to come. I have not see the flu shot cause paralysis, blood clots, or death- maybe it has and it’s being hidden from us. But these are all documented cases from c-19 shot. This vaccine will not eradicate this viral, respiratory disease the same why the flu shot has not eradicated the flu. You cannot tell me that being vaxxed will make students/other faculty, or the school safer. For arguments sake, I will accept your notion that if I am vaxxed it will reduce my symptoms, keep me out of the hospital- and possibly prevent my death. But since when has MY health ever been a concern of the school board?? As I reach my mid 40s, I’m still physically healthier than most of the kids I teach. You do not test me for alcohol or tobacco content, BMI status, illegal drug use, etc. If you are truly concerned for the health of the faculty why aren’t you testing us on these items and mandate accordingly?? How about you provide incentives for healthy BMI’s and proof that we are drug/alcohol/tobacco free. I do NOT want to be forced to choose between my job and great health for an experimental drug – regardless of what Gates, CDC, NIH, Fauci, and his wife says. How about this- maybe once everyone on the school board (better yet all LCS employees) gets their health in check and body fat below 25%, I’ll think about getting the shot(s).

  3. @GozoyPaz you are an absolute rock star of sane, critical thinking, unlike that despicable, sociopathic, child abusing Branch Covidian Cultist from Covidstan, Wood. Everything you said was spot on.

  4. In a sane world where its denizens were able to think critically and demonstrate a modicum of integrity, the incentives proposed by Woods would be called bribes, which are illegal. Woods’ cognitive dissonance is evident as she advances the notion that LCSB employees who have chosen not to be injected might change their position if a paltry 250.00 gift card were dangled as an inducement. This presupposition alone demonstrates the wrongheadedness of this board member. I dare say that for some employees, discrimination, intimidation, or even the threat of job loss will not induce them to be injected with an unknown substance whose efficacy or even necessity has yet to be proven. There are other scientifically proven treatments.

    I am curious to know why is it recommended or even mandated in some places in the country that those who have already had the virus get injected. This has been virtually unheard of until now with regards to conventional vaccines. I am equally curious to know why LCSB discourages those who have been injected from getting tested even if they are exposed to someone who has tested positive, given that they are susceptible to reinfection.

    I am further troubled that Woods does not cite any scientific data to support her claim that getting the injection mitigates the symptoms or the possibility of hospitalization for the injected if infected. She has only provided anecdotal information and speculation to bolster her claim that she was infected at a LCSB meeting by unmasked constituents. Furthermore, there is no data to support her claims that those not injected are making up the lion’s share of virus-infected patients in hospitals. I would suggest that the opposite is true and that it is the injected who are indeed causing the variant spread.

    Let’s look at some of Israel’s data. Over 90% of that nation’s population has been injected. The cause of variant outbreak, by their own data, can be attributed to the inoculated; moreover, and let’s not forget that Israel is also a heavily masked society.

    I am grieved that in an age where so much information is readily available, Americans fail to see the truth. It seems that so many would rather champion the tenets of their favored political party rather investigate what is clearly evident before them. We have been strung along far too long, and those who wish to harm us are doubling down now. I know it is unfathomable that there are evil people who care nothing about human life…they care nothing about Democrats, Republicans, Independents, LGBTQ, BLM, Antifa, CRT…or any other acronym, organization, or cause that comes to mind. The Earth simply has too many denizens…GET IT?

    Oh…one final note…for those who keep crowing about the injection finally being FDA approved, consider this: The current injection is still EUA only. The injection currently being promoted as FDA approved is called Comirnaty and has yet to be released. It is my understanding that that mRNA can be administered to children who are at least 16 years of age. Check it out! That’s it for now. I don’t want to throw too much chum in the forum waters for the trolls this evening.

  5. Surgeon General Rivkees has been the “invisible man” since Covid. So how could he have possibly issued any sort of guidance. The Commissioner of Education is not an M.D. last time I looked. Governor DeSantis relies on a California psychiatrist as his medical advisor. This shrink is working outside his scope of practice. Why not rely on infectious disease experts and epidemiologist at CDC who recommend universal masking in schools? Or do you know better?

  6. A Marxist! At long last have you no decency? The first principle of Judeo-Christian beliefs is the sanctity of human life. It is no mistake that life precedes liberty and pursuit of happiness. In its absence lower order values become moot. Commissioner Wood has been fearlessly working in the best interest of our young folks her whole professional life. She still is.

  7. So what about the teachers who got vaccinated this past spring? They get punished for doing their part to curb infections and don’t get a monetary bonus?


  8. If they pull in a big jet for maintenance and repair do they call in the local school superintendent to assess what and how to fix the problem? No, ( for those of you who did not know the answer)…the jet expert handles the problem….

    In this case it would be a Surgeon General or Chief Medical officer to make the call for a mask mandate. That call would be backed up by data, research, scientific proof, and 100% assurance that the mask causes no harm. They may even go as far as to decide what type of mask rather than random assortments.

    I would in no way rely on the school superintendent to make a Health decision for my child, as we would not rely on the school superintendent to fix a Jet Plane… It should be a expert health professional giving a mandate, if that medical professional deems the Mandate should go forward.

    How the judge could not discern that, I do not know, but I know I will not vote for him when he comes up for re- election. The judge should have denied on the basis that it should be coming from a medical professional and NOT someone who has NO medical Authority in this jurisdiction.

    The decision is a political one and not a medical one.

    Shame on this Judge. We put you in there for leadership and knowledge and not to make political decisions that could do more harm.

  9. I just had a dear friend die because she thought like all of you. She too thought this was all a conspiracy and against her “rights”. Her husband (who did get the vaccine) is now left alone and grieving because of her stubbornness. She lingered in the hospital for three weeks and died a horrible death all because she didn’t want the “government” telling her what to do. I loved her but am so mad at her for dying needlessly because she wouldn’t get the vaccine. Her husband never did get sick. I hope none of you lose a loved one especially a child whose death could be prevented by getting a shot or maybe wearing a mask. Don’t call me a sheep either, as I dislike the politicians as much as anyone, but if it means I’ll live longer then I’ll get a shot or wear a mask.

  10. Rosemary,
    “wearing masks, even if only to reduces the fear of others being near you.”

    This is NOT a scientific reason to wear a mask.
    Wearing a mask shouldnt be required just because others live in irrational fear.
    Alert, alert, alert. Some of us arent living in fear (perhaps it scares you that others arent running around screaming “the sky is falling”.
    Stay afraid.

    We are Americans.
    Be a mouse. Live in fear.

    Dont demand others relieve your fears and phobias. Deal with them on your own

  11. Al, congratulations! You won’t regret your decision.

    I repeat, this is a conflict between parents’ rights and citizens’ rights (Judeo-Christian beliefs) versus government overreach and bullying (Marxists beliefs).

  12. As far as Incentives go…….. how about offering Two Donuts from Dunkin Donuts? It could be a Contest with Krispy Kreme since they are offering Two Donuts just to show them your Vaccine Card.

  13. No this is not about Judeo Christian values over any other line of thought, unless you are talking about the one to love one’s neighbors which requires choosing (unless it would do actual harm to yourself) to be vaccinated to reduce the risk and damage of the vaccination, and wearing masks, even if only to reduces the fear of others being near you.

  14. Shouldn’t the Florida chief medical officer MD be the only one who can officially order a health mandate? Isn’t ordering a mask mandate by a school principal practicing medicine without a license?

  15. You have forced the mask and now you want to force the jab (it is not a vaccine), Get off of your high horse and do your job of educating the kids. Parents have a hard enough time trying to raise the children right without you forcing your (not perfect) will on them.

  16. This is what a school board does when less than half their students can read, write and do simple arithmetic at a “satisfactory” level. She blamed the parents in her district for giving her covid, I wonder if she blames them for most of the kids being illiterate too?

    That woman is an unctuous piece of work.

  17. The heart of this conflict, is a struggle between the Judeo-Christian western civilization value system and a Marxist value system. Those of us who remain faithful to our Judeo-Christian values insist that parents’ rights regarding their children supersede the government’s rights. We insist that adults have the right to make their own medical decisions. Those like Wood and Rasmussen, who embrace Marxism, insist that the government’s rights supersede parents’ rights regarding their children. They insist that the government has the right to make medical decisions for adults and children alike.

    This current conflict over masks and vaccines is just a symptom of the underlying conflict. There will be many more conflicts until either Marxist ideology wins or Judeo-Christian ideology wins. The ideologies cannot co-exist; they are mutually exclusive.

    BTW, parents should not be afraid to homeschool, you can’t do a worse job. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. There are many programs and curriculums offered online.

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