Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Briefs: February 16, 2022

Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Briefs: February 16, 2022

Provided below are news brief from the February 16, 2022 Tallahassee City Commission meeting.

–The City Commission approved accepting a grant from the Florida Association for Career and Technical Education for $10,000 to add a cathodic protection component to the gas training yard.

–The Board approved the negotiations for a contract with Limelight Signs & Graphics and SuperSigns, Inc., for the StarMetro bus advertisement.

–Bob Guido was unanimously appointed to the Special Events Advisory Committee, whose term will end in March 2025. The Special Events Advisory Committee serves as an advisory board to the city and the Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Affairs Department on issues related to annual funding for special events held on property owned by the city and co-sponsored by the city.

–In a 4-1 vote, city commissioners approved introducing the new noise ordinance and set a public hearing date of March 9, 2022. The proposed Ordinance No. 22-O-13 allows for police officers to initiate a complaint and provides different parameters based on land use designation. Commissioner Jack Porter was in opposition to the ordinance.

–The city commission heard an update on the sheriff’s Council on the Status of Men and Boys. They unanimously voted to approve the $140,000 in funding for startup costs and projected operational costs. Also, they amended the point of contact for the committee. Instead of Mayor John Dailey, the communication contact will be the city manager.

Mayor Dailey and Commissioner Williams-Cox mentioned that Leon County should consider $140,000 for program funding instead of the recently approved $70,000.

–The city approved the purchase of maintenance and lease hardware agreements associated with the operation of city technology for FY2022 in the amount not to exceed $3.5 million. The annual equipment lease agreements and renewals protect city resources from external threats. These agreements also provide ongoing hardware and software support and upgrades.

–The Board approved the resolution authorizing the purchase of natural gas from the Southeast Energy Authority. The annual savings are projected to exceed $600,000 per year depending on the final daily volume and actual discount. The proposed agreement will provide an approximate discount of 10% on the cost of natural gas.

–The Board heard an update on the current and ongoing state legislative session.

–During the “Sharing of Ideas” portion of the meeting, Commissioner Williams-Cox said she engaged with a citizen who suggested a bullet buyback campaign instead of a gun buyback campaign that was previously brought up in recent meetings.

Williams-Cox further noted that she had an acquaintance running for office at one time, and they said, let them keep their guns but make ammunition so expensive they can’t afford it. “This may be another way to do it,” Williams-Cox stated. She also suggested looking into requiring background checks to purchase ammunition.

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  1. Hey Commissioner Williams-Cox, instead of punishing the GOOD Gun Owners, how about punishing the BAD Gun USERS. Get Jack Campbell and the Judges to give stiffer Sentences when a Gun (or other Weapon) is used during the commission of a Crime, that includes being in possession of a Fire Arm when they are not supposed to be.

  2. Worried about noise when u have 1000 homeless people on the streets? Let the police do there job and you won’t have to buy back bullets or guns. Mr Mayor why not help people find jobs instead of siding with the so called president and throw money at people. Lots of talk in tally but not alot of action

  3. Go to Youtube and listen to Geto Boys-Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta. The explicit version is best.

    Just another example of the commission throwing money at a problem they do not know how to solve. The Feb 16, 2022, Leon Co Booking Report indicates of the 34 people arrested, 26 were Black. Typical. Your typical Gadsden County Court Calendar Day has about the same ratio of Blacks to non-blacks.

    Babies out of wedlock, generation after generation. Music that encourages criminal activity. Generation after generation living on welfare. Generation after generation of youth not taking advantage of the 12 years of free education, with free meals, the taxpayer provides.

    The gangster (gangsta) is the City Commission’s constituency base. It is the criminal and his family that has the Commission’s attention.

    I’m in on the bullet buy back…I’ve got a 30-year-old case of 16 ga shells and some old 44 specials that are unreliable. Maybe I’ll buy another gun with the money.

  4. It seems to me whenever there is a proposal to help the police do their job or to make things easier for the police in some way, Commissioner Jack Porter opposes it.

  5. Once again, the left show their commitment to a warped ideology, and also that they are ill-educated and disconnected from reality. Apparently, Commission Williams-Cox believes that bullets jump into a gun all by themselves just before the gun runs around on its own and commits crime. Blame the weapon of choice instead of the criminal.

    I’d like to know if the Mayor and/or Commissioners own a gun or has one or more in their home… and if so, how do they keep these inanimate objects from sneaking out of their house and committing crime on their own.

    As always, it’s not the weapon in their hand… it’s the evil in their heart

  6. Taxpayers should demand that the $200,000 that Sheriff Walt McNeil is attempting to control should be diverted directly to the Republican sponsored Fatherhood Bill account so it can be managed properly.

    Otherwise the $200,000 will be going into local PR hacks Usual Suspects elected officials’ campaign managers accounts.

  7. Hey Williams-Cox, another way would be to let the LEO’s perform “Stop & Search” and “Stop & Frisk” on all Males 15 to 50 years of age in the Crime areas of Tallahassee. I would bet they get some illegal guns off the street.

  8. “Mayor Dailey and Commissioner Williams-Cox mentioned that Leon County should consider $140,000 for program funding instead of the recently approved $70,000.” …………. WHY?
    All McNeil wanted was $210,000, that was $70,000 from 3 Sources. Why spend $280,000 when $210,000 will do. It may even be LESS, we don’t know yet. I have been noticing a trend and now I know why Mr. Hawkins is wanting to reel in wasteful spending. I wish I could vote for him.

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