Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Notes: March 9, 2022

Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Notes: March 9, 2022

—During the City of Tallahassee Commission meeting on March 9, 2022, the commissioners unanimously approved terminating the International and Sister City relationship with Krasnodar, Russia, in solidarity with Ukraine. The program promotes activities and exchanges that increase international trade, economic and community development, and promote cultural and educational opportunities.

—Courtney Atkins was reappointed to the Tallahassee Housing Authority. The committee prepares, carries out, acquires, leases, and operates housing projects.

—Mechelle Mickles was appointed for a partial term to the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee for the banking or mortgage banking industry seat. Her term will end on December 31, 2022.

—Jesse Jones will fill the resident of the jurisdiction seat on the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee. Jones’ term will end on December 31, 2022.

—Shari Gewanter was appointed to the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee as the “Essential Services Personnel” representative. Her term will end on December 31, 2024.

—The Board approved the public hearing date and vote for March 23, 2022, for the annual update to the Tallahassee-Leon County Comprehensive Plan Capital Improvements Schedule.

—The Board approved the ordinance recommendations presented by the Independent Ethics Board. After much discussion, the vote passed 3-2 with Commissioners Jeremy Matlow and Jack Porter in opposition. Matlow and Porter attempted to expand the definitions of a lobbyist , and to require lobbyist’s meeting logs. Both motions failed.

—The Commissioners voted, 3-2 with Porter and Matlow in opposition, to sell a 0.26-acre lot at 528 W. Tennessee Street to Peerless Development to build student housing. This sale comes after the development group worked with the Frenchtown community to include many of the community’s desires with the designing of the building. For more details TR previously covered this story.

—The Board heard an update on the 2022 Florida Legislative Session during the city meeting. The last day of the regular session is scheduled for March 11, 2022.

—The Board approved the acceptance and expenditure of $121,510 from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Project Safe Neighborhood Grant Funds. The Tallahassee Police Department will use the grant money to create a Gang Task Force, additional officer training and equipment, and funding to expand prevention programs.

—In a 4-0 vote with Porter out of the chambers, the commission approved the Selection Committee’s ranking for the Design Professional Services for Taxiway Bravo Rehabilitation at the Tallahassee International Airport. McFarland-Johnson, Inc. was awarded the contract for $1.9 million.

—The commission unanimously approved Resolution 22-R-05 and the grant agreement with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). Under the proposed deal, FDEP will reimburse the city $1,316,000 for costs associated with constructing a Centrate Equalization System at the Thomas P. Smith Water Reclamation Facility.

—The Board adopted Ordinance No. 22-o-13 in a unanimous decision during the city meeting. The proposed ordinance prohibits “noise disturbances.” Please view the previous coverage by TR of this issue for more details.

—During the Sharing of Ideas section of the meeting, Commissioner Matlow motioned for an agenda item for the city to update the real estate policy. The update would state that when an offer to buy city land is made, it will come before the Board regardless of any other factor. The motioned failed 3-2, with Commissioners Williams-Cox, Richardson, and the mayor in dissent.

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  1. I recognize “gaslighting” being perpetrated upon someone and an expert in not being the perpetrator… at a loss at the unfounded accusations over a difference of opinions.

  2. @ Barb,

    Do you have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father?

    I don’t understand your comment and I believe you overstepped in that it is plain that we disagree, but to accuse me of “imitating” them, related, or personal friends?
    …Who is gas-lighting now?

  3. @Hope

    The Democrats always call conservatives haters. Name calling is their substitute for reasoned argument. I don’t know why you are imitating them.

    Are you related or personal friends with either Matlow or Porter?

  4. @ Barb,

    I have a God-given right to state a belief and even you don’t know what is in anyone’s heart, truly. Our divine father truly knows, but there is hope and there is hatred and I have HOPE…

  5. @Snidely – Exactly

    @Hope – I believe that you are sincerely mistaken. Matlow and Porter are absolutely not conservatives at heart and yes, that is why they need and deserve your prayers. In the meantime, they do not deserve your vote.

  6. I believe Matlow and Porter are conservatives at heart, they just don’t know it yet… one of these days there will be an Awakening and it will be a joyous day. They need your prayers not your hate…PRAY!

  7. @ Barb your breakdown of the two factons of Democrat Nannies on the Commission is spot on. It’s reminiscent of a heated debate we had as children over two adjacent fresh piles of dog poo in our backyard. Even as kids we came to the logical conclusion that neither pile of poop was better or more tolerable than the other. Fast Forward to the present – apply logic and realize the Matlow Porter pile is just as bad as the old school pile.

  8. @ Tony,

    That is $400,000 which would pay a lot of health insurance premiums for workers of the mega-donor. The arrogance is mind-numbing.

  9. @ HOPE
    You should check out the Campaign Finances of Dailey, Diane Williams Cox, Maddox, Proctor and Bellamy and see who all Donated to them. It is my opinion that these Candidates are now Owned by a Few Donors. There is something to be said for Fully Self Funding. WHY do they need $30K, $50K, $100K, almost $200K for a Local Office?

  10. @ Hope You’re going to love this, From Nick Maddox Campaign Finance Page.


    The first 5 are TALCOR and then look at the others just below, several have same Addresses. ALL for $1,000 each. I believe Nick has been Bought.

    I believe that David Bellamy (J, Campbell & Mayor Dailey Personal Pick) has been Bought as well. Look at who his Donners are……..


    There is something to be said about being “Self Funded”. NO ONE can accuse you of owing any one. GEE, who do we know that is “Self Funded”?

  11. As for the errors in my writing… you can say what you will about my Grandpa… but I’ll thank you to leave my Grammar out of this. 🙂

  12. Notwithstanding the enjoyment I feel in seeing the far left go to blows with the really far left… there’s likely more to the “bid battle” than this brief can provide. One thing is certain, trust among the Mayor and members is waning if not already reaching a level of ineffectiveness.

    If there is a “sealed bid” situation, then no – by law, these bids cannot be viewed by anyone or made public until the official bid opening process happens. Then, the highest bid is suppose to win, the Board approves the sale to the winning bidder, and all is well.

    If these are not “sealed bid” situations, then there’s no specific harm in brining them into the public light – except – running the risk of starting a bidding war that could unnecessarily drag on for God knows how long. Guidelines and due dates would address this, but then again, so would the sealed bid process.

    That said; there is absolutely no reason to withhold the information associated with the various bids from the Mayor or Board members after the fact. This does not have to be done in an public meeting. There are processes known as “Memos of Confidentiality” whereby the documents can be held at the City Manager’s office for individual viewing by the Mayor and each Commissioner separately Remember, they are prohibited by law from meeting on or discussing a matter that may come before the Board. Two or more simultaneously would constitute a meeting out of the Sunshine and is a violation of law.

    However, what’s the point of this battle, unless the Mayor and/or Board members want to sell the property to a lower bidder – which would make no sense. Unless there are extenuating circumstances associated with the bidder’s intended use of said property, they are bound by there charge of sound fiscal stewardship to get back the best and highest return on our taxpayer dollar investment(s).

  13. There are clearly two factions but they are both factions of the one party Democrat rule

    I hope one day we will have a two party system in this county just like we have on the state and national levels.

  14. I don’t know which group of miscreants is more embarrassing to our community. The School Board, or the City Commission? They are both incompetent and they are both corrupt, most of them are morbidly obese and at least one of them is running around on their spouse.

    It might boil down to an aptitude test…

  15. Perhaps Mayor Dailey, Diane Williams Cox, and Curtis Richardson should self-report themselves to the ethics board for corruption.

    The most recent corruption voting for $22 million in infrastructure funds for stadium seats for quid pro quo.

    Were their votes tied to the Ghazvini multi bundled contributions into their campaigns? Ghazvini was pro the $22 million dollars for the stadium renovation. Was this because he has a Skybox(es) at the stadium and this would curtail any assessments to him for remodeling Skyboxes and instead be put on the backs of taxpayers?

    Are Mayor Dailey, Diane Williams Cox, and Curtis Richardson enabling the exploitation of the underpaid Ghazvini laborers by taking political contributions in bundles that should be going to the Ghazvini’s workforce who are underpaid and provided no health insurance benefits?

    What is the total tally of bundled contributions to Dailey, Richardson, and Williams Cox by the Ghazvini multiple corporations bundled campaign contributions for special considerations?

    Also, these bundles help elected officials decide to give Ghazvini special considerations on development projects that harm the environment.

    The most recent bundle is GROW Tallahassee a Ghazvini’s bundle corporation to front, hire PR reps, and harass any candidate who will not go along with Ghazvini.

    How much of this wasted money to pay for votes or special interests that benefit Ghazvini could be better spent providing a decent salary and benefits to the Ghazvini labor workforce?

    Shame on Dailey, Richardson, and Williams Cox for enabling “labor exploitation” in Tallahassee solely for personal gain.

  16. @ David T. Hawkins
    Yes, I have noticed that too. Those three have voted down everything Matlow and Porter has suggested, even if they are good ideas, such as this one. They are acting like petty little 8 year old’s and need to GO.

  17. ~ During the City of Tallahassee Commission meeting on March 9, 2022, the commissioners unanimously approved terminating the International and Sister City relationship with Krasnodar, Russia, in solidarity with Ukraine. ~

    Wow, that’ll show ’em… and if they follow that with a feckless Resolution or harshly-worded letter denouncing Russia’s actions, Vlad just might surrender. In fact, they should pass an ordinance banning the use of Russian Dressing on any new or existing restaurant salad bar in the City. And don’t let them trick you by calling it Thousand Island either. (sarcasm off)

  18. I thought that TPD already had a “Gang Task Force” because a Friend of mine is a TPD Officer and was on it before being promoted.

    Why is it that, any time Motlow wants to put forth a motioned for an agenda item, Commissioners Williams-Cox, Richardson, and Mayor Daily are always in dissent of it? I am all for when an offer to buy city land is made, it will come before the Board regardless of any other factor.

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