Second Harvest Receives $1 Million in State Funds

Second Harvest Receives $1 Million in State Funds

In the latest budget, the Florida Legislature allocated $1 million to Second Harvest of the Big Bend.

Second Harvest, on average, distributes food 360 times each month and serves eleven counties in North Florida.

“The money will go a long way,” said CEO and Executive Director of Second Harvest, Monique Van Pelt. She stated the newly allocated funds would provide fresh food to neighborhoods and reach new people that they may not have been able to previously.

Van Pelt explained that the allocation would allow them to purchase additional trucks to expand their fleet and reach more areas.

Florida House District 9 representative, Allison Tant, stated some of the funds would be used to create a garden at a Second Harvest location where they already have extra land. The idea is for a sizeable hydroponic garden and an effort to teach.

In addition, Second Harvest will install refrigeration units at some community partner locations, such as church groups and community centers, Tant explained.

4 Responses to "Second Harvest Receives $1 Million in State Funds"

  1. What about the tornado dollars?

    Or the Hurricane Michael largesse?

    I didn’t see any patriotic “Southerners” returning those funds. Where is the pride? Too lazy and weak to pull yourself up by your bootstrap? Back in my day, my pappy didn’t need any help because he got all his work done for free. Maybe if men were men, we wouldn’t need Panhandle Welfare for weather and Acts of God that happen to folks every day.

  2. Thank You Florida legislature! Yet, when Tallahassee gives $22 million of infrastructure funds for stadium seats when there is so much food insecurity only feet away, from the stadium, Allison Tant and Lorraine Ausley say nothing. Let them eat cake!

  3. Kudos to everyone involved for not using the new wokey woke term “Food Desert”

    I know it was difficult to not use that wokey woke terminology and I know it was with great effort you all resisted going there

    Kudos for not somehow weaving it in. I know everyone wanted to.

  4. I’m against most forms of government handing free money out to anyone, but this is certainly a great cause that seems to be well managed have a lot track record of community good.


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