Leon County Schools Receive $844K in Reading & Literacy Grants

Leon County Schools Receive $844K in Reading & Literacy Grants

The Leon County School Board recently approved two federal grants – the ESSER II Reading Tutor Cares Grant for $724,434 and the Civics Literacy Grant in the amount of $120,437. The purpose of the grants are to support education loss caused by the pandemic.

The ESSER II Reading Tutor Cares Grant will provide tutoring to K-3 students, focusing on students age groups K-1. The tutors will include a mix of teachers and paraprofessionals. It is estimated teachers will earn on average $28 per hour while paraprofessionals will earn $15 per hour.

According to the Director of Elementary Schools in Leon County, Billy Epting, every elementary school will receive $5,000, plus a variable proportion of funds based on the percentage of students who are reading at or below a reading level one.

The students will be assessed through regular evaluations, such as Florida Standard Assessment, End of Course Exams, and demonstration of augmentative devices.

The Civics Curriculum Grant is to help cover the cost of civics learning materials for districts to adhere to the new civics standards.

In 2021 Governor Ron DeSantis established the Civic Literacy Excellence Initiative to update the curriculum for K-12, to teach the fundamentals of the United States government, including the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Epting stated schools would receive 40% of the funds this spring and 60% next fall.

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  1. Wow…yall are the most homophobic people I have seen a while… I imagine most of u are in the closet anyway… Can’t u just mind ur own business …

  2. @ Hope…….. Shhhhhh………. you they will find away, you’ll see. The LCSB will Create a Committee that will do a Study so they can do a Report on what to Teach.

  3. Someone made a decision to direct funds right to the source of where they can be utilized to educate and benefit our children…

    …They didn’t form a committee to hire another committee or hire a political operative’s PR hack/lobbyist? The funds aren’t tied to special interests such as the Seminole Boosters?

    Governor DeSantis Best Governor in America!

  4. So, after they teach them to be gay they are going to teach them to read too? I don’t believe it; they aren’t going to teach them to read…

  5. Awesome and YES, watch the Money. Be sure to leave out the CRT and the LGBTQ crap. No need to Talk about it OR Read about it in Class.

  6. Watch the money carefully. There’s little doubt that they will try to shift some of the funding to recruiting children into the Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Group of Quacks.

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