Bradfordville Kohl’s Owner Seeks Rezoning for Self-Storage Facility

Bradfordville Kohl’s Owner Seeks Rezoning for Self-Storage Facility

At the March 1, 2022 Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Commission meeting, officials will consider a staff recommendation to rezone the property where the vacant Kohl’s building is located.

The applicant and present owner of the property is Continental 182 Fund, LLC. The parent company is Continental Properties located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

The application requests an amendment to the Official Zoning Map to change the zoning classification from the Bradfordville Commercial (BC-1) and Bradfordville Commercial-2 (BC-2) zoning districts to the Bradfordville Office Residential (BOR) zoning district.

The approximately 10.16- acre subject parcel is in the Bradfordville Mixed Use Future Land Use Category and is located at 6785 Thomasville Road. The application proposes a downzoning to provide for the existing vacant building to be used, and the BOR zoning district encourages the re-use of existing single use sites.

According to information in the application, the pending contract purchaser proposes to repurpose the entire building as an indoor, self-storage facility with minimal site modifications, primarily related to signage.

A rationale for the use of the building as self-storage was provided by the applicant:

The Rezoning Request would facilitate the reuse of the Property with less impact on neighbors than a commercial use. This would be the case whether the building was repurposed for a self-storage facility, office or multifamily development. All of those uses, which are permitted in the BOR zoning district, would be highly compatible at this location.

However, due to the existing building value and commercial design, office and ultifamily use are a long-term redevelopment option, but not a short-term solution. With a building value exceeding $2MM, the building is simply too valuable to demolish. As such, it is appropriate to consider how the building could be repurposed using its current design. While multifamily use or office use would be compatible, the commercial design of the building makes it unsuitable for repurposing to those uses.

The existing building – which has been dormant since 2016 – includes a total of 99,162 square feet of floor area.

9 Responses to "Bradfordville Kohl’s Owner Seeks Rezoning for Self-Storage Facility"

  1. @ John: So true. that’s why I bought a new 8.5×24 Enclosed Car Hauler (just $4,300 w/Tax) to put my stuff in. No Bugs or Rauch’s can get in and if I need to move it for any reason, I just hook up to it and move it, unlike a Shed. The prices on the Trailers have about Doubled now…….

  2. There is a storage facility right next door… What is the current vacancy rate there?

    Storage facilities prey upon those too stupid to realize they are paying way more in rent over time than the value of what they are storing.

  3. if the right palms get greased it should sail through commission. Whether we need another self-storage building or not. It seems like all Scott Maddox did was get the graft out in the open for everyone to see. And once the commission got a good look at it, they decided they liked what they saw…

  4. Great. Just what we need, another self storage eyesore. How bout throwing in a car wash and mattress store right there too? Maybe a drive in dental implant clinic? You can drive in to get dentures, buy a new mattress, wash your car then store it. Perfect.

  5. Good idea, David Hawkins, however the Northwood mall idea has to keep the City involved for future requests for Operating Funds as income goals are not met. I have always thought the Kohl site met all needs, space, parking, location, etc -wonder why it was never considered- oh, that’s right, the City needs its hands in the operations finances.

  6. “City of Tallahassee and Leon County look for new ways to create affordable housing stock”. This building design is NOT ‘unsuitable for repurposing’. It has ample parking, space for outdoor play, close to good schools, and would be a good reason to finally extend the bus lines north. If we can remodel an old hotel, this building can be too. Punching windows and laying plumbing, wiring not rely that hard.

  7. I would like to see a new Charter School or a private Christian School going in to this location. There would be a waiting list for enrollment.

  8. Great location for the Sheridan Center for the Arts. It would save them a lot of Money, the City keeps the 5 Acres and this place is 5 times BIGGER and has more Land AND, those that are into that stuff, live just down the road a couple Miles.

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