Tallahassee City Commission Recognizes Communications Director Alison Faris

Tallahassee City Commission Recognizes Communications Director Alison Faris

During the City of Tallahassee’s Commission meeting this Wednesday, December 8, the city recognized the city’s Communications Director, Alison Faris, who was named the 2021 Communicator of the Year by the Florida Municipal Communicators Association (FMCA).

The award recognizes a communications professional with more than five years in the government communications field who demonstrates leadership and achievement in the industry.

The FMCA is a network of professionals who provide “communications leadership and support in Florida cities, towns, and villages.” The FMCA offers communication professionals resources and opportunities to learn and develop innovative solutions for the municipalities they serve.

Faris was acknowledged before her peers by the FMCA during its 2021 annual conference.

“From her creativity and expertise to her strategic thinking and strong leadership skills, she is a standout communicator and an inspiration to her peers. It is for these reasons and many others that we recognize Alison for her accomplishments,” said FMCA President Josh Taylor, Communications Manager and Public Information Officer for the City of North Port.

Faris was nominated for the award by her peers. On the entry form, her colleagues wrote, “Alison easily moves between advising officials, collaborating with department directors and guiding her team. Details matter, and while she will get in the weeds to ensure an excellent product, she never loses sight of the big picture. Setting Alison apart, though, is her desire to remain open to input. Great communicators are great listeners, and Alison demonstrates this skill daily.”

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  1. This organization was founded in part by Faris, who stepped aside recently and was replaced by a COT underling so she could give herself the award.

    It is like a person’s left hand awarding their right hand the Hand of the Year award. Typical of what we have seen with insider senior staff, but still pretty funny to see them do it.

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