Leon County Commission Chairman Minor Calls Special Meeting Related to COVID

Leon County Commission Chairman Minor Calls Special Meeting Related to COVID

Leon County Commission Chairman Rick Minor announced today that there will be a special commission meeting convened at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 to discuss updates related to COVID-19.

On August 27, Commissioner Kristin Dozier sent a letter to Minor requesting that the board meet before the next scheduled meeting in September.

In the letter, Dozier cited the increase in the county’s positivity rate with the Delta variant as a rationale for the meeting.

“I think this is a critical time in our community,” said Dozier. “We have been doing this far too long. We’ve lost too many people and we need to really make sure that we have all hands on deck to push forward, get control of this variant and hopefully prevent another surge in the future.”

At the scheduled meeting, commissioners will receive presentations from county staff and medical/public health professionals and will evaluate possible mitigation measures.

In a statement Minor said, “I believe this special meeting — in which County Commissioners and the public hear important COVID-19 information — will be helpful.”

The public can access the meeting in real time on Comcast channel 16, Prism channels 16 and 1016-HD, the Leon County Florida channel on Roku, the County’s Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter, and County web site. Citizens may provide public comment in the following ways:

• In-person at the meeting.
• Through virtual means by registering to comment.
• Through written comment by accessing the online form.

Citizens wishing to provide virtual comment must register by 8 p.m. on the day before the meeting to provide County staff sufficient time to provide instructions to citizens for comment during the meeting. Anyone needing assistance with registration may contact County Administration at (850) 606-5300.

Minor concluded the statement by emphasizing that from the beginning Leon County County Commissioners and County staff have worked diligently with local hospitals, health centers, and a multitude of other community partners to protect the health and lives of Leon County residents and they will continue their efforts.

14 Responses to "Leon County Commission Chairman Minor Calls Special Meeting Related to COVID"

  1. Here’s what you can announce. Mass distribution of Ivermectin packs with instructions for when to use. like other countries have done……….Cowards!
    1. up you vitamin D levels greater then 50.
    2. take zinc with Quercetin, D3 every day.
    3. Stop eating junk foods
    4. TMH and CRMC need start using ivermectin..why the FK not!! Criminal not to!
    5. Learn the FLCCC guidelines ASAP
    6. Our medical leaders suck

  2. Until the liberals are just as adamant about closing our southern border, I will place no value on their commands We are being forced to get the shot or lose our jobs at TMH. Every time I hear govt officials, especially Joe Biden, command: “just get the shot”!, I feel more and more determined to never get it. There has NEVER been a push by govt. to get a rushed thru, barely OK’d by the FDA vaccine. It’s too soon to know what their real end game is ($$$$$ for pharma is definitely a factor), but this is unprecedented.

  3. As some of you may know, I am running for County Commissioner for District 5. Just to put it out there, I got the Shots and I wear a Mask when I am around a large group of people or if I am going into a Business that requires it. I got the Shots for ME, not for You and not for the Government, for ME. I am not the Governments Sheep and I am not YOUR Sheep, I did it for ME. Now, with that said, I DO encourage everyone who is able, to get the Shots BUT, that’s all I will do, I won’t even tell you which one to get. I do not believe that a Mandate is NOT needed, same goes for the Mask. If you choose NOT to get the Shots, I will support that decision, if you choose to get the Shot, I will support that too. My advice is simple and, that’s all it is, advice, Research it on your own, talk with your Doctor, ask questions and YOU decide. Everyone is different. There is not a single Vaccine that works on everyone, including the ones for Covid. YOU do your research and decide for your Kids, don’t let anyone who is not qualified tell you otherwise. Everyone WILL eventually get Covid and it will be different for everyone, some wont know it, some will die from it and everyone else will be some where in between. I highly recommend doing two things that they seemed to have stopped talking about. One: Wash your hands OFTEN and I do mean OFTEN. I have a Canister of the Disinfecting Wipes at my Desk and in my Car and I use them, OFTEN. I use them to wipe my Hands every time I touch something and I wipe my Desk and Phone down often as well. I leave it on my Desk to reuse because it usually stays wet for about 20 to 30 Minutes. I also have a Bottle of Hand Sanitizers at my Desk and in my Car for the same reasons. I recommend getting small canisters of both for your Kids Back Packs to use while at School. I am done preaching, Stay Safe and be Well.

  4. At this point the local politicians should be frank with the public and say if your not vaccinated or haven’t recovered from covid you with get it at some point regardless of what you do. It’s too widespread and too easily transmitted. If you want to stay out of the hospital go ahead and get vaccinated. We need to stop pretending like the masks and social distancing is helping with anything. I would hope the county would also highlight the monoclonal antibody treatments that are now available.

  5. I think it would be more productive for the County Commission to vote to do a nationwide search for a new County Administrator. It was unconscionable for Vince Long to appear on CNN for a photo Op to promote the “fear agenda”.

    Long had no right or official direction from the local chief medical officer to implement a vaccination mandate without approval from the County Commission. And they have no right to implement it without the approval of the chief medical officer. (Long’s name came up several times in the federal corruption trial texts for improper hires). Commissioner Minor did not stand up and hold Long accountable, Minor did nothing.

    Dozier consorted, for personal gain, with one of the defendant”s in the recent local federal corruption trial. The defendant has since been convicted.

    They’re so concerned about COVID yet they appear at Amelia Island to party at taxpayers expense.

    Unless they are going to stand up and DENOUNCE Biden and call for a mandate for his RESIGNATION and IMPEACHMENT they are wasting their time and playing political theater. A feckless new direction to continue the fear campaign.

  6. Ever notice how all these communists walk, talk, and squawk in unison? Next up, the City commies.

    BTW, there’s a new China Bio-Weapon Flu variant that is resistant to all the current Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex chemical cocktails – likely carried intomour country via Dementia Joe Biden’s treasonous “Invade and Destroy America” policy.

    What are you clowns gonna do now?… demand quadruple face diapers and shots of antifreeze?

    … morons… :-/

  7. “I believe this special meeting — in which County Commissioners and the public hear important COVID-19 information — will be helpful.”

    I beg to differ… don’t try to help, I haven’t heard anyone say “I wish Rick and Kristen would be more helpful”. Take a knee, say a prayer, go to the beach, just don’t try to help.

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