Montford Middle School Puts Gender/Sexuality Campaign on Pause

Montford Middle School Puts Gender/Sexuality Campaign on Pause

Tallahassee Reports has received information from parents and teachers about an email that was sent to Montford teachers requesting they display a “Safe Space Symbol” in their classrooms. TR has been told that the email was sent out by the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) club sponsor.

After contacting school officials about the specifics related to a LGBTQIA+ awareness campaign, Tallahassee Reports was told by Principal Lewis Blessing that the campaign has been put on hold while the situation is reviewed.

An image of the flyer is provided below.

The request stated, in part, “Anyone can display a Safe Space Symbol to show their allyship to the LGBTQ community and promote LGBTQ visibility.”

TR has been told that the symbols are currently displayed in some Montford classrooms.

Blessing told TR that the flyer “was sent out before the school staff was able to give input on the issue so for the time being we are putting a pause on this for further discussion”.

Parents that contacted TR were concerned about the appropriateness of the message in a middle school classroom.

Also, teachers voiced concerns about the conclusions drawn by students when they noticed that some classrooms displayed the flag and others did not.

TR asked Blessing if there was a school policy related to promoting social issues within the middle school.

Blessing responded to the question by stating, “We do not have any school policies related to promoting social issues. We have a committee made up of teachers and support staff that represent all areas of the school where items of school wide relevance are discussed and voted on. Any member of the faculty or staff can bring issues to this committee.”

TR has also submitted questions related to this issue to the Leon County Schools district office.

15 Responses to "Montford Middle School Puts Gender/Sexuality Campaign on Pause"

  1. “9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. Its wrong. Always has been, always will be.

  2. Criminole, I agree with Barb’s comments about privatization of our abysmal public school system, but wouldn’t assume that she is equipped to be a public activist. I would assume that if she feels strongly about these issues, comments about them frequently, but is not in a public leadership position, that there is likely a good reason. For example, we know nothing about her health, whether she has a fear of public speaking, or even whether she has reliable transportation. And that would be none of our business, of course.

  3. @ Criminole, being able to control the conversation and frame the issues is a very powerful tool. The LCSB and Superintendent like to keep the conversation and frame the issues around controversial social issues thereby protecting the status quo of the public school system.

    I like to discuss and frame the issue around core educational issues (such as literacy rate of students, proficiency of teachers, indoctrination vs. education, etc.) thereby exposing the status quo and subsequently changing it.

  4. Barb,
    Looks like you have some time on your hands posting up here so often. Why don’t you start the movement for your private education crusade. Nothing will get done until we have individuals like you that take action and post less to have progress made.

  5. The Program should never have been put in place at all. It just baffles my mind wondering what those who are trying to put this in our Schools and those wanting to teach it are thinking. It’s perverse. Keep it out of our Schools.

  6. @SMH

    So, they have decided to teach children about pronouns now that they have decided to teach children there are more than two genders? BTW, there are only two genders.

    As I said, the traditional public school system does not work anymore. Its time has come and gone. We need to replace it with a competitive private system of education.

  7. This year for the first time at Montford the children spent the entire first day of class reviewing their pronouns with each teacher.

  8. It takes effort and hard work to teach a class full of students to read and write and do math. The students, parents and teachers all have to put in effort all school year if the student is going to attain the level of reading, writing and arithmetic that they should have for their grade level by the school year’s end.

    It is easy to talk about feelings, post flyers, chant protest slogans, argue about masks and vaccines and politics in general. But at the end of the day, the job has not been done.

    The traditional public school system does not work anymore. Its time has come and gone. We need to replace it with a competitive private system of education.

  9. The people behind this agenda are perverted and liars. Find out what CA., Va., Mass. and other states have done over the years to the public indoctrinated schools. The teachers, school boards and administration have been infiltrated across the country with these people. They have no problem about lying to your face. The know nothing card is a ruse.
    In 2010 I was attending F.S.U. The CRT was pushed then. I knew one professor who was writing books on white privilege. There were gender courses. The garbage there was pushed daily. Many of the people who attended these classes were white young females. That now pervade the schools and media. They were taught by Marxist professors, Marxist asst. professors and Marxist trained graduate students. Of the classes I attended in Humanities, English and Religion departments, 5 professors openly admitted they were Marxists.
    They know what they are doing and this agenda is now at the very top when Obama was elected. God help America for they are out to destroy it and that includes their allies like F.S.U.

  10. Where is the story on the new candidate entering the race in an attempt to unseat City Commissioner Matlow?

    Is this new development a sincere gesture to move the city forward or another diabolical scheme by the mayor to run someone against his nemesis?

    We don’t want diabolical. disingenuous, and political schemes. We want genuine integrity and honesty.

  11. A full life, lived well, is hard and dangerous. Everyday. It requires spirit and grit. “Safe Spaces” are substantively empty places full of fear and loathing. That’s the last place our kids need to be. Our kids need to be toughened up for a life in the jungle.

    These GSA people are delusional and are only able to stay that way because we give them lip service instead of laughing in their face.

    Every time I see LGBTQIA+ I have to chuckle to myself. I don’t think I’m gonna keep it to myself anymore.

  12. Perversion will always be perversion. It is unnatural. It is unhealthy. The anal cavity was made for the expulsion of body waste. It was not created for the insertion of the male sex organ.
    Women were created to compliment men.

  13. I applaud them for putting it on hold while at the same time I condemn the sick mofos for implementing the program in the first place.
    Noticing how Rocky is playing the “I Know Nothing” card. The “Each School Is Like A Little City” card. 8ull $h1+ Rocky you knew all about it from the get go.

  14. When we allowed these immoral and demented people to remove God from our schools, we left the doors to the schools wide open for satan to enter and have his way… and have his way he has.

    Although they try to guise the program by using lower case spelling, “Allyship” is a organized program designed to exploit the impressionable and malleable minds of our young people, and use a virtue signaling concept to introduce, indoctrinate, and recruit them into the abnormal, unhealthy, and unnatural lifestyle of the poisonous alphabet soup group. They lust for the growth of their club membership in order to gain more social power and continue their mission to destroy our normal and traditional family and faith culture. Here are some of their program pillars

    The role of an ally includes:

    ~ Being able to listen, and shine a spotlight on those whose voices are often unheard.
    ~ Recognizing your own privilege and power, and using that privilege to lift others up.
    ~ Being aware of implicit biases you might have.
    ~ Supporting the group you’re allying by letting them speak for themselves whenever possible.
    ~ Not expecting special recognition for being an ally.

    It’s CRT for the LGBT’rs…


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