Leon County School Board Teams Up with Second Harvest for “Grocery Locker”

Leon County School Board Teams Up with Second Harvest for “Grocery Locker”

The Leon County School Board approved a partnership with Second Harvest of the Big Bend for the pilot Hope 24/7 Grocery Locker Program, located at Sabal Palm Elementary School.

Second Harvest of the Big Bend’s mission is to feed hungry, food-insecure people in North Florida’s Big Bend region and educate and engage the community in the fight to end hunger. Sabal Palm Elementary is located in a community that has been identified as a food desert.

The Hope 24/7 program will distribute food to those in need in a new and innovative way to increase accessibility. Second Harvest will install a 20-unit outdoor refrigerated locker system adjacent to the elementary school. The lockers can be accessed discretely outside the food pantry’s regular distribution hours, even in the evenings and on the weekends.

Individuals utilizing the lockers will place their food orders via email or online. They will then receive an access code that they will enter into the corresponding locker to retrieve their groceries.

Due to the hours of availability, the lockers reduce a stigma and provide a contact-free pickup option.

While Second Harvest is responsible for installing/maintaining the locker system and fulfilling food orders, the LCSB is accountable for staffing, providing a safe environment for individuals using the lockers, and providing the system for individuals to place a food order.

Chair Darryl Jones asked if the program would be offered at other schools within communities that have also been identified as food deserts. Superintendent Rocky Hanna explained that if the program is a success and there is no vandalism or other problems, then it is expected the program will expand to more areas.

4 Responses to "Leon County School Board Teams Up with Second Harvest for “Grocery Locker”"

  1. Any chance these clowns might get around to teaching kids how to read, write, and do arithmetic? This entire Fool Board and their Stupidintendant must go if Leon County students are to have any future in the real world.

  2. Our virtue signaling School Board is failing our students, so they stage bs photo ops to let everyone know they care.

    What an unctuous bunch of horrible people. It would be so much easier to just teach the kids to read and write…but they can’t, so they pretend to feed the homeless for one day.

  3. Volunteers work tirelessly and joyfully throughout the community to pack food boxes to be distributed to the schools to be put in backpacks. There is a hunger problem in the neighboring county Gadsden County as well. It also takes tax dollars to run these services that are needed.

    However, between City and County Commissioners there are five of them and an FSU president who believe it is more important to give tax dollars to FSU for Stadium seats.

    It is unconscionable that our neighboring County has the highest infant mortality rate in the state yet Leon County is so frivolous and fiscally irresponsible with tax dollars.

    Commissioners Nick Maddox,, Diane Williams-Cox, Mayor John Dailey, and Bill Proctor will be voted out of office resoundingly on August 23rd.

    Humanity trumps special interests and voters will let it be known!

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