David Bellamy Raises $103k, City Commissioner Matlow Responds

David Bellamy Raises $103k, City Commissioner Matlow Responds

The recent campaign reports filed with the Leon County Supervisor of Elections indicate that the candidates in the race for Tallahassee City Commission Seat 3 are going to be well financed.

David Bellamy reported $64,750 in November for a total of $103,950 raised since he filed on October 1. Bellamy has spent approximately $4,343.00.

The incumbent, City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow, who filed to run back in March 2019, reported raising $2,450.00 in November. Since he filed, Matlow has raised a total of $56,713.00 and has spent $4,306.00.

Bellamy has 147 contributors for an average contribution of $707. In contrast, Matlow has 477 contributors for an average of $119. Both candidates have donated personal funds to their campaign. Bellamy has donated $11,000 and Matlow donated $12,500.

In response to Bellamy’s campaign report, Matlow told Florida Politics, “The reason we’re seeing so much money thrown around is because the insiders are seeing the power of everyday people standing together, and it scares them,” Matlow said. “The vast majority of donors are supporting our campaign because they know even though they can’t afford to write a $1000 check, they deserve to be represented in government, too.”

In a campaign solicitation, Matlow said, “With your help, we can stand against public corruption, advocate for our neighborhoods, protect our natural resources, and make real investments to grow our economy equitably and combat the affordable housing crisis. In 2022, we have an opportunity to dismantle the Good Old Boy network for good.”

Bellamy said Tallahassee residents are upset at dysfunction at city hall.

“I think they want results and not angry rhetoric,” he said. “I look forward to returning civility and effective leadership to our city commission, to help our impoverished and start talking about things we can fix.”

When Bellamy, an orthopedic surgeon who works part time as a Tallahassee police officer, filed to run he said, “I want to make the city safer. I want to improve the quality of life and what people can expect from the city on the south side of town. And I think that we need to work on smart growth, because one of the best ways to fix the first two things is a healthy economy with good jobs for the citizens.”

The next campaign report is due on January 10th, 2022.

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  1. @ Thielen,

    Listen to yourself… You just confirmed it is a vendetta and a fracture in the Democratic Party where the long-standing Old Guard, corruption included, want to take out a few newcomers who are asking questions.

    I would expect more from a doctor and a part-time police officer than to participate in political schemes especially orchestrated by John Dailey.

    People already see through this. Bellamy perhaps would have a better chance if he ran against Dailey.

  2. Folks,
    I have known Dr. Bellamy for more than 15 years, he is my Doctor, a solid neighbor, friend and an outstanding citizen. His work with the City of Tallahassee Police department is incredible though if elected he would have to resign that position.
    I would not support Dr. Bellamy if I didn’t believe in him and his ability to continue to serve our community. Mr. Matlow has been rather erratic and seems to more align with the far left Ms. Porter. I am hopeful that having a stronger more rational Dr. Bellamy on the commission will shore up Dailey until the voters can reevaluate him.

  3. Circle back to the abortion issue. It is true that abortion is not an issue upon which the city commission may vote but individual City Commissioners have a way of growing up to become members of congress who do have great say on appointments to the courts and the courts do deal with abortion as represented by the terrible Roe V. Wade decision. The first question asked of every candidate running for public office should be “Do you favor abortion?”. If the answer is “yes” there is no need for additional questions as the low character of the candidate has been told and support should not be given.

  4. Silence is golden, however let it be said … the Red Wave is coming and people don’t want a Maddox, Dailey, Chamber backed pawn.

    It appears Bellamy is coming into the race with a – lot of baggage – due to his associations and prior support of the corruption (Scott Maddox).

    If he were sincere he would run against Dailey, Diane Williams-Cox, or Nick Maddox.

    Bellamy and company miscalculated. I believe Matlow will win the day.

  5. Being an orthopedic surgeon who works part time as a Tallahassee police officer, HOW will you find time to do your Commissioner Job if you win? Most Surgeons I know always tell me that they spend 60 to 80 Hours a week doing that Job and here your are a Part Time Cop as well?

  6. Lots of us will never agree on the abortion issue, and i say thats life, but that’s not the city’s domain anyway. Revel is 100% a dailey/maddox/chamber stooge, we can’t be fooled here. This is what impacts our lived here. Conservatives and outsider left learners like Matlow have a lot more common ground than the old guard. The culture wars are just a distraction in my opinion.

  7. Good questions Hope (insert thumbs up here) I’ll add a few…

    5) Where do you stand on the issue of raiding the Utilities fund (approximately $40-million a-year) to augment the City coffers. Should not those funds be better spent hardening and improving our Utilities infrastructure? Perhaps towards burring utility lines where possible, or even creating a real Arborist/Tree Trimming Team to keep from butchering the oaks to clear utility lines?

    6) Where do you stand on dealing with the homeless and panhandling? Do you agree with throwing more money at a problem that’s been around since the beginning of time and can’t be solved with taxpayer money?

    7) Without hyperbole and/or equivocation, where do you stand on Law and Order?

    8) Do you support using tax dollars to promote Marxists ideology, such as painting Marxists’ Welcome signs on our streets?

    … don’t wait for a phone call, David… profess your positions and convictions publicly… right here.

  8. @ David,

    Ok, lets talk…here. Here are some questions:

    1) What is your stance on abortion?

    2) How do you feel about elected officials using taxpayer dollars to attend the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce junkets?

    3) Were/are you a financial campaign contributor to Scott Maddox, Scott Dailey, and/or Andrew Gillum?

    4) Are you in favor of Blueprint money, meant for infrastructure, going to the stadium?

    Looking forward to your response.

  9. If you watch some of the city commission meetings you may notice how the game is played. On most issues, Dailey waits to hear how Richardson and Cox will vote. They always vote the same. Then, usually without comment, he sides with them. Most likely to show that he’s WOKE. What a cool Mayor we have.

    Then, Matlow and Porter usually vote in opposition to the other three to show they’re trying their best to disrupt the status quo that’s been going on for years in city government.

    Watch what Matlow actually does, rather than what he says, to determine what kind of commissioner he is. I don’t believe Matlow really cares very much about appearing or appealing left, right, liberal, conservative, black or white.

    Bellamy is a complete unknown in the political arena. We have a 50/50 chance of getting someone better or possibly worse that Matlow. That’s true whenever a newbie is elected to any office. Be sure to chose carefully on ALL your selections in 2022..

  10. Try to keep up, Todd… it was the City Commission and the Mayor who jumped into the abortion issue. It is they you should be posing your question too.

  11. Hope, since Matlow has proven to be a faithful servant of Florida NOW, I suspect they will support him. However, I will look it up when the time comes to verify my suspicions or perhaps be surprised.

  12. Each Race is starting to build up now. I am always checking to see WHO is jumping into which Race. One thing I noticed is that one person, doesn’t know what he is doing yet. Jeromee for instance, originally Registered for Leon County Commission District 1 then he Redesignated over to District 5 which is where he actually lives but, just last Friday, he Redesignated BACK to District 1. SO, Three takeaways here: 01) How is it that the Supervisor Of Elections Office hasn’t caught that while he was Redesignating AGAIN is baffling to me. They should have asked him if he is running for City or County and if he said County, they should have told him he had just two choices, District 5 or At Large, but they keep letting him jump back and forth. 02) Regardless, I am Voting for Hawkins But, I can’t help wondering, who would Vote for someone who doesn’t even know what District they live in? 03) This is going to be a very interesting Election Year (2022).

  13. Barb,

    It will be interesting to see who the NOW Organization supports… Bellamy or Matlow?


    Good question as Bellamy is also a part-time police officer… When will he find a time to be a City Commissioner?

  14. Does anyone know what a part-time police officer means? What is his law enforcement record? Is this like being a Police Explorer with a flashlight and a whistle, and when he blows it, the Mayor’s bowtie spends? Or is this a legitimate thing – with rigored legal authority with institutional processes?

  15. A couple of things for your consideration:
    Matlow as we know is a flaming leftist.
    Bellamy is an unknown dark horse who seems to have splashed on the political scene out of nowhere. Maybe a decent person who wants to actually help and knows he would be a fool to run as an open conservative in this leftist town. Maybe a flaming liberal worse than Matlow. We just dont know and may not until after he gets elected.
    But the most important take away from the above article is for you to clear your mind of right/left sentiment and focus just on what the 2 candidates are credited as saying in the above article.
    What they are saying [to get elected] is pretty much conservative speak which reflects what leftists would say to get elected in these times when the national government is polling totally under water due to the Biden Administrations total failure to do anything positive since the wacko voters elected them.
    We living in some strange times in which the flaming liberals must pretend to be conservative in order to get elected. And the conservatives in our wacko leftist voter populated area must hide their conservative nature to get elected.

  16. I’m with Hope on this… I want to hear from Bellamy on substantive issues impacting Tallahassee residents and taxpayers.

    Replacing an outsider wackjob with an insider wackjob is not progress. Anyone who supports the unfettered murder of innocent babies – particularly within our communities of color – is not fit to hold any public office. You cant claim to care about our “quality of life”, while snuffing out millions of lives out of convivence.

  17. From the looks of things so far, it looks like Bellamy and Daily are Bought and Paid For Candidates. I am waiting to see if Jay Revell is also a Bought and Paid For Candidate because with in Hours of him jumping into the Race for District 5, there was a big Article in the Tallahassee Democrat by one of their Reporters all about him, there was a small mention on two of the other Candidates but 80% was about Revell telling me that the Fish Rapper is putting their Money on Him.

  18. Is Bellamy pro-abortion, a Mayor Dailey/Tallahassee Chamber/insider pawn?

    What is Bellamy’s view on infrastructure funds going to a sports stadium?

    What is Bellamy’s view on a nationwide search for City Manager?

  19. Great, we get to choose between and old money establishment crook, and a bleeding-heart wack job who can’t wait to abort your children.

    I gotta get outta here…

  20. Every Dollar in my Campaign Account came from ME. I am in this Race for the PEOPLE. The problem in a lot of cases is, people see the dollar amounts in these Accounts and think that the ones with the most Money must mean that Person is who everyone wants so that’s who they Vote for. Part of my Platform is “Reeling In Wasteful Spending” and I am starting with my Campaign Account. Why do you need that much Money to run for a Local Office, it’s crazy. I will soon have $12,000 in my account and that’s is all I feel I need, be low is what I plan to spend it on for Leon County District 5:

    Qualifying Fee ………………………………… $3,300.00
    Car Graphics $ Magnetic Signs .…………….. $300.00
    200 Signs, 2 Sided, 2 Color, Stakes ………… $706.00
    100 Signs, 1 Sided, 2 Color, Stakes ………… $358.00
    5000 Double Sided 4×6 Post Cards …………. $140.00
    3000 Double Sided Business Cards …………. $102.00
    Five 2×5 Full Color Banners ………………….. $100.00
    Two 3×5 Full Color Banners ……..…………… $62.00

    That leaves $6,932.00 for Advertising later in 2022. I wouldn’t know what to do with $100,000.

  21. Bellamy, Dailey, Jack Campbell… three children of former elected officials and consummate good ole boys who don’t their system being challenged… the Chamber of Commerce and the old guard corruption will not go quietly into the night… keep up the fight

  22. Matlow talks about people deserving to be represented in government and about standing against public corruption.

    Yet, according to an article here at TR, he (along with Mayor Dailey and Commissioner Jack Porter) voted for Tallahassee’s Abortion Resolution.

    Well, that’s not representing the pro-life community and it’s certainly not representing the pre-born.

    Additionally, I consider the vote for the Resolution a type of public corruption. After all, according to the article, the Resolution was requested by the Florida National Organization of Women not the people of Tallahassee. Furthermore, the City has no authority regarding abortion but to please the Florida National Organization of Women, they drafted, proposed and passed a Resolution supporting abortion in the name of the City of Tallahassee?

    I don’t think Matlow, Dailey or Porter deserve to be re-elected.

  23. Citizens realize that their infrastructure tax dollars meant for them will be going elsewhere, Matlow took a stand for the citizens and they will not forget this at election time.

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