Tallahassee Police Department Investigates Three Weekend Shootings

Tallahassee Police Department Investigates Three Weekend Shootings

The Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) is investigating three shootings that occurred over the past weekend, resulting in two injuries and one death of a 17-year-old.

The first shooting happened on Saturday, March 12th, around 5:45 p.m. at a residence on Magnolia Circle. Officers responded to calls describing shots being fired from inside a building. According to the incident report, when officers arrived at the scene, they found the back door was kicked in, and the front windows were damaged.

The victim, an uninjured male, was found a few blocks away, he told officers; an unknown person kicked in the backdoor and shot at him. TPD says no arrests have been made at this time.

The second shooting occurred around 11 p.m. at the Inverness Apartments, off Ocala Road. TPD officers responded to calls reporting “shots heard.” When they arrived at the apartment complex, they found several youths running away from the area. The officers discovered the body of 17-year-old Kaloni Grice, a student from Rickards High School.

TPD reported a party taking place in a nearby building, with at least 30 juveniles in attendance. It was noted that it is unclear if the party was related to the shooting. Again, no arrests have been made.

On Sunday, the police reported they answered calls informing them of shots being fired in a complex in the 2800 block of South Adams Street, around 8:29 p.m. A resident whose vehicle had been shot at was found when police arrived on the scene.

Then at the same time, two men arrived at a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The report states that one of the victims was in an argument inside a complex, and the second victim arrived on the scene to remove the first man and diffuse the situation. Shots rang out as the men were leaving. No arrests have been made.

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  1. The police officers / sheriff’s deputies are not being supported by the elected officials, so until the elected officials make it known that things are going to change (proactive law enforcement) in Tallahassee – will continue to lead the state in high crime rates. It’s not difficult.

  2. Maybe we should just let em shoot it out like they used to when Frances Eppes was mayor. It was like Dodge City then. Hell it still is.

  3. Dailey has done nothing to address crime and I have not seen this as a concern for Bellamy. The only concern they have shown is for their election campaign accounts and special interests.

    Our Heroes in Blue and Green deserve better. $22 million directed to law enforcement for higher salaries would go a long way ensuring a safer community. But then Bellamy and Dailey would not have any personal gain.

  4. Well, I’m not interested in class envy or class warfare.

    I, like most people, do not have and can not afford private security. I rely solely on police protection. I want law and order politicians… period. I won’t vote for Matlow or Jack Porter, both of whom, are part of the “Defund the Police and hire social workers” crowd.

  5. Bellamy already sold out the citizens without even being in office to facilitate his donors who are developers, special interests that send in bundled contributions, and Sky Box owners who probably won’t be assessed their fair share because the taxpayers are picking up the tab. I guess, Do no harm,” does not apply to politics… Unfortunately

    This is a re-election scheme to facilitate mega-donors in an election cycle and selling out the taxpayers. Bellamy and Dailey are thick as thieves.

  6. I don’t think Bellamy, a surgeon and a cop, is going to think he owes anyone a special favor because of a $1,000 donation from his affluent friends. His donors however, may reasonably hope for the favor of living in a safe neighborhood with adequate police protection.

  7. WHEN will the Community Leaders come to terms with and finally admit that the biggest contributor to our High Crime Rate are Black Males.

  8. @ Hope: Looking at his Reports most of his Donors donated $1,000. HE is going to owe a LOT of favors if he wins, of course, so will Daily. And if you look at “BIG BEN” Benjamin Horbowy’s Report, he announced his running December 2021 and has YET to file a Report. His Fines will be out of this world.

  9. We shall never find a solution to the problem, until we are willing to face the truth of the problem.


  10. Isn’t David Bellamy a candidate for City Commission? Isn’t he also a police officer and a physician? So, why would he be FOR giving $22 million of infrastructure funds (which can be used for law enforcement) for stadium seats?

    Not only do we need more police officers and deputies, we also need to give them substantial pay raises and equipment that they require.

    Yet, Bellamy thinks it is more important that we get stadium seats… which of course puts him on the trajectory path to campaign contributions from the Seminole Boosters, developers, and bundled contributions from Special Interests. I believe his campaign report already confirms this.

  11. Regarding defunding the police, Governor DeSantis signed the bill known as the “anti-riot” bill in April, 2021. In part, the bill allows the Governor to prevent a city from defunding the police.

    In Oct., 2021, the City of Tallahassee sued Florida over the bill. Commissioner Jeremy Matlow referred to the law as an “overreach” of state government and supported the lawsuit.

    In fact, Commissioner Matlow has on a number of occasions opposed the bill. If you google “Jeremy Matlow and anti-riot bill in Florida”, you will see for yourself where he stands.

  12. Perhaps it is time for a new Mayor, Sheriff, City Manager, County Administrator, and State Attorney?

    Thank you to the men/women in Blue and Green for all you do!

  13. Can you imagine the heartache of the family of 17-year-old Kaloni Grice and the families of countless other victims? Can you imagine being one of these people who weren’t killed but were shot at while in their own home or in their vehicle or shot at elsewhere for that matter?

    I don’t know how people can stomach hearing anymore about blaming law enforcement for society’s ills, replacing law enforcement officers with social workers, no bail, criminals voting, falsely equating law and order with racism and all the other nonsense and lethal propaganda.

  14. Local “D” straight down the ballot voters rejoice.
    This is the fruition of what you knew 100% that you were voting for. Idiots.

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